Eureka Needs People Who Pour Their Heart Into Their Community, Says Letter to the Editor

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Letter to the editor

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Years ago, I heard someone say, “The most radical thing a young person can do in America is to not move.” They continued to explain how living and participating in your community – no matter how troubled it may be – holds the greatest potential to transform America into the educated and inclusive society we so desperately need. In short, invest and engage in your community – don’t flee.

Until I purchased a run-down Victorian in Ward 1, I’d never lived anywhere more than 14 months since moving away from my childhood home. Landing in Eureka, I fell in love with our historic architecture, the working-class diversity, and the edginess of a city framed by the Pacific and tooth-picked by redwoods trees. I’ve never once missed the corporate sprawl of suburbia or the mono-culture of communities that draw lines around those who are welcome and those who are not. Like any community struggling to stabilize its economy, improve public health, and attract families and young professionals, Eureka needs experienced and humanitarian leadership. As a resident of Ward 1, I greatly fear the rhetoric of conservative candidates who promise to roll back time to an era when xenophobia and racism ran rampant.

Leslie Castellano has spent the past 14 years in Eureka. As a young woman, she stayed, pouring her heart into the community through creative and open-minded leadership. A talented visionary with a kind smile, Leslie’s grounded and progressive perspective is exactly what Eureka needs to evolve and thrive together.

Nora Mounce

Eureka, CA




  • Are you kidding? If you don’t give a shit about your community, get the hell out. As for Castellano, that smirk of hers cost her my vote.

    • Huh? Where does she say she doesn’t give a shit about her community? Did you even read the letter? I just read it 3 times to see where she says what you say she says – I don’t see it….

      • The road California is on right now scares the hell out of me and pisses me off, sanctuary state, state trail that will be used by transients more than the public that pays for it, ban this and that. We don’t even have a say on state issues, southern California has more push than we do. Today’s population is offended by everything nothing is policticaly correct. More taxes, more people relying on the state safety net that tax payers and homeowners are burdened with. Cannabis bait and switch laws that are destroying our own community created by the very people we elected to represent us. Sorry if being on the right side of the street pisses people off. My opinion and i don’t care if it offends anyone.

  • Address inequality, and soil fertility. Poor can live in gardens. Like in Eden, or Aden.

  • Yeah, but are Any one of the politicians running for office a state citizen? Qualified elector? And live in the city limits for five years prior?

    No member of the Council shall ever suggest, request the appointment of, appoint, or nominate any officer, clerk, or employ’e to any place in the city government, except to fill a vacancy in the office of Mayor, and necessary election officers.

    The Mayor shall not, during the term for which he shall have been elected or appointed, hold any other office or be a member of any board or commission connected with the Federal, State, or City government, except as ex officio Harbor Commissioner for the port of Eureka. Nor shall he ever receive from the City, for any cause or reason, any other or greater compensation than the salary allowed him as Mayor.

  • Eureka needs to stop employment discrimination for people to stay. City of Eureka, County of Humboldt, only hire females for office work, and mainly hire friends and other people they know. I have a college degree and great experience and no good-paying organization around here will hire me. Same with Eureka City Schools. NO MEN ALLOWED TO WORK IN OFFICES OR LIBRARIES policy. Stop the discrimination!

  • You'll see the outcome

    Ezra couldn’t agree more,vote no on anything that is put on the ballot by the revenue/extortion machine.especially measure o!!!! Every election THEY hit us with more and more new taxes and measures designed to milk more and more of our hard earned paychecks from us while they make new fines and fees for this and that.while there designing new rules for Evan more fines and fees.lets take back our paychecks fellow slaves have a little to show our children a few moments of good in life.lets stop handing it over to over payed greedy extortionist politicians who didn’t represent us and lied in there campaigns!!!!!!

  • California slave nation

    Vote no on all measures and ballots designed by the revenue/extortion machine to milk all our hard earned paychecks from us!!!!!!! There getting enough from fines fees and thing we can count on they’ll try again next election to reword things and milk us again!!!!! Californias already the most expensive state by far to live in.overpayed politicians who lie and don’t keep campaign promises and extort !!!!!! Stop falling for the election scheme of taking all our money from us!!!!! Fellow slaves say enough is enough. Ezra good comment

  • Progressive as in the ideals of the progressive era, or as in gender fluid, anti-free speech, words are violence, believe all women, men are evil, christians bad muslims good?

