762 Pounds of Marijuana Seized at Grouse Mountain Properties That Had Been Raided Only Two Days Before

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Nov. 1, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) served one search warrant to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation and timber harvest violations on two parcels in the Grouse Mountain area of Humboldt County. The parcels did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.

DEU deputies served one search warrant at the parcels on October 29, finding numerous environmental violations and evidence of illegal cannabis cultivation. During the service of the warrant on November 1, DEU deputies discovered, seized and destroyed an additional 762 pounds of processed cannabis. Deputies also located and arrested the two parcel owners on scene.

Investigators with CAL FIRE located numerous violations of illegal burning.

Chong Her MugshotChong Her

Chong Her, 34 of Sanger, CA, was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of felony cultivation of cannabis, streambed alteration without a permit, depositing hazardous materials in or near a waterway and littering within 150 of a waterway.

Tria Vang MugshotTria Vang

Tria Vang, 51 of Sanger, CA, was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of felony cultivation of cannabis, streambed alteration without a permit, depositing hazardous materials in or near a waterway and littering within 150 of a waterway.

This case is still under investigation. Additional violations are expected to be filed by CAL FIRE.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • with this being the only cannabis arrest this season, I would say Humboldt will have a hard time defending the not racist angle.

    • How? Maybe I havent seen it, but most raids are white and local Hispanics. I’ve been wondering how all the Bulgarians and Hmong havent been getting raided.

    • There were arrests before July but nothing after that for some reason. Any thoughts why?

      • Most locals know to run into the woods and hide until the raid is done. Maybe since they aren’t from here they didn’t think to hide. Also a lot of the big grows are run by people that live on a different property so unless there’s a trim scene or someone’s watering then the property is empty.

        • but all the growers like to tell us how hard they work lol

          Most locals know to run into the woods and hide until the raid is done. Maybe since they aren’t from here they didn’t think to hide. Also a lot of the big grows are run by people that live on a different property so unless there’s a trim scene or someone’s watering then the property is empty

        • What makes you think they’re “not from here”? I went to grade school with Hmong kids in eureka 30 years ago.

          Also, goddamned that is some nice lighting they’re using for mugshots nowadays…

    • You think the authorities gave extra effort to arrest these people because they are Hmong?

      What a twisted sick delution you live in.

    • There have been many more cannabis arrests this season, and there will be many more facing charges, some federally.

    • That 30 year old white guy was popped in briceland last August or July.

      • you are right, there is the white guy from Bayside in July and there’s Manuel David Aguirre, 23, of Mexico in August, that’s all I could find in the cannabis cache. surprisingly these two above are US citizens. so this is a mom and pop ops.

        • Do you think mom and pop means run by Americans? As far as I know that refers to size of the operation when it comes to MJ or any business.

          • her mom also lives in Sanger. they have MyLife accounts and are listed as Asian Americans. if you think this is a mega grow, then you have never been to one. mom and pops also are property owners like this family.

            • Mom and pops do not grow 1400 pounds. Mom and pops are limited by decency to under 100. Either grow small, grow legal, or GTFO.

              • Im Hmong myself and I am not surprise of all the greed that the Hmong people have in their heart. They want to go big but they dont want to pay taxes by goimg commercial, so they risk doing it illegally. Everything has a consequence.

            • Yeah, I remember 5 years ago or so Kym or loco posted a pic of 40 dep green houses on one parcel in patrolia. I never heard of it getting busted, so I bet it’s still going. That is a mega grow, this is modern mom and pop. Looks like they did grow a lot of crappy weed though.

    • They were found with over 4,000 pounds of processed pot (according to the related story) and they had some egregious environmental violations. Don’t think it was their race that got them this attention.

      • when I was 20 I got busted with a pound, it was actually 2 ounces shy. but the court documents stated 9 pounds because it included the packaging. those black totes on the bottom look heavier than the red ones. if they raided your garage, you would have most of these environmental violations. they are grossly exaggerated.

        • I was renting a place from a guy who got busted and was caught up in the bust even though they didn’t have a warrant for the place I was renting. In the end and after 2 and 1/2 years of court dates all charges against me were dropped. But they went as far as to take the ashes out of my fireplace and weigh them because I had burnt some water leaf and stem in it,lol.
          They completely destroyed the place I was renting, overturned all the furniture, took all the food out of the refrigerator and left it on the ground, all the dishes out of the cupboards, all my clothes out of my dressers. The only thing they left standing upright was a coffee table, my bong and a bag of roaches, LOL. When I went to the courthouse to turn myself in the lead detective was so proud of himself. He handcuffed me at the front entrance and then paraded me all the way around the block to the sheriff entrance on the back side.

    • there were other Cannabis arrests this season.

  • …… so I’m guessing these were not locals? This is the new age. All this money funneled out of humboldt. Only the local mom n pops are being forced to shut down, the ones that actually give back to the community, the ones that actually care about the land. Mafia is here to stay Estelle! Hmong,bulges,and Mexican mafia own humboldt co supervisors.

  • political moderate

    marihuana whack-a-mole

  • They finally nab somebody and it is literally a mom and pop operation.

    • 700 pounds is considered “Mom and Pop”, ????????

