Fortuna Indivisible Endorses Measure K

This is a press release from Fortuna Indivisible:

The Fortuna indivisible group decided to endorse the measure Carrie, the sanctuary initiative for Humboldt County, on the current election ballot, unanimously had a meeting last Saturday, October 13.

Although the administration has apparently she used separating families President Trump recently hinted that the practice may not be abandoned and may well be resurrected.  Our foremost concern is that Humboldt County not be involved in these practices which we consider to be an atrocity. There is nothing in measure K which would protect criminals or hinder our lawn Forssman authorities from carrying out their job of protecting us. What it will do is prevent tax dollars being spent to further the Trump administration’s policies, and protect our law-enforcement officers from being involved and practices that might in the future be ruled a crime against humanity. It has been suggested that this merger is redundant because California is already a sanctuary state, but the Trump administration had gone to court, attempting to strike down California sanctuary law. Measure K will protect us even if California sanctuary statute is struck down. We understand that there will be a procession in favor of measure K on Monday, November 4 starting at Saint Joseph Church in Fortuna, and ending at the Eureka courthouse. It will start at 6 AM and we will suggest that everyone wear their hiking boots. So we urge everyone who wants to see a peaceful and humane approach to our immigration problems to vote for measure Kay. Also everyone who cares about what happens to our country should register and vote the last day for registration is Monday the 22nd so do it now!”

Xochitl Cabrera of Centro Del Pueblo, resident of Fortuna.

Brenda Perez of Centro Del Pueblo, Karen Paz Dominguez soon to be the County Auditor-Controller, & Kelsey Reedy Green Party Chairperson all endorse the MASURE K.



  • sawthewritingonthewall

    “There is nothing in measure K which would protect criminals or hinder our lawn Forssman authorities from carrying out their job of protecting us. ”

    a new kinda law enforcement ??? i wanna join the Lawn Forssman Authorities !!!

    • I think you are the best example of that,. Why don’t you stop being a mouthpiece for faux news and come up with something original. And you could start by using your real name. Easy to hide behind an alias.

      • doesn’t mean you’re hiding by using an alias or nickname, and what about the illegals using aliases??? so tired of self righteous “do gooders”

        • As long as blogs allow cowards to spout undigested propaganda while not having balls enough to tell us who they are makes all this “fake news”. If you really believe this crap put your name on it. Otherwise you’re just more click bait.

          • Ok, not really sure what you’re ranting about. Are you calling the commenter a “fake news” source? Because he wasn’t reporting information or are you saying that this is a “fake news” site because it doesn’t censore commenters to your personal standards? That’s the definition of a oxymoron, it kinda seems like you are just acting like a angry elderly man yelling at kids to stay off your grass.

          • And just what to you intend to do to those you are so angry about not making their names public? Oh please. Why should anyone open themselves up to angry people whose tolerance for different ideas is so low that they feel free to insult and belittle not even knowing them? They have every right to be afraid that such torch bearing self righteousness would include attacking them on a public street.

            Either their statements stands on its own or it doesn’t. I doubt whether knowing names will make you more circumspect. Brother, your language is scary enough here.

          • this is how it works. why would i believe you are who you say anyway. [edit]

      • Look Dave, I will say this again. The 3 clicks. Click 1, take a picture of some illegals. Click 2, send it to ICE, our hero’s. Click 3, on go the handcuffs. These illegals cost us 25$ billion a year. This is 5 times what we are supposed to get from prop 6. Illegals cost the taxpayer so much, and they hurt us too. WE DO NOT WANT THEM HERE. They bring disease, drugs, and guns. They come here and take take take from the overburdened taxpayer, who deserves to keep more of his earnings than is taken by the corrupt Calif govt, stolen really. That is why we teach our students at the freedom schools we have, how not to pay taxes, and not to contribute to the awful creeps attempting to run this state. Some of the worse reading and math scores in the nation, needles and human shit all over cities, and NOTHING is done by the hand wringer liberals. Our kids, and there are thousands of freedom schools all over the country, learn how corrupt the calif govt is. They learn how much more money their parents would have if they did not have to pay so much to illegals, and people who do nothing to earn their own. They learn what the definition of an asshole is. An asshole is someone who interferes in our life, like trying to impose taxes, restrictions, and stealing our money. Or thinking they are superior to us, and they must rule us. We teach them politicians are not needed, especially when it come to telling us how to live. We teach them the only reason we are free, is that we have guns. Otherwise, we would be fucked. K just costs us private taxpayer more of our hard earned money, it is not your money Kirby, stay out of our wallets, and our lives. It won’t be long when this generation of freedom school kids become non tax payers, maybe the govt will have to get a job! And, Stuber is a family name. It’s not a name, it is merit of statement, like Guest said. Your thinking is wrong Kirby, bad and wrong.

  • Geez, people. Send it to someone to proofread before you release it for publication! Or at least have an average reader of English look it over to see if it makes sense. First line: “the measure Carrie”? Must be voice to text, which must ALWAYS be reviewed.
    Don’t you want it to be understood and respected?
    I have gotten in trouble for pointing out the obvious before. I can’t help it. I offer to help–perhaps that will offset the supposed meanness of my commenting.
    If you want something proofread before releasing, ask Kym for my email address. If I have time at the moment, I would be happy to help.
    (Thanks, Kym!)

  • Seriously? This incoherent piece of drivel is actually a press release?

