HCSO’s Drug Enforcement Unit Serves Search Warrant in Rancho Sequoia Area

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Oct. 30, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served one search warrant to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Rancho Sequoia area of Southern Humboldt County. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, Humboldt County Planning and Building Department and the State Water Board assisted in the service of the warrant.

Four parcels were investigated during the service of the warrant. The parcels did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.

During the service of the warrant, deputies eradicated approximately 13,084 growing cannabis plants. Deputies seized and destroyed over 505 pounds of processed cannabis and over 86 pounds of cannabis shake. Deputies also located and seized one firearm.

Assisting agencies found the following violations:

– Two water pollution violations (up to $20,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to file a report of discharge affecting waters of the state (up to $1,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Discharge of sediment into waters of the state (up to $5,000-10,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to establish a Hazardous Materials Business Plan (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Aboveground storage tank in operation with no Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control (SPCC) Plan (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to report a hazardous materials release (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to prevent a hazardous waste release (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to make a hazardous waste determination (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to label hazardous waste violation (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to close hazardous waste containers violation (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Unauthorized waste storage violation (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Discharge of waste oil into soil violation (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)

– No EPA ID number violation (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Improper storage and removal of solid waste violations (up to $25,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Commercial cannabis ordinance violations (up to $10,000 fine per day)

– Building without a permit violations (up to $10,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Grading without a permit violations (up to $10,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Streamside management violations

Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

No arrests were made during the service of the warrant. Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Hazardous waste containers found at the Rancho Sequoia search warrant.

Trash found on the ground during the Rancho Sequoia search warrant.

Greenhouses found at the Rancho Sequoia search warrant.Marijuana and cocaine found during the Rancho Sequoia search warrant.Firearm found during the Rancho Sequoia search warrant.Marijuana growing inside a green house found at the Rancho Sequoia search warrant.



  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Wow worst site I’ve ever seen…

  • So who gets the bill for the clean up?

  • Looks like the mice were snorting lines again.

  • What is it about a lot of growers being dump challenged? What is so hard about loading up garbage and taking it to the dump? Especially now when you can be cited for it.

  • This is a Bulgi grow. The burn pit for trash, the metal hoopsters, the “who gives a fuck” mentality all point to the russian mob.

    • No arrests are EVER made! I’ve seen fish and wildlife wardens scope out fisherman/abalone divers for half a day with binoculars with a disguise on then go write up some old timer for having an abalone that is 1/4 inch undersize, but they can’t bust asshats like this? I call bullshit. They don’t want to arrest anyone, that is made clear..Keep there paychecks coming and replant boys!

      • We used to find Brickenstein on our property a couple times a year dressed in a ghillie suit, said he was out counting deer. LOL

  • Sheriff is killin it on murder mountain

    • I don’t wanna say this – but, today’s Sheriffs usually don’t leave the comfort of the office. 9:00 – 4:00. He sends out Order Followers.

      If you ask to speak with him, staff will go turn around in a circle, return to the counter, and tell you he’s not in.

      Been there. Done this.

    • Make an Arrest HCSO

      Yes, since the Head Sheriff got called out on National Television for failing to solve the Garret Rodriguez case and make an arrest in front of 20,000,000 watchers on the Fusion network, Watch “murder mountain” tells the story of our incompetent Sheriff Department who fail to solve murders and Homicides bit are seen on the show showing up with 20 deputies and a chipper to eradicate Cannabis, funny thing is in the Murder Mountain reality show, the head sheriff takes the deputies and whole crew of 20 officers to the wrong farm, it was a Legal permitted garden. Seems the Humboldt Sheriff made a fool of himself on national tv, somebody could have been hurt or killed, they went to the wrong farm with the TV crew!!! This shows the waste and incompetence, the Sheriff Department should be solving murders with those 20 deputies, solving real crimes with victims, but instead the resources are all wasted on cannabos eradication and real crime goes unchecked.

