Sheriff’s Deputies Speaking Directly to Neighbors About Voting Yes on Measure O

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

Humboldt County encourages the community to exercise their right to vote. Below is helpful voter information:

Election Day is November 6 – make sure your vote counts!

The last day to register to vote is TODAY, October 22. You can register online at

Vote-by-Mail ballots were mailed the week of October 8. If you vote by mail and have not received your ballot or need a replacement ballot, contact the Humboldt County Elections Office at (707) 445-7481 or

If you are voting by mail, your ballot must be postmarked on or before November 6. Remember to sign your mail ballot!

Poll Voting locations are open on Election Day from 7AM – 8PM. You can find your polling location on your Voter Information Guide and Sample Ballot, or by contacting the County Elections Office at (707) 445-7481 or visiting

As you may know, Measure O is on your local ballot. Measure O is Humboldt County’s Public Safety & Essential Services renewal measure that, if extended, would continue to provide locally-controlled funding that cannot be taken by the State to maintain services such as emergency response times, 24-hour sheriff’s patrols, road repair and children’s services. As an extension measure, Measure O renews voter-approved funding without raising tax rates.

Measure O will be on your local ballot as follows:

“Humboldt County Public Safety/Essential Services Renewal Measure. To maintain essential services including 911 emergency response/rural ambulance/fire protection; ensuring 24-hour sheriff’s patrols; providing children’s mental health/victims of child abuse services; emergency communications systems; repairing deteriorating roads; and other essential general services, shall a measure to renew the existing 1/2-cent sales tax, generating approximately $12,000,000 annually until ended by voters, with annual audits/ citizen oversight, no increase in tax rate, be adopted?”

Currently, revenue from the existing measure provides funding for many public safety projects around Humboldt, including more than 60 county positions:

Sheriff: 40 positions

15 deputies, 7 correctional deputies, 5 community services officers, 4 sheriff’s sergeants, a sheriff’s captain, emergency communications dispatcher, senior legal office assistant, sheriff’s public information specialist, correctional lieutenant, supervising correctional deputy, animal control and facilities manager, administrative assistant, and an animal control officer

District Attorney: 12 positions

3 deputy district attorneys, 3 investigators, program coordinator, 4 senior or legal office assistants, office assistant

Probation: 6 positions

6 probation officers

Department of Health & Human Services: 8 positions

2 substance abuse counselors, 2 mental health case managers, 2 mental health clinicians, program coordinator, community health outreach worker

Public Defender: 2 positions

Deputy public defender, investigator

Auditor: .5 full-time equivalent position

.5 Auditor-Controller payroll specialist

For more information on Measure O, visit our website.



  • Isn’t it illegal for the sheriff / deputies to take a public stand like This? Influencing a vote like this?

    • That was my first thought as well. Intimidation? You decide, but that’s how I see it.
      I voted no😊

    • I’d hope not, public servants should be free to speak their mind about anything. But it’s definitely not cool of them to campaign on the clock or go door to door in uniform.

      • or to use tax payer purchessed supplies like the printer, paper, ink, or computer to print those fliers or memos. infact it is a ethic voliation. funny how thise charged withenforcing rules feelso free to break rules….

      • this is what the bottom of the Measure O flyer says that came in the mail a few weeks ago “Provided for informational purpose only. Humboldt County does not advocate a yes or no position on this measure”.

  • Corrupt extortion rip off politics

    And for the infringement of property rights,for the extortion by MASSIVE fines and environmental lies, for the end of your privacy through spy sattilite spying,for the stealing of your riperian water rights,and for the violation of your Constitutional rights. Dirty politicians!!!! Dirty sheriff. Don’t support and finance the violation of your neighborhors,the people you grew up with,this county government and sheriff’s department has no respect for there constituents!!!!!!!!

    • I think you are on to something. Please expand your thoughts. ..thank you.
      Damn police state and boot lickers everywhere. Distraction had its cost

  • They don’t do their jobs now so would should I help them out? I reported an illegal grow house and they did squat. To heck with them. It’s every man for himself in Humboldt.

