Humboldt County Woman Who Went Missing Before Being Arrested in Washington State Is Still in Jail as Family Struggles to Help

Diana Hahn, a Humboldt County woman who went missing after experiencing paranoia issues earlier this month, is still in Whatcom County jail in Washington State and facing five felony counts after being arrested nearly a week ago, according to her sister Sara Connor.

Hahn went missing about two weeks ago and her disappearance upset a large portion of the community as she is well-known and liked by many. A GoFundMe account to find her and to help her family is continuing to be successful.

Sara Connor explained, “We have raised $7000 from the…account which is amazing! Three thousand went to the private investigator who helped us locate Di, and I found a top attorney that required a retainer of $20,000…She has not been released on bail, and her next court appearance is on Friday at which point we will have more information.”

Hahn had multiple encounters with law enforcement in several states. She managed to either evade police or talk her way free before being arrested on October 17 in Washington State. Hahn, who is facing counts ranging from attempting to elude a police vehicle,  evading arrest, and assault, is not believed to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to Blaine Police Chief Allen Schubert speaking to his local paper.

According to the GoFundMe account, Hahn’s family are “trying to get Diana the help she needs. The system is not designed to make it easy for us to do that. Once we are assured Diana is safe, we will need to hire a lawyer for her defense. We are anticipating a considerable amount of traveling between Humboldt and northern Washington.”

Connor said that the GoFundMe account is available if anyone wants to assist the family in their efforts to help her sister.




  • Lol. I’m no liberal, but this is definitely a case of privileged pretty white woman is in trouble with the law and needs help. Cry me a river. Welcome to the real world. Sober up and do your time.

    • Did you read the article? It says she is not believed to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    • No matter who you are or where you come from, mental illness is no priveledge

    • Comprehension not a big skill, eh?

    • Hellbilly, of course you’re not a liberal. Liberals generally have empathy and compassion.

      • Only if it fits there agenda

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          That’s the agenda, empathy and compassion. Medicare for everybody, living wage, safe working conditions, decent retirement if you’re willing to work, fair and equitable taxes for all, a chance at the American Dream if you’re willing to work for it. Junk like that from self-serving liberals.

          What’s your idea?

    • Please do not judge, obviously you do not know this woman nor understand depression & mental illness. I wish people didn’t have to use this valuable news source for their unkind & uninformed assumptions.

    • Wrong on at least a couple of points. She doesn’t have any substance abuse issues, the police who arrested her stated that there was no indication of drugs or alcohol. So the “sober up” part is just mean-spiritedness on your part.

      And then there’s the “do your time” part. She needs treatment for the real problem, which is a mental problem and may be related to a head injury she received awhile ago.

      Nor has she tried to use her beauty to escape her problems. Nor is she particularly privileged.

      I sure wish that you’d do the right thing, and remove your offensive and presumptive comment.

    • Mental Illness is not a Joke!

      Can you read? Oh what a privilege it is to be mentally ill. [edit] Keeping her in my prayers.

    • Folks, while they could have said it a bit less rudely, Hillbilly is correct about the privilege being exercised here. Yes, mental illness is no privilege, not being shot for behaving strangely around police is. Being able to raise the money for legal costs (even a crowdsource) definitely is.

      “The system is not designed to make it easy…” sums it up nicely. Obstacles, often unnecessary or onerous, are created specifically to prevent people experiencing instability from negotiating the “justice” system. To have the resources necessary to overcome those legal hurdles while others, through no fault of their own, cannot is the literal definition of privilege (private-law.) Privilege is not a trait inherent to any individual but manifests when someone has to navigate the systems we use to regulate the individual.

    • Wow, inform us how you got to this wild conclusion.

  • I realize from the previous articles there’s a lot of friends of hers posting here, so odds are this comment won’t even make it through the vetting process and get posted.

    Having said that – if you read the article from Blaine WA – she endangered a lot of people: driving the wrong way, twice, on the freeway; fleeing police; crashing at least once; resisting arrest. At a certain point the claim of “crazy” or whatever mental illness diagnosis she is claiming no longer matters.

    Ex: I don’t care if the guy pointing a gun at me is insane, or just an asshole; the bullets coming out of the barrel will kill me either way. Put her away. Getting her help is now secondary to protecting society from her.

    • Agreed. To be honest I don’t understand how this story made three articles.