      • Garrett Rodriguez was killed by the guy who was his boss at a pot farm in Rancho. The identity of the killer is known. The “AP 8” kidnapped the killer and forced him to reveal the location of the body. They shot him to prove they were serious. Because of the kidnapping, there will probably never be an arrest.

        Does anyone know if Quentin L. is still in the area?

      • I find it absolutely hilarious every time the HC Sheriffs Dept cries about the 15,000 illegal grows that happened, never once admitting that they are the reason the shit show happened in the first place. Oh noes, Organized Crime Cartels are here!! Well no shit Honsel, the Sheriffs Dept more or less laid out the welcome mat by throwing in the towel on enforcement for the past 10 years. The locals know the role the Sheriffs Dept played, they’re not fooling anyone but out of town media and newcomers. Anyone could have predicted what happened.

        • Crap. The Sheriff cannot win. Do something and they get blamed. Do nothing and they get blamed. Maybe the lack of action has to do with the refusal of the court to apply fiscal penalties once there was a consensus that incarceration was not going to happen. Everything is difficult, and expensive, once lawyers are busy churning cases.

          For there to be any action, some good for the cost of prosecution must be there. First there must be the law to fine illegal grows and there must be a way to collect if a wrong doer is not going to be jailed. Prop 64 gave at least some sanction to fine. It’s going to be interesting to see if the fines collected offset the cost of enforcement. It’s definitely a new world.

        • Thank you for saying this. We locals knew it was inevitable and we saw it happening. I commented on LOCO and here about it. They just let it happen in front of their faces. Now the cartels and other organized crime syndicates are here. So yes- thank you for saying what many of us know to be the true history!

          • Now? They’ve be here for quite awhile. When comments could be sincerely public spirited but also are clearly self serving, they mean little. All illegal growers look the same from the outside. It is really disingenuous to say stop this one but not that one when the law doesn’t differentiate.

            • You’re not making sense. No one said just bust Cartels. You missed the context of these comments. Did you watch Murder Mountain?

        • You are right on the money and money is why the HCSD and the Stupervisors just let it get way so far out of hand.

      • Well at least they didn’t shoot a 7 year old in the head.


    • Sheriff Steals Too

      Yes, the deputies are filling their pockets with crisp $100 bills, and stuffing their trunks with a 10 or 20 packet which will also be sold on the black market.
      Thats why the Sheriff Department goes after cannabis, free money, free pot which they can sell…. Plus their is a certain perverse nature to get to rummage through peoples personal possessions….. Kinda perverted if you think about it, Guns drawn, screaming, screaming children, shot dogs, women crying, men yelling and hollaring, guns drawn, people frightened, personal property stolen by men in helicopters, and men with guns…. Pretty spooky

      • So people keep saying. Yet it’s hard to take the word of someone so invested in making money illegally. Cops can certainly be corrupted by masses of illegal money. But, since the allegations are from people so clearly doing wrong themselves, stories are not enough. Their level of misunderstanding, willingness to forgive their own corruption and the self serving nature of the stories makes believing them very hard. Or caring much even if believed.

      • Can you prove any of these accusations?

  • Funny how the idiots kept 500 pounds of processed at the site. Looks like the coke or meth got these fools all spun.

    • learnBeforeYouTalk

      500 Lb of processed is nothing this site pulls more than 10,000lb “ processed”before being trimmed.. people an there idoiticy….

      • Well sounds like your so called 10,000 p’s from earlier will be going toward, keeping their property after all the fines. Lol. Keep it coming HCSD. God bless America being great again, signed Jeff and Donald.

    • Procrastinated taking it down to the BOSS in Redway. Oh well.

  • This grow made it all the way to October 31st? So… they’ve been pulling deps all year and for multiple years. And even with all the enforcement this year in Rancho this grow wasn’t even touched until now. This shows me that they are barely scratching the surface with shutting down grows. It will take years before they get a significant grip on the situation that they allowed to blow up for 2 decades. Yes- I still blame Gallegos and his stupid cheerleaders for what happened to our community.

