Annual Sex Offender Registration Compliance Sweep Conducted Last Week in Humboldt County

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeBetween Oct. 15-19, 2018, Humboldt County Sheriff’s detectives and representatives from the Fortuna Police Department, Arcata Police Department, US Marshals Service and FBI, conducted an annual sex offender registration compliance sweep throughout the County of Humboldt.

During this sweep, law enforcement attempts to contact every registered sex offender in Humboldt County to ensure each offender is in compliance with state requirements. Pursuant to California Penal Code 290Opens a New Window., sex offender registrants are required to register in person with the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction where they reside. The registrants must also comply with several registration requirements, such as updating their registration annually and informing law enforcement when any changes have been made to their address or registration information. Failure by a sex registrant to keep law enforcement notified of an address change or registration information is a crime and can be punished as a felony or misdemeanor.

As of Oct. 25, there are 452 registered sex offenders in Humboldt County. Forty-five of those offenders are registered as transient.

During the compliance sweep, 32 registrants were found to be out of compliance, three offenders were currently incarcerated and two were deceased. Additionally, four arrests were made. Detectives are completing follow up investigations into those found to be out of compliance and anticipate additional arrest warrants to be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office.

The annual sweep is a collaborative effort to reduce violent sexual offenses in the county through proactive surveillance and arrest of habitual sexual offenders, and strict enforcement of state registration requirements. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office involvement in this enforcement effort is funded through the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE) grant.

For more information regarding the annual sex offender registration compliance sweep, please contact Investigator Jennifer Turner at (707) 445-7251.



  • and my friends back home are worried about the one across the freeway from them

    • Having a registered sex offender within 2 miles reduces property values, so they have good reason to worry.

      • there is no location in Eureka that doesn’t have a chomo within 2 miles. very few locations in McKinleyville, but plenty of chomo free locations in Arcata especially by HSU.

  • Supervisors the problem

    Putting on a circus show for measure o!!! Everyday a new look how great we are!!! As soon as it passes they’ll go back to extorting good honest rural folks ruining there lives and stealing there property with unconstitutional fines,violating search and seizure with fish and game,making up life ruining environmental lies,and shitting on the PEOPLE that they want the money to come from!!!!!! See through the political lies and scam because they always want more as they. Take-take-take. !!!!!!!

    • Really? Your tinfoil hat is to tight. They are doing their annual sweep for sex offenders! Unless you have a sex offender living on your grow site or are one, you should be grateful for this!

    • Well Honsel is actually doing what he said he would do. Refreshing for a change ( coming from a higher up ).

  • Couldn’t they just say yearly? I read that wrong

  • hrmm what about all the female sexual offenders that pay to have their male babies gential cut and scared for life ? just wondering. if fathers insisted on this practice on their daughters there would be outrage.

    • Well, yeah, you’re talking about mothers having their newborn boys circumcised, right? But, however valid a point, however valid an issue that is, it’s a little off the subject. What we’re talking about here is a sex offender compliance sweep that recently took place. But, since we’re way off the subject here anyway, I’ll just say that you’re right, males in this society are absolutely being brutalized, and everybody seems to think it’s just a big joke.

      • i see it as sexual assult on a baby.and if it was treated as it should be then those mothers should be rounded upas well.

      • I agree with you, John. Apparently there used to be some health reasons for circumcision, but with ‘most everybody having access to ways of staying clean, it does seem like a dumb thing to do. I don’t think it’s just women who promote circumcision, though.

    • “female sexual offenders” eh? Can you cite any evidence that it’s WOMEN that promote circumcising their babies versus the men? My wife is a midwife. Her experience has been the opposite where the mother has been almost always reticent about it but the father pushes it, even strongarms the mom (who often relents because they’ve just had a baby and they’re tired) because he wants his son to “be like him” or “not be different from the other boys”. I am strongly against circumcision, but unless you can cite some actual evidence that it’s mothers “insisting” on circumcision, then I have to conclude you’re completely full of shit and making it up as you go along.

      • well i personally know several females that didnt want to deal with the perceived extra cleaning work so they had it done. that is the main reason i have heard from the mothers i know and have spoken to about such things.

        • Calling women “females” exclusively makes you a little bit like you’re gonna wind up on this list.

          • refering to them as females versus woman or girl i think is fitting since it is only females that can give birth. however you need not be a woman to give birth nor a girl.

    • Only in America antichrist. Nowadays….. everything is an outrage. People need to work more and complain less.

  • Crazy how someone named the suspect in the comments of the first article.

  • Thought that said ANAL Sex Offender, was looking for whomever wrote these regulations!

  • Old mendo is 100% right.
    most always the men

    • As a mom of 3 boys, I say, and said each time, Hands off the boys’ parts! They were created by intelligent design, and ought to be left that way. I was pressured at the hospital, and actually derided and bullied to do it. But I had researched it, and was clear that there was no reason to do it. It’s often stated that it doesn’t hurt- yeah, right…absolute lie.

  • Supervisors the problem

    Let’s take some money from the county people since there trying to take it from all of us,. Let’s vote no on measure o. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s abate them !!!!

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