Man Sentenced for Forcible Sexual Assaults Against a Child Under 14

Trinity County Health and Human ServicesPress release from the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office about the sentencing of Gregory Collen:

Trinity County DA's press release



  • Wow, trinity actually does it’s job. Humboldt should take some notes.

  • Poor child. Growing up thinking that someone hurting you is normal. It is hard not to get so angry at that.

  • we need a mugshot. how would one go about that?

  • Good that he’s prosecuted & sentenced! Parents& guardians need to talk to kids everyday. Their honesty can be felt, they need to be protected & taught at school & at home to never ever let anyone make them uncomfortable. Pay attention to all people who have access to your kids. These abuses happen more often when the opportunities are there. Every teacher needs to stand in front of students & parents and pledge to protect & pay attention. That alone could help with awareness of who the kids can trust.

    • Next to last. But that is a scary example of why people need to be very careful with believing anything in comments.

      How did you find that?

    • Talk about confusing!?!? Assuming it was actually him that made that comment on this site about a year ago , he states his “kids” were taken away, yet this is about assaulting “a” child. Not only that, the assaults were supposed to have occurred over many years, yet he was convicted on only 2 counts, which resulted in a maximum sentence of 22 years, or 11 years per count? Seriously? Only 2 counts over many years?

      Common sense says they could have gotten him on much more than they did. I wonder why they didn’t?

  • Humboldt needs to take note! My child’s assailant got just over 1 year.. that’s it!!! Humboldt court system is a f@$&ing joke!

  • October 25, 2018 – Collen Sentenced to 22-years in State Prison

  • A former girls basketball coach at a Northern most Mendocino county school never got indicted after a detective uncovered years of abuse and multiple victims who were willing to testify yet the DA thought the testimony of young girls
    Wouldn’t hold up in court…..these were back in the days of concentrating solely on asset seizure cases….. he still walks free and lurches on young girls I’ve been told.

  • Tell this to Trump, Trump would say too many years have gone by. Then Trump would say fake news. Just sad Trump must go!!

    • Then he’d say she asked for it anyway.

    • Trumps the best. He is wining. You are losing. Ha

      • I’m tired of winning

      • he is winning, his family is winning, we are all losing.

        • Good job y’all making this about something that it not; like to make political spins and get your trump jollies in at every opportunity? pathetic … give us a break would you? yeah free speech and all; peace out! spread love, not hate!

      • No he’s not, he’s a joke, just like the pathetic Repub thread on loco. When I need a good laugh I check in to see the musings of those sad isolated trolls that are now deprived of their incessant trolling of the left. The whining of all two of them is a crack up. Poor things….

  • I wish Humboldt would step up

  • Huck Fumboldt’s “justice” system.

  • I am so glad he was sentenced to 22 years. All those other chomos with more charges are shaking in their boots!

  • Yeah, I’m happy and all that he got put away. BUT… Seriously I don’t understand how anyone like law makers or the people of united states of America can come to the conclusion that this is OK. Yeah he will be protected in prison and the working people pay for it. No a scum bag of this nature must be sentenced to death ASAP or placed in general population in prison and let them deal with him. I can’t believe this crap in other countries they don’t give u a court date. They straight cut heads off And shit. Not every case shall be handled this way but someone under 14 come on

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