Got a Notice of Violation? The State Water Board Will Be in Redway to Help on October 30

Press release from the California State Water Board (Please give a bit for it to load):

Redway Cannabis Event


  • I’m with the government and I’m here to help.

  • “Just sign right here and cede your water rights to us… it’s all good.”

    • If you got a notice of violation, you are already in the Government’s maw. You might as well show up and find out what that means. Just keep your own mouth shut for a change and listen for the details. Take info and avoid providing it.

  • Blanket abatements created for blanket info collecting for blanket targeting?
    After the allegations about the old before Mulvaney CFPB collecting all data for IRS & other targeting of non-communists, this announcement raises more questions than it answers.
    Who audits the Water Board? How do they use your personal information? What personal information do they demand? Why do homeowners/land owners have to get a small irrigation permit when the grandfather clauses contradict what they are domineering?
    Who are the ‘partner agencies’? Who are the ‘share holders’?
    Why do we have to download the links?
    Blanket abatements is similar to phishing schemes.
    Where are the instructions and guidelines to safeguard your info?

  • They came to do good, and did very well indeed…

  • On the way to economic failure.

    Time for regime change in Humboldt county,and California.remember on election day who was in office when the mass extortions started,when they stole our water rights,when they stole our property rights,when they stole our search and seizure rights with fish and game,when they stole our privacy with spy sattilites,when they trampled on the Constitution. And for God’s sake people see past the bleeding of every penny out of us to fund this extortion and vote no on measure o.there charging us to rip us off

  • Yes you cannot use their water and you cannot breathe there air cannot walk on their ground and your soul belongs them as well put the handcuffs on and take us away this is the responsible way of doing things the last words of William Wallace Braveheart freedom sometimes we have to stand up for our rights ninja root meaning is a very patient person but happy holidays everybody

  • I think the permit for breathable oxygen comes with measure O… as in “Oh, No!”

    The cops have fish and game (aka running game) to thank for never getting a pay raise again.

    • No on O these 🐷 have b.s us for ever it is simply dollars collected like measure z money never went to where it was supposed to go?? General fund for the 385 Humboldt Co Sherrifs dept . You all better vote. Why such a large dept that doesnt do jack shit for the county except ride along with fish n game Nazi’s

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