      • Alt right the turd reich

        I hit just shy of 800 this year on a patch of a hundred. I’m sure you
        don’t know what your talking about. Until you do research I wouldn’t speak because it makes you look stupid

  • let’em go,,,what the heck,,,anything under 2 tons is personal use anyway

  • There are plenty of arrests and prosecutions/pleas on all these busts. The sheriff office just doesn’t do it all right away. The sheriffs office has the info on property owners and employees before they come, and have plenty of time to press charges after the raid. It takes weeks at least to build a case from evidence collected at one of these raids to build a case and bring charges against someone. A basic knowledge of our criminal justice system would be a great start for all Americans and patriots!!

    • Basic knowledge of the workings of our entire government, top to bottom, is called for, and there is NO substitute for home-schooling, especially in the back woods.
      It is not in “our” government’s interests to teach basic civics, laws and current history to our children who are now raised by strangers with ulterior motives designed to produce the bleating herd of ignorant sheep we have become as a nation.
      Patriots don’t breed ignorance.

  • Raided 2 days prior and still stored their finish product on site?? Ok, but I wouldn’t anticipate a Mensa invitation anytime in the near future.

  • have you been to the bars around eastern humco? Not any white guys left to bust. They didn’t go big enough/didnt want to join the cops bad enough to get the permit and had to get jobs.

  • Bulgarians pay off county and state for not busting their horrible grows that include trafficked women whom they pay the fortuna PD off to not bust them for. You too can watch it hapoen if you pay attention. Plus having an 800 number for those women to call that has no one speaking their language is nit helping
    If our country is really serious about criminal illegal folks then why arent they busting the bulgies? The one they did years ago had at least 15 illegal folks. And a lot of guns, scary f*ckers.
    Why poor folks? The mexi cartel uses the canada border now, ask anyone in eastern Washington. Waaaaay easier to sneak over. Tho the videos of them using a catapult to fling bales of pot over the mexi border wall into the US were pretty humorous, makes the wall even dumber.

  • So does Chong Her.

  • Go back to Sanger Ca and grow there.

  • The Entropic Empath

    So, I’m thinking that the Sheriff probably did not get all the weed these folks have produced…

    I predict they will be out quick, and that they are not too worried about it…

  • Littering within 150 feet of a streambed????????

  • Just Speaking Truth

    Ethnic cleansing. Humboldt County rounded up and shipped all the chinese out on a steamer at gunpoint at one time im the early 1900’s. County was founded on genocide of the indians…. Just sayin’

    • I like stars too!

      I actually believe that the whole Country was stolen from the indigenous people, who then were very nearly wiped out, along with their main food source.

      White people are the greatest thieves in human history, and, probably the most vicious, selfish, greedy and bloodthirsty creatures in the Universe.

      The white man continues to dominate world affairs, but, the meek may well still inherit the earth. It will be an empty stone, when this happens, but the meek may still get what is left…

    • Anti troll league

      Trolling does not mean that your facts are wrong. Just the purpose to which you use them. It’s just an easy cheap shot that is worse than useless. You can’t appropriate virtue from carping without thinking.

  • I have to say the young fella is handsome. Neither here nor there but thought I would post it!!!

  • Vote no on measure o !!!! These freeloading lazy government lying theivs and there made up agregiouse fines need there funding slashed!!! Now cal fires on board!!!????? Thought they were funded by THE TAX PAYER to fight fires.they have declared war on the residents of this county and are grotesquely violating people’s rights!!!! They forget wher there pay checks Come from and who they are PAYED to represent.lets remind them on Tuesday !!!!!!!!!!

    • Then don’t complain when no first responders show up when your house is on fire. [edit]

      • That should not be an option. Basic public services such as police,fire, roads, etc should be a priority in the general budget, being adequately funded before other things are considered. But they aren’t.

        Too much wringing money to spend on things that aren’t necessity works their way in as one advocacy group or another wants money spent for their own agenda. Even the “free money” from the State or Feds come with unreimbursed expenses for the county that drain the coffers while limiting where the money goes.

        Every special levy, if not carefully controlled to see it is spent for special expenses, not routine expenses, will soon be taken up by things that used to come from the general budget while the general budget pays for new or special interest projects. It doesn’t have to go that way but history shows it will.

        • Dang it, it took a few looks to figure out that you were not responding to my post but a previous one. Hit the reply under that post, not under the other replies.

          Not that Kym might not delete it anyway as she does not like posters correcting other posters spelling. If she does, this will also disappear. A thing much to be desired.

  • Most cases don’t involve felonies. There is no arrest if it’s a pound of meth or a pound of weed if its personal use. Unless there’s sales it’s a misdemeanor. And if you’re arrested more than 5 miles from the jail, when released the cops have to give you a ride back to your crack house. That info came straight from deputy William’s at a neighborhood watch meeting!!

    • The driving them back came after the priest was murdered in Eureka by a meth head from SoHum. The perpetrator broke into the church, tortured and killed the priest cause he had no ride back to SoHum after his release.

  • It part three of the Hangover.

  • Them mong fellers grow shit weeds anyhow.

  • Is Chong Her a him or a her? Just wondering…

  • The cannabyss is getting wider and deeper – sucking in more and more growers who aren’t following the rules…

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