Firearm Found During PacOut Green Team’s Weekly Trash Pickup

Marlan 30-30
Kathleen Lynch holding the Marlin 30-30. [Photo from PacOut’s Facebook page.]

Today, during PacOut Green’s weekly trash pickup, one of the volunteers found a firearm. The weapon, later identified as a Marlin lever action 30-30, was covered in rust.

The firearm before Ostrom worked on it. [Photo by Aaron Ostrom]

Aaron Ostrom, co-owner of Pacific Outfitters, said that Kathleen Lynch found it off of Scenic Drive near Luffenholtz in Trinidad. “Someone pitched it over the side,” he explained. He said the gun was rusty but the wood was in good shape.

“My guess it has pitched over the side three or four months ago,” Ostrom explained.

The serial number was still on the weapon and Ostrom said he sent a message explaining the find to law enforcement.

Ostrom said he hopes to get the gun back to its owner. “I just finished cleaning it all up,” he explained. “That way whoever gets it back, gets it back in good condition.”


Restored firearm [Photo by Aaron Ostrom]

The PacOut team is almost five years old. “Haven’t missed a weekend yet since we started February 2014,” Ostrow said “But this is our first firearm we found.”

Every Saturday, volunteers meet at different places throughout Humboldt County to speed clean an area. “Typically our weekly cleanups are 60 minutes long,” their website states. “We understand that people have busy lives and that time is limited for most people. That’s why Pacific Outfitters gives away prizes each week to our volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to join us!”

There is another PacOut team in Mendocino. “We’re doing well,” Ostrom said proudly. “We just completed a full year in Mendocino County.” He added that the team has just completed removing over 300,000 pounds–“most in Humboldt.”

Ostrom said the group welcomes volunteers. “We’ve created a culture–a very nice group of people, family-oriented, extremely kid-friendly. And you get to hang out in the outdoors.”

Ostrom said he could choose to sit home and drink coffee “or I could be in some cool badass place in Humboldt with my kid.”


Today’s group of volunteers. [Photo from PacOut’s Facebook page.]



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