      • Because she’s well-known and liked. Because mental illness is an issue that affects many people’s lives including mine. Because updates have been requested by multiple people and because the top stories this week on my website are her previous ones.

        • Thanks for clarification but I guess I don’t see much of an update from the second article about this chain of events…

          Mental illness also affects my twin brother as well. So it hits me hard sometimes.

          • The major update is that a woman whose story has gripped a portion of Humboldt County is still in jail and her family is raising money to help them help her. That might not be of interest to you but, it is of interest to others including myself.

            • I guess I must be confused than, since you posted the go fund me on the last article…so I guess we’re still at the same spot. Trying to get her home soon. 👍🏼

              And not to toot a horn or anything but I have helped the family by donating to it.

              • Thank you for donating!

                I guess I’m not understanding your concern. I think the story is of interest to my readers so I wrote about it. It is my top story today so I guessed right. Sometimes I’m wrong about what is of interest, but it’s my job to be right about that and so far, I usually am.

                • Kym, to me you run a community news service therefore we look to you to report on our community members be it high school sports or someone needing help.
                  I think you do a great job not only reporting on our quirky so hum news but also recognize that our surrounding counties are our neighbors too, in proximity and lifestyles.
                  During the fires folks from all over utilized your site as you had the best coverage& do up to the minute community style reporting, the same as if the fires were happening here, and it shows!

                  To readers if you dont want to read the smaller story community news then find a different site to read news on. Simple.
                  If you dont get why we want to know how diana is doing then maybe this isnt the site for you. Its awesome to be able to write to kym asking about an issue&she always replies whether she reports on it or not. When many folks ask her about the same news story, that is her cue that her audience wants the info. Again, simple.
                  I for one cherish the small town style of reporting kym does.

                • Aww! I love it that you get what I do here. Thank you.

                • I also value your work so much Kym…as someone who considers Humboldt home but has been out of the area for years now. Your posts keep me in the loop. And I pray that Diana gets the help she needs, as I consider myself one of her friends. I also LOVE all the wildlife photography that Talia shares with you and us!

            • Well….. on a positive note ( this is rare for me). I hope she gets the help she needs and that if this is a mental disorder that it is addressed properly. Prison is not a place for the “ill” ,treatment is. She is a loved local by many, so yes, this is a local news sight and should be news.

            • Our jails a full of people who would not be there if they had received proper mental health care. I guess they don’t have as many friends?

              I guess if your illness leads to you taking drugs, you no longer receive the same degree of sympathy?

              • That might be true. I am certainly harsh on people who choose to degrade their mental facilities with excessive alcohol or drug use. I do not like lazy people. I used to mostly blame homeless for their own situation. Then my sister fell at work and hit her head. Long-lasting traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a real thing, could happen to anybody. It takes many family resources to help out a formerly productive person who never asked for the injury. People without the family support end up in the wind, sleeping under bridges, etc. There they are prey to the opportunistic drug pushers and those who may take advantage of them. So…our societal problems with homelessness and mental illness and drug abuse are interwoven. I wish I could take back some of the harsher judgements I made earlier, understanding now what I do. TBI is especially a tricky disease as the person may really just appear to be lazy or unmotivated at first look….but they are fighting through brain damage. And yes- then there are scammers pretending to be so injured for your sympathy…but how do you know?

              • Good point! They don’t belong in jail. They belong in treatment. And the number of friends they have shouldn’t matter.

    • I see your point about society in general deserving protection from violent or unthinking actions. But the best protection that society can achieve is separating the treatable, mentally ill from the psychopaths. You cannot punish someone into mental health. This woman (and a large population in our jails and prisons) needs treatment. Imprisonment doesn’t provide that, it just makes things worse.

      Yes, Diana is my friend. No, I didn’t just form the above opinion. Diana is a very poignant case in point of the criminalization of mental illness.

      • The system needs to criminalize as many people as possible to keep up with the needs of the private prisons and corrupt probation syndicate.

    • Do you have a link to that article?

    • The “put her away” law and order bullshit is weak. If your mom had mental issues and endangered people you would sing a different tune. You would want mommy released to proper medical care. You would cry “she did not know wrong from right, it’s a medical condition”. You sound like that movie where Jack Nicholson yells “you want the truth, you cant handle the truth.”