  • I’m kinda torn on this one because measure K money has enabled a lot of people to be promoted in the Sheriff’s dept only to have them retire out at a higher pay within a short period of time. Like politicians when they open their mouths saying the money will go to this and this and this isn’t always a guarantee it will. I see a Sheriff’s car go by my house maybe 1 or 2 times every four months and I live in a crummy neighborhood. Personally, I don’t think this money will go to anything they are saying it will.

  • Misinformation! Measure Z funds were ear-marked for “emergency services,” Measure O funds are not! I would vote for Measure Z again, in a second, but not this bait-and-switch. The sky will not fall if O fails, Z doesn’t expire until 2020, plenty of time to draft a more reasonable measure.
    “Currently, revenue from the existing measure provides funding for many public safety projects around Humboldt, including more than 60 county positions.” That is true of Z funds, but O has no such provision. Please don’t fall for this shameless scare tactic.

  • Vote no on o funds go into the general fund with no oversite

  • Vote NO ON O unless there’s a Sunset Clause.

  • Of course the pot heads want you to vote no, the inmates want to keep running the asylum…

  • 40 sheriff’s positions, including 9 correctional vs 8 HHS positions.

    Maybe if they had spent the money on mental health, substance abuse treatment, at risk youth, etc. they wouldn’t need 40 new sheriff’s positions.

    A “yes” is a vote for the prison industrial system. Fund the convoy that comes to your neighborhood.

  • They basically created the depression here with their support of prop 64, which destroyed mom and pop and brought you “Weed-Mart” and the corporatization of the area.

    Vote NO

  • Supervisors the problem

    Yeah they’ve really shown how much they respect the people of Humboldt county this year,and how much they respect the citizens rights as well.We need to take the county and sheriffs play toys away and send them to there rooms for a little while make them read the Constitution over and over!!!! I mean look at these massive agregiouse fines they’ve blanketed across the county in a MASSIVE extortion scheme.and look at our neighbors to the south treating there people with a little dignity through the transition into supposed legalization and not just going for the money throat!!! Vote no on o

  • This will go to salaries not roads. California already has the highest taxes in the nation. Why the county and city wants to impose more on us I can’t fathom. Vote against tax increases.

  • Vote no get these worthless fucks out

  • Fuck O! They simply need to shuffle the staff to get better results.

    Sheriff: from 40 positions down to 2 guys named Andy and Barney.
    District Attorney: from 12 positions down to 1 part timer.
    Probation: from 6 positions down to 0.
    Department of Health & Human Services: from 8 positions to 18 position.
    Public Defender: from 2 positions to 4 position.
    Auditor: .from 5 full-time equivalent position to 2 full time ruthless mutherfuckers.

  • 12 new DA and only 2 new PD. does anybody else see something wrong here?

    • they have a lot of extorting to perform in that office. meanwhile every real court case gets pushed and cost to the taxpayer goes up and up..

  • I will vote Yes on O. Sure, nothing is perfect but extending Measure Z is the right thing to do for this county. I’m not sure where all of you other commenters are getting your facts about Measure O but no where does it say it will go into the general fund. Measure O is a continuance of Measure Z. Simple as that. So what about the sunset clause….if we really don’t feel like we are getting our small amount of moneys worth than shit we’ll repeal it. But if Measure O fails, it’s not like we are all going to have a bunch of extra cash. Do you think gas prices will go down? NOPE! You don’t see the Renner Gas folks supporting this. We will all still be forking over the same amount of money for our shit. I’d rather know that my money is going to do some good for once.

    We are all humans here on this earth together and it isn’t until you need help one day that you realize how important others lives are to yours. I thank all the emergency services personnel everywhere for what you do. You are worth 1/2 cent to me. Vote Yes on O.

    • It’s that any funding to be paid under measure z, that would have previously been paid from general funds, leaves that much more in general funds to be spent elsewhere. It’s not that the money goes directly into the general fund. And that has already happened and will only get worse without having to face the voters.

  • Hell no! On O.

  • Supervisors the problem

    Down with o the treason,extortion,violation of rights fund.this county has shown it’s greed and treasonous hand this year, time to pull in the reins with our $$$$$$$$

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