    Because they are nearly the opposite thing.

  • Yes engage the Eureka community and get stabbed with Hepatitis infected knife for $22

    • when did this happen to you? when did you last volunteer for the city? sounds serious.. what’s the $22 all about? no way it’s just something you pulled outta jupiter…

  • “I greatly fear the rhetoric of conservative candidates who promise to roll back time to an era when xenophobia and racism ran rampant.” I do too. Only I think it is the left that will push people into that due to their constant blaming, messing up ordinary people’s lives and insisting on stupidly obtuse social theories. Liberals have got the bit in their teeth and are running headlong over the cliff while blaming those who try to stop them for trying to interfere.

    Is there a “I’ll fix the roads and stop wasting money trying to fix humanity” party? Or even “I promise to leave you alone as much as possible” party? They’d have my vote.

    • We ain’t gonna vote our way outta this.

      Division seems to play a large part:
      etc., ad nosium.

      And, of course, the one counting the ballots has been persuaded $$$ to place two measures before the people to vote on, when, in reality, both K and O are written in semantic deceit to create fraud, and nothing more.

  • I’m pretty confident that Kim and Natalie are going to win reelection. I really want Leslie to join them! And Susan. They would make a very powerful team of women!

    • In that case… I’m moving.

    • Same question . . . are Any of those on the ballot eligible?

      If we’re going to play the “political correctness” game – there are rules!

      Does any one of them have, in-hand, a solution to a specific problem?

      Poly – many
      Ticks – bloodsuckers

      More of the same ol, same ol, slave master dog vomit ain’t gonna hold water, earth, wind or fire.

  • The assortment of “politicians who care” scares the crap out of me…

    Breslin? OMFG!!

    Castellano? Where the heck did they find her?

    The folks running here, are a particularly fine grade of stupid and incompetent! Probably crooked too, just like 90% of the Humboldt County Board of Stupidvisors.

    Humboldt County is completely infested with drug dealers, drug growers, and Sinaloa Cartel Mobsters. It would take the National Guard, Black Ops, and a Division of Marines to uproot the criminal element and to clean up the incredible mess that the “Cannabis Industry” has created here.

    It amazes me that Humboldt County Governmental Agencies, and many Public Agencies in Humboldt appear to be operated by Extremely Conservative and Religious White Women (ECRWW). These people have a history of “groovy permissiveness” that is actually couched in “Barry Goldwater Republicanism” that they practice in back rooms, usually in the dark!

    The schizoid rituals of the ultraconservative mommies, and the crazy old zaftig ladies (like Breslin), and the wealthy but permanently stuck-between-channels gals like Estelle Fennell, who just want to stay wealthy and get wealthier. These folks who occupy Boards and Offices in Humboldt, are deeply crooked and incompetent, and they have created a situation that is un-governable, and beyond any level of rational control.

    This letter does indicate an amount of love for Eureka, which is a place that thinking persons just would not live, and Arcata, which is going down the toilet and swirling to the left, but both of these communities are beyond livable, and, probably two of the poorest quality places to settle in California.

    I certainly hope that the voters of Humboldt will choose carefully, and that some better quality candidates will participate, in the future.

  • You’re looking at a corporation stealing the wealth of the people. What you’re delusionally seeing is government.

    It always amazes me that the criminal parasites print their dirty deeds in the new, new, newspapers -AS IF it’s something to be proud of. “We confiscated 36 guns.” -Billy. Bottom line –WE’RE BEING DIS-ARMED. Venezuela surrendered their arms three years ago. Today, six children die per week from starvation in Venezuela.

    City Council meeting Southern California style: 15 mins.

    • I like stars too!

      There you go, stone crazy drug dealers masquerading as libertarians…

      Humboldt County and California should have gotten a handle on these pot-farming people 50 years ago.

      The idea that you can elect control, at this point, is completely absurd.

      We need Martial Law, not “Eureka Mommies for Change” and right away!

      • I like stars too!

        Yeah, nature must be to blame for our willingly ignorant stance.

        The division words bring nothing to the table – dealers, libertarians, pot-farming. –we all do this pointing fingers sickness. However, to “Be the change” – c h a n g e.

        Points – there are three forms of Martial Law. We’ve been under Martial Law #2 since the so-called “Civil” War – because, Officially on paper, it never ended.

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