Black Bear Mom and Cub

Local tracker Kim Cabrera captured this video of our local wildlife. Cabrera writes:

This black bear mom has her hands full with a little cub who hangs back and examines everything, then has to run to catch up with mom!

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  • Cute cub but not the sharpest knife in the block!!!

  • seen something like that a few years ago hunting .
    i do have bear tags so im always looking for them .
    while driving near camp i first saw a bowling ball roll across the road , it was a cub running so fast i couldnt see its feet . it ran into the brush and as i drove past the brush i saw mama walking away from the road with a doe still kicking in her mouth .
    cant shoot that deer killer , it has a cub .
    still was a nice sight to see mom & baby
    poor doe

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      I can’t stand hunters, especially duck and goose hunters.

      • I have NO issues with subsitence hunting (to feed yourself & family) but Trophy hunters are the Scourge of ALL Hunters!!!! Those who kill for “Sport” & “Trophies” alone should be shot as well!!!

      • With you hundred percent. Mt lions and bobcats also. Deer?.?. Eh, leave the freakin deer alone too. What I really can’t stand and what makes me sick is those idiots who hunt elephants and other majestic big game in Africa. I hate those guys

      • Duck Duck GOOSE.

      • I can’t stand people who don’t know where there food comes from, or can’t handle the process of making their own food from what’s out there. Remember also, it’s the cleanest meat you can get! Most hunters don’t hunt for sport only, it’s for food, and most hunters are very respectful of wild animals in general.

  • What a cool thing to see!!
    Thanks for not hunting mamas, & remember when you take a big healthy male you are most likely taking away from the gene pool and thus selecting for weaker and not healthy bears. Just food for thought.

    I had a mom who brought her cub every year through our land and one year she had a wander cub, it was so cool to hear her when she looked back and told him to catch up, super cool!!!!

  • Thanks, Kim! Great video!

  • what kinda camera is that?

  • I loathe all kind of hunting. There would be an outcry if humans hunted humans. Leave the animals alone. Lovely video.

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