      • If your mom was killed by someone with mental illness, you might feel that confining them period is best. This is not a battleground for empathy oneupmanship.

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      I understand that her family makes her well being a priority, but for the rapid response by the police, she may well have killed innocents. Empathy is all well and good, there are more than enough “bleeding hearts” posting on this story, but try thinking of the victims of the insane actions of your friend/relative.

  • On the way to economic failure..

    Diana is a very nice person who means no one any I’ her and her mother who ran a home for many years for troubled and less fortunate teenage girls and they really cared!!! This lady has too have good carma stored up and I hope that some of it is payed to help her with bullshit charges because she’s having difficulty desirfering whats real and whats her with her problem don’t lock her up for it

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      Bullshit charges? Driving while crazy can kill, or is that just beyond your empathy level? Your solution is to let her continue to wander around? And BTW, it’s Karma, no carma.

  • Put her away, yes, but in a place where she can get the medical help she so desperately needs. I’ve known this woman since she was a girl. She’s no drunk. Neither is she an addict–except when it comes to working on the old house she’s been so lovingly restoring for the past many years. I too believe we must protect ourselves and our communities from harm. Diana is no danger to anyone but herself. Yes, she drove erratically and put others in harms way; I doubt she knew what she was doing. When measuring culpability you have to look at intent. Diana, I am sure, meant no harm to anyone. She was being pursued by demons of her own making. This is a tragic situation. Diana needs our compassion, not punishment.

    • And if she were drunk or an addict, what then? Those are both also mental health issues. People don’t choose them anymore than she chose her actions.

      Why do we seem to have such a blatant double standard when it comes to Mental Health?

      I agree that she needs help rather than incarceration, that would seem to be the case for the vast majority of inmates. What is truly different about this story?

      • Because every human has issues. A 100% of the resources of the society could be spent treating everyone. Maybe a social taboo on using drugs at least might keep some people responsible for themselves and that is a very good reason for it to exist.

        I remember hearing a comedian at one time making a joke about drug addiction being a disease he said “When was the last time you met a guy on a corner at midnight offering to sell you a hit of TB?”

  • 50k bond * on each * offense!

    …And interesting to note: she’s got a numerical code next to her name in the jail roster , is that Washington state’s 5150?

    There by the grace of God go I…

    Barring some kind of medical condition thankfully, sanity is a renewable resource .

  • Hellbilly, You may look at this article and see a priveldged white woman. As someone who has known her a long time, I know that is not the reason for all of outpouring of support. I see a person who is very rich in social currency and has been an important part of the community. I see a long term friend who has been there for other people. I see someone who has never acted like this before, having problems after a head injury. This same community that rallies around Diana is aloving community that I have seen help many others…regardless of ethnicity, skin tone, gender or financial standing. Yes Diana is privileged, privileged to grow up in a real community with so many real friends. And she has been a real friend to so many.

    • I have been told that all white people are privileged ( still not buying it ). How about ALL people with a soul be privileged? Just a thought? No. Liberal people of color than would have nothing to complain about….. can’t have that. Let’s keep the division going, just don’t call me white! Lol

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        There’s been an obvious social policy based on racism and a few other ‘isms which you can abundantly verify through even the briefest historical research. Don’t even trouble yourself wondering. As Casey Stengel said: “you can look it up.” You can look around.

  • This is horrible. That lady needs help not jail time, sometimes people just snap. I hope she makes it through this …

    • Almost everyone is jail or prison needs more help than jail time. I struggle to see anything different about this case other than her appearance. It would be nice if people cared as much about all the other inmates who are victims of their own Mental Health.

      The ratio of deterrent to rehabilitation is far too skewed towards deterrent.

      • Because there are two parties involved in crime- the criminal and the victim. The people not committing the crime need protection of jailing the criminal, no matter what the cause is. You assume that every criminal action is caused by mental illness and that there is a cure for that illness that society callously refuses to provide. Frankly, while every criminal action is due to mental status, very few have a mental status that makes crime involuntary.

        Mental illness deep enough to cause crime is not that common. And that there is a cure is rare. And that even minimal progress can be made without the person’s cooperation is even more rare.

        This is a much tougher problem.

  • I dont kno any of you guys or even live close to you, however your positives vibes and outreach for this lady clearly project farther than the thoughts of those trolls… They call em trolls for a reason, although often an understatment…..