    • This same grow got busted 3 times this year

      • Thought dat koch was supposed to speed things up.

      • Wwwhhhattttt? So point is valid. No arrests were ever made on the same price of property that got busted three times in one season? Job security for sheriffs Dept! Lmao. They must love hacking the same greenhouse over n over! Hmmm what a joke

      • Good to know! I’m surprised that’s not in the press release….So people are doing exactly what me and my friends have predicted they would do- Replant. Consider the property gone with the fines. the property title is expendable- cost of doing business and it was paid off years ago. Just keep replanting at minimal cost, keep a guard there to water, monitor from a distance. If it gets busted again- replant again. keep doing that- even after the property gets confiscated in two or more years! Keep going. The county cannot keep up with all these properties it thinks it has abated! Most properties that received abatement notices were industrial grows and they just kept going. They harvested huge amounts of weed this year. And they will just keep replanting either while dragging feet through abatement negotiations or just disregarding the abatement notices. I don’t think John Ford understands the criminal mindset or the resilience of these growers. Ha Ha Ha! Abatement only matters to the little mom n pops who are trying to keep their homes and grow a little bit.

  • Looks like that OG needed 2 more weeks another good job by HCSO these grows got to go like Scooter said these guys could give 2 fucks about nothing except stacks of 💰

  • no one commented about solid waste removal fine ? so you are fined for keeping or getting rid of it …. makes sense fined and fined and fined…. mean while state parks still have creasote soaked logs in the water leaching toxic crap into the water………….

    • I pulled some of these out the creek myself when I’ve seen them.

    • And what would be the advantage of removing them while allowing ever increasing problems from grows? Better to stop digging the hole.

      Besides old creosote logs are not considered a great hazard. “Creosote-treated wood used in water does not pose a significant risk to aquatic life. Any actual impacts are likely to be short term and occur when the treated wood is first installed in the water.” http://www.dec.nyc.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/woodline.pdf

  • why doesn’t the article state that this is the third time this very parcel has been busted in 2018! Crazy. These guys are not afraid of F&W or HCSO. Whats the big deal if you loose one or two when you have 15 scattered around So.Hum

  • California slave nation

    Vote no on measure o !!!! Don’t support the complete collapse of our local economy!!! All the money from LEGAL farms goes to Sacramento not into our local businesses and our communitys like it always has.we need the money from farms like this to grease the wheels of Humboldt’s economy.out of site out of mind like it was for years .the only reason you people are sniveling is because it’s being blasted on here as part of a propaganda brainwash campaign to cover up that the state and county are ripping off the industry from the PEOPLE.who fuckin cares about rancho it’s a shithole I lived there in the 90s.was a shithole then,it was a shithole before then,its a shithole now.theres always been trash and junk there ain’t nothing new.!!!!! What the real crime is here is government extortion and thievery through made up environmental fines,and the theft of property to enforce there Hippocrate %%%%%%. Which is around a third. After all those years of telling us it was a hard drug,billions spent of tax dollars to eradicate it now they want a cut.disgusting!!!! Think of all the school supplies they could’ve bought for the children with those billions.infastructure built,health care provided. And there still spending it Evan after WE voted it legal.

    • You poor thing, you should get “professional help” before you pop a blood vessel……actually never mind. Please let your pin head explode. ANYONE that can look at these photos and not be appalled has serious mental problems. Move to the city, you don’t deserve to live in the country.

    • California slave nation,

      I’ll give ya a thumbs-up. Thanks for posting.

  • California slave nation

    Lol was born and raised here just looks like Humboldt county to me.and I ain’t moving to the city ever!!!!! Go get in Estelle’s line better yet vote for her again. We’ll see where we’re at in 2 or three years,people aren’t gonna be doing so hot I’m thinking,buissnesses either!!!!!! But hey save rancho !!!! Bllllaaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaa!!!!!!