  • Professor proofread

    Musta been written by a HSU undergrad….

  • At least robo-typing knows which “their” to use,lol

  • Hey come here we love Heroin, crime and illegals. Just don’t bring your legal weed. SMH you idiots need to wake up.

  • well i’m voting a big fat NO!!!

  • keep families together….in their home country

  • Breaking News!
    Voters in a largely unpoliced area of N.California to decide if their region will be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

  • 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason
    US Code
    prev | next
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    who•ev•er (huˈɛv ər)

    pron. possessive whos•ev•er, objective whom•ev•er.
    1. whatever person; anyone that: Whoever did it should be proud.
    2. no matter who: I won’t do it, whoever asks.
    3. who? what person? (used to express astonishment): Whoever told you that?

    Under Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution, any person who levies war against the United States or adheres to its enemies by giving them Aid and Comfort has committed treason within the meaning of the Constitution. The term aid and comfort refers to any act that manifests a betrayal of allegiance to the United States, such as furnishing enemies with arms, troops, transportation, shelter, or classified information. If a subversive act has any tendency to weaken the power of the United States to attack or resist its enemies, aid and comfort has been given.

    War on Terrorism ;
    (we’ve been in a state of war since 9/11 “The Treason Clause applies only to disloyal acts committed during times of war. Acts of dis-loyalty during peacetime are not considered treasonous under the Constitution” from link above about treason)

  • Wholly illiterate, Batman!

  • By the same logic, a convicted criminal with children would never go to prison because it would seperate families. The only reason that this difficulty could happen is because the immigrant entered the country illegally. The blame for that can not be dumped on the citizens who were not allowed to say no to that illegal entry just because it is convenient.

    What kind of thinking puts their fellow citizens at risk for the sake of foreign citizens? What kind of thinking can avoid all the difficult questions about both illegal immigrants and those who hire them in favor of attempting to slather guilt on those who object? What kind of elected official supports violating the law? And what does that tell the public about who gets that official’s support in a conflict? Where does this supporting of illegality end?

  • the state is already a “sanctuary” state so why do we need this same law? what is difference this law makes besides “signaling”

    • ok so i got it if california is caught breaking the law (and maybe gets sued) then humboldt county can be next to get caught breaking the law and maybe get sued. real smart people

    • The State can’t make immigration law. Immigration law is a Federal power because it effects all States. One State under the Constitution does not have the right to make such a decision for other States.

      There are no controls on immigration between States. No checkpoints, no barriers. In fact interstate commerce is protected under the Constitution. So if California protects illegal immigrants who have violated the law by skipping border control, it is effectively admitting them access to every State, even if that State objects. As usual, the California legislature has lost track of the idea that they are part of a Country with responsibilities toward other citizens. They have become embarassingly self centered and arrogant.

  • Will the real Barry Soetoro please stand up?

  • Naturalization is Federal. Emigration is State. County gasbags have NOTHING to do with either. Chartered/incorporated cities, with voter approval, can pass certain rules within their city limits.

    The people in Blue Lake are voting on a bed tax.

  • As I understand it, no matter how we look at it, it’s the Fed’s job to protect our borders.
    The legislators job is to write the laws that make immigration a smooth and easy process instead of wasting time, money and effort on attacking the Fed’s for pressuring the Legislators to do their job. The House of Representatives job is to safeguard against the misspending of our tax dollars, but instead many of them are using our tax dollars to blame the POTUS or a party or anybody but who they disagree with ideologically.
    The POTUS is the executive who is responsible for making sure all the lawful laws are carried out (executed).
    The Legislators are the ones who write the laws that the POTUS is responsible for carrying out. If they don’t write the better laws to achieve a speedier and easier method, it’s not the fault of POTUS, it’s the fault of the state’s Legislators. POTUS has no other option than to resort to the basic duty of ‘protecting the border from foreigners in order to secure the rights of the American people’.
    If we want a speedier, more affordable, more thorough, way to help our fellow man to achieve their dreams, then who do we call? We call the LawMakers, the Legislators, the Congress, the House of Representatives, all of the elected officials who are responsible for making the laws uniform and sensible.


    • dayammm, my tang got tungled again.
      This: ” are using our tax dollars to blame the POTUS or a party or anybody but who they disagree with ideologically.”
      Should read: ” are using our tax dollars to blame the POTUS or a party or anybody but who they agree with ideologically.”

  • Yes, Feds. job to protect our borders.

    ~thank you shak for the link to climate collapse – something worthy of discussion.

    • You’re welcome! I lost that thread, will go find it now, bc, as you said, it is something very worthy of discussion. Yours was even more important, re: Stay out of the rain!

    • The Toxic Rain alert vid you posted on another thread was very enlightening. He lost me when he got into politics, but other than that, it was very helpful. (I hate politics & don’t know enough about Brazil to offer an informed opinion, except that I’m happy they’re getting the President they voted for, as all country’s should. I hope Iran gets their country back soon too.) Here’s the Toxic Rain alert in an article on Dane’s site.

      I’m glad you brought up Deborah Tavaras too, I used to follow when I could and have gotten way behind in her alerts. She’s so ‘with it’. Sometimes I think she’s exaggerent, (hmm, must not be a word yet), but then everything she says seems to get confirmed by others so fast our heads spin. She’s amazing. Stop the Crime is her site if I remember right. (yes, it is, I found it. ) Thanks for giving her a shout out.

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