Rare Photo of a Blue-Bodied Truckstucker Nesting at the Mouth of the Mattole

Truck in a tree

[Photo by Laurie Jensen]

Okay, we admit it. This is not a rare bird. This Ford F150 is hoisted on cables into trees near the mouth of the Mattole southwest of Petrolia. Photographer Laurie Jensen says,

Its mind boggling how it got up there, no broken tree branches, no way to drive it in there, trees to close together for that, but there is cable in back of truck and front of truck to suspend it from the trees…Aliens?

Humanity certainly enjoys some unique hobbies. We got to wondering if any of you have ever captured photos of something this odd, particularly something local and weird.

You can see more of Laurie Jensen’s work at the Humboldt Bay Birds Facebook page.




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