  • Are these recent busts of the Eastern European mafia?? I sure hope so!! Serbian .. Bulgarian .. whatever they are … good riddance.

  • Sheriff is just pissed he was made to look like a fool when he took 20 deputies and film crew to bust the WRONG CANNABIS FARM. It seems the Sheriff Department can’t safely read a tmk map or a follow and comprehend a gps unit.
    20 deputies could be better appropriated with the priority of finding all those missing persons in Humboldt, to solve the home invasions, to fight the heroine epidemic which is causing theft, shoplifting and robberies. Time to prioritize the real crimes with victims. Time to solve murders, time to solce missing persoms cases. All this money used to fight our number 1 industry could be used to solve crimes and provide safe neighborhoods free of transients and riff raff heroin addicts.

    • And just what would you do with the money you think will be saved? Remove transients to where? IMHO eradication is crime prevention since it seems that is where so much violence is.

  • I like stars too!

    What a shit grow! Show these photos to dopers everywhere! (ahhh, they don’t care, they’re too stoned…)

    Rip and chip! Thanks HCSO!

  • Yeah I agree what an asshat Billy honsel Is making of himself to the people of this county who never voted him in and to the people of this state and country!!!! Hes just blowing through our money tens of thousands every day and begging for more with his radio ads and his bitch supervisors.heres what they should be saying——–. Please vote yes on continuous money milking of the public to keep up paying with our addiction of spending to raid,pillage,extort,and steal.so he wants to steal from us every time we make a purchase of anything,to pay for stealing from the PEOPLE of this county!!!!!! Sounds like a freeloading thief. Evan got so fuckin lazy needs a machine to eradicate flowers now.liven off the taxpayers ——. Leach off society. At least the growers work hard and don’t beg !!!!!!!!

  • Awww look at those cute wittle lines. Times must be tough.

  • None of those fines will ever be paid. Property is leased and they will just move on to another. I’m just jealous I don’t have huge bulgi balls made of steel. Maybe just leave cash at the front gate next time the convoy is headed up the mountain and you can keep the weed

  • Already did central Humboldt,. But Humboldt’s always gonna be home in my heart!!!! Can’t stand whats happening to good people back at home because of a few hideous politicians!!!!! Wanna come back someday but doesn’t look like there’s gonna be much to come home too if people don’t start standing up for themselves!!!! Still registered to vote

  • And will JG fire up for a 4th time??

  • something doesn’t add up. they look like the same plants and doesn’t the HCSO always take the geni. no new oil spills when comparing photos, but the photos in the recent “raid” has empty waste oil containers strewed about.

    • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

      deff the same grow…… they seem to have replanted lol. The property most likely is a lease or belongs to an LLC. If everyone that got an abatement notice didnt reaspond and no one signed up for permits the county couldnt do anythjng. Still can’t. Look at Canada legal there and the black market is still bringing in 5 billion in revenue anually. There’s illegal pot shops everywhere in the major cities just like here in LA,SD ect… Asking the goverment to regulate pot is like asking a farmer to build an aircraft. The only ones getting permits are corporations that can afford to lose money, and arrogant wishful thinkers, most likely the ones that got in it because it’s the new hip trend not because of their outlaw nature like the original back to the landers and master’s who birthed the idustry which they have no respect for. Cannnabis and goverment don’t mix just like LSD and goverment don’t mix. I enjoy the show from the sidelines. Black markets will always exist in America.

  • It’s like setting up a movie set,its part of the new measure o show all staged,trying to terrify the little old lady’s into voting there scheme and to donate to the sheriff’s Union when they call!!!!

  • A picture tells a story, don’t it? What a damn shame that WE put up with this. Guess what? I am not going to put up with this bullshit any longer, news at 11:00…

  • who is gonna watch the county siezed land
    sounds like a free for all

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