Father Strikes Son in Head with Barrel of Rifle During Fight Over ‘Cat Taking Food Off the Barbecue’

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficeOn 10-27-2018 at around 8:48 P.M the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received a call from the 1400 block of Chemise Mountain Road in Southern Humboldt County from an adult male stating he had been shot in the head. Deputies responded the residence and found the caller had been in an altercation with his father over a cat taking food off the barbecue. The son went next door to ensure the cat was not harmed by his father when an altercation ensued between the men. The father was armed with a .22 caliber rifle at the time, presumably to shoot the cat and a struggle over the firearm took place. The altercation resulted in the son being struck with the barrel of the rifle in the head. The son sustained an injury to the side of his head and the father had a cut on his hand. At the conclusion of the investigation, neither party wished to pursue charges against one another. The son was transported to Jerald Phelps Hospital in Garberville for treatment. A Deputy responded to the hospital where it was confirmed the son had not been shot.

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  • Oh boy I’d be pissed too if the cat stole my food but damn shooting the cat? Oh kitty 🐱

  • Supervisors the problem

    Probably got abated and don’t have money to buy groceries,dad was starving wanted to make shishcabobs out of the cat. Think that’s what I had at the Cadillac wok a couple times didn’t taste bad drowned in soy sauce

  • If its cooked right bbq cat is really good. The hmongs figured this out a long time ago.

    • Actually they usually prefer Dogs, more to go around!!!

      • I can not believe the racist comments on here!! The Asian community has nothing to do with this and trying to be funny by putting them down….is not funny & shows your ignorance.

        Invisible trolling does NOT mean that all human decency gets thrown out the window. If u can’t say something with ur real name & picture attached, it’s probably NOT ok to say.

        My grandmother taught me that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. When did society become so f#$%ing mean?!?

        • Oddly…. a Chinese restaurant in Eureka was shut down for using Cat and Bear meat in their stuff.

          That was back in the 1980’s. Funny thing I was there the day before they shut down, I had
          some ‘chicken legs’… I thought it was funny because the legs I was eating
          bent a bit differently from chicken.

          Dunno if it was cat or not, it was tasty though.

        • “When did society become so f#$%ing mean?!?”
          Around 1968 with the rise of that dick, Nixon and the just as dickweedish Moral Majority.

        • Paleeez. I was laughin my ass off til Sourpuss got triggered and had to lecture us all with more pc bullshit. You’re a real stick in the mud. Nice virtue signaling though. We all know how morally superior you are now.

  • was there alcohol involved?

  • The idiot son should be charged for false allegations he made about getting shot.
    You do what the old man tells ya boy. That cats not gonna be around when you get back either its going on that same bbq.

  • That’s sick!

  • That poor cat must have been starving to take food off a hot grill. Try feeding your animals. Poor cat hope he is ok. The son is a hero…..

  • It sounds like it is time to put the guns down having no money is not an excuse to act this way . Every time I have eaten at the Cadillac Wok the food was just fine it’s the Southern Humboldt stir crazy cabin fever mentality that holds this community back from being better place for everyone stirring up more racism is not the way to go .
    This father should have just filled up a squirt bottle with water and sprayed the cat with water instead you have a son that is trying to stop his father from doing something that is very wrong.

  • I don’t think I want to do any BBQing at their house if the Father gets that angry over something so insinificant!!! Reminds me too much of my Father literally beating me over not washing the damned dishes fast enough to suit him!!!

  • There may have been alcohol and perhaps other unresolved issues between father and son mixed in this cat-a-cue,

  • Nice family, huh?

  • My father would just have dropp kicked the cat. he hed a love/ hate relations w/ cats. I learned to be kind to animals because of his wild way of being.He did shoot a stray dog for stealing meat off the kitchen counter. He left the door open, very traumatizing for everyone. But the job was DONE!

  • Oh old man.
    Dont hit your children, be kind,Love them. Dear god knows it will alll come back to haunt you.

  • Thank you Kym for handling this story like a journalist. It’s sad to see the headline chosen by those that Lost Coast Outpost.

  • I hope the son and the cat will be able to get safely away from this violent, abusive man.

  • So who won?! Did they eat the cat!? The Suspense is killin me!

  • Hope the cat and the son are ok.

    Anybody in this county can get food stamps if they need it.

  • If you dont know my family then shut the fuck up! You have no rite to say dumb ass shit just to say it. Grow the fuck up people and stay out of people lives…keep your rude ass comments to yourself. Just makes you look more of an idiot……

  • Attack of the okie Cats

    The hungry attack cat ate the old man and the son moved to Oregon. Problem solved – More News at 11.

  • President Trump said an armed guard at the bbq would have prevented this incident. Clearly more guns = less cat thievery

  • Trying shoot the cat is wrong, scare it off. Praise the son for protecting his little fir ball. Next time cover the bbq.

  • political moderate

    Just neuter…. the people.

  • It is hard not to feed into the bs spit out of people’s judgement.

    We weren’t there and we don’t know. I’m sure they carry a heavy load.

    Even the reporter only has basic information.
    I grew up rough and poor, have traumatizing experiences with my father and mother.
    We all have made mistakes.
    It’s how we handle them that defines us.

    I hope and pray we can all learn from our mistakes and move on.
    Make the crises into a opportunity.
    Opportunity to change the path that we are on. Ask for help it’s ok not to know everything.

    To the son, how can I improve myself

    To the father, how can I improve myself

    To myself, how can I improve myself

    Now judge me, I have a lot to learn

  • Blue Haired Hillbetty

    My cat is on the counter right now, we have threatened to kill her so many times she doesn’t believe us any more. Are we bad cat parents? You all be the judge.

    “Get down cat or I’ll kill ya”

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