[UPDATE 9:53 p.m.] Traffic Accident on Hwy 36

Traffic Accident NightA vehicle crashed on Hwy 36 near the Grizzly Creek State Park about 6:50 p.m., according to both the scanner and the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. It rolled over and, according to the first report, the occupant(s) may need to be extricated.

Eel River Valley Technical Rescue, Bridgeville Fire, Carlotta Fire and Fortuna Ambulance are all responding to the scene.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 7:03 p.m.: The Incident Commander reports there is “a single vehicle rollover…the guy got out and jumped in someone else’s vehicle.” He reiterated that the patient left the scene in another vehicle. He canceled the ambulance and Eel River Valley Technical Rescue.

UPDATE 7:08 p.m.: The vehicle, a small sedan pickup, is in the roadway, according to the dispatcher. Please be careful driving in the area.

UPDATE 9:29 p.m.: Photo by Bobby Kroeker

Traffic collision with personnel

UPDATE 9:53 p.m.:



  • Sharpen your pencil

    Drunk trimsient!

    • Probably yes, or some other idiot who doesn’t know this treacheorus road for Shizzle!!!

      • Sharpen your pencil

        That’s no trimsient whip. That’s one of the bosses whips….. cant wait to see these scars on the road next week. People drive like completely dumbasses at a wide range of speeds. It amazes me almost every time out.

  • WTF is going on we made it throgh Summer with hardly any wrecks & now e’ve had 3 in 2 days!!! I was on my way to lunch at the Community Center on Thursday, when this Pregnant Roller Skate as we used to call small cars, on the CB Radio, came up behind me!!! I was doing the speed limit but he was still right on my ass!!! Was still there when I kicked it up to 60!!! Then people wonder why there are so many wrecks on 36!!! Because of Stupid Shit like that, is why!!!

  • Dude is lucky to be alive. Truck looked pretty messed up.

  • I still think gas is too cheap. Until it reaches $10 a gallon, you are going to have idiots going 100mph and driving all the time. Back in the day when the speed limit on the freeway was 55 we used to go 50 to be economical, and we would plan our trips to town. Now its 65mph on country roads and 120 on the freeway. Must be a ton of city people here now. I have never owed a vehicle that can keep up with traffic now!

    • Back in the day when the speed limit was 55, reputable studies showed that it was actually harmful to the economy and the country, which is why it was eliminated.

      • 55 was just a liberal, put on a blue sweater, let Iran hold hostages, and check out the gas station flags on odd or even days.

        Carter was a lib that really tried his best to ruin America, but it didn’t work and he wept as Reagan Stormed The White House.

        I thought all these libs were moving to Canada, just more hot air and no action unless someone is holding their hand?

        • I’m not sure you remember the context of those times very well.

          Carter came in as the moral and political outsider equivalent of the angry populace still reeling from Vietnam and the scandal of Nixon. Carter did not try to ruin America as you say, that’s just plain poppycock on its face. He did some good things while others went south and turned out poorly, like gas prices and interest rates. No matter; Reagan swept in handily in the aftermath. Then the political pendulum went back and forth with others for their presidential terms afterwards as usual.

          Please remember your history, its context, and do be fair using the prism of bias. There are always two sides– unless you think its only yours and authoritarianism exclusively.

          • I remember clearly how Reagan arranged with the Iranians to hold our hostages until after the presidential election. Wasn’t that colluding with an enemy of the United States? of course conservatives don’t care, nothing matters as long as they win.

            • Sort of like Kerry meeting with Iran to try to sabotage Trump after the Democrats lost the election? Oh the horror… no honor among politicians when their ego is on the line- liberal or conservative.

              Carter tried to do the same thing, if indeed Reagan did it, but the difference is he failed to accomplish it. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1988/04/04/Report-Carter-considered-arms-for-hostages-swap/4749576129600/ So trying to make anti conservative hate out of the issue is totally disingenuous. The Democrats tried but didn’t believe the middleman could deliver the release of the hostages and gave up the negotiations. But in fact the Iranians did come through with what Carter was trying to get but too late for him.

              In the real world, all politicians are caught in the same difficulties. Just some succeed in turning it into an opportunity while others don’t. You can’t make a virtue out of Carter failing to achieve the wrong he was busy trying to get and a sin out of Reagan succeeding at it. Both were not telling the truth about what they were doing.

        • I remember that. Carter said the world supply of oil would run out in 10 years.

      • On highway 36, maybe 50 would be a better number.

        • This. This is the road I learned to drive on in the 70s. From Alton to the Hwy 3 turnoff to Hayfork (one lane over South Fork Mountain, though is it still like that?). No one should be hauling ass on that road.

      • not all cars get the best mileage at 50. some cars get better mileage at 70

    • If gas was $10 a gallon only rich people would be driving fast. Get out of their way.

  • maybe it was global warming that had the moisture level up since the rivers adjacent drawing crucial amounts of moisture on the asphalt making it a dangerous situation for every one involved and very dangerous impossible to handle so the driver lost control? or maybe he was just a bit to boozey like an irish man at a soccer game.

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