    • Anti troll league

      A troll is not someone who just says what you don’t like. It’s very possible that people who positively drip with sympathy are the ones standing in the way of improvement, not the “trolls.”

      • Huh? A troll is someone who attacks others and/or stirs the shit.

        Diana’s friends and well-wishers’ intentions are good, wanting her and her unfortunate situation to get better.

        So WTF you talking about?

        If Karma were instant, Diana would have a Get out of Jail Free card.

        • Anti troll league

          I see the comments that were extremely ugly attacking an unsympathetic poster are deleted now. But it still stands that people who post insults to other posters without a shred of explanation are trolls who seem to delight only in their ugliness.

      • Trolls are hermit like creatures who live under bridges. One of our “Guests” is one.

  • Listen to yourselves. Such a bunch of negative, mean and ugly comments. Are your hearts and minds really this black and ugly? Your words matter. They carry the power of life and death. Be kind, show mercy, give love.

  • Please let us focus on Diana and whatever we can do to help her. She is part of a tribe, and those of us who are also in this tribe will help in whatever way we can.
    Those who are not part of the tribe, who are making uninformed and negative comments here, please let us ignore them and not waste our energy by engaging them. They do not know Diana as we do. Instead, let’s focus our energy on Diana, and getting her back home safely.

  • I have known Diana for 18 years and she has always been a very kind and caring person, so I was shocked when I first heard heard about this. Unfortunately anyone can suddenly have serious mental health problems, especially if they just received a head injury!! So all the uncaring trolls can just disappear or maybe they should be suddenly hit in the head and maybe that would knock some sensitivity into them. I am impressed by the showing of support for her by her friends and family, good job!! It is sad that many do not understand the gravity of mental health issues until they or someone they know experiences it. I hope that through this people raise their awareness about mental health and start asking themselves, where do people belong when they are a danger to themselves or others? Do they belong in jail with rapists and murderers or can we as a society find or create proper treatment facilities where people can get well? It seems to me that our current mental health system is doing a poor job of helping particularly adults with serious mental health issues and until you commit a crime jail isn’t even an option to keep you safe from harming yourself or others. If you are arrested for a 5150 you are held for 72 hours or less typically. If I was a danger to myself or others I don’t think that would be enough time to recover, so in this situation if Diana is still experiencing intense paranoia at least she is in a locked facility even if it is not ideal. Hopefully as we raise our awareness we can come up with better long term options for those with serious or long term mental health problems.

  • When a person has a psychotic break, a complete one, they are in a different reality. It is a wide awake, disjointed convoluted nightmare. She needs to get released, and treated. Or released to the custody of a physician, in a hospital setting. What I’m certain of, is this is not a criminal. And untreated, remaining in jail will only amplify the paranoia and delusion. It it truly urgent to get her released.

  • Probably a mental health issue. As bad as mental health here is WA is even worse. At least in jail they should be able to get her going on her meds.

  • I am completely blind sided by this story. I was impressed by Diana’s maturity and level headed view of the world back when I talked to her at the store in the old days. There is more here than meets the eye. I can’t imagine what happened that she has come to this…

  • Hi folks!

    This is Di’s sister Sara who reached out to Kym to give an update about my sister. I live internationally,which means a different time zone, and due to my work schedule cannot travel back to the US at this time. I’m trying to do the best that I can for my sister, and her son, but have limited resources from where I am. We chose to release her initial disappearence through this source as it is based out of our community in Humboldt County. Our mom was a founding member of the community of Whale Gulch in 1973, and my sister and I were raised, and have been connected there , for the past 45 years. I found Kym to be the best source to get concise information to our extended family. Of course everyone is allowed their opinion on the subject, but please keep in mind we are only doing our best in helping Di
    This outreach was more to our community and asking for loving support, and I cannot convey how much I ( personally) appreciate this. A huge shout out to our So Hum and Mendo community. And a huge hug to you Kym. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your kind and loving words and support.

  • I was under the impression with the original article, she had a traumatic brain injury which can change an individual into a personality foreign to who they really are at heart. Don’t judge so quickly. Unless you know all the facts, one can only speculate. From experience, I have seen what TBI can do to a person. It’s heartbreaking.

  • nutjobs like this ae safe behing bars. scomboldt has plenty already and id never fund one!

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