Woman Medevacked From Solo Vehicle Accident

chp major injury featureAbout 2:09 p.m. Saturday, a solo vehicle crashed on Hwy 96 about mile marker 23. A woman received major injuries, according to a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol.

A helicopter responded to the scene to fly the woman to a hospital, the spokesperson confirmed.

For awhile both lanes were blocked but as of about 4 p.m., there is one way controlled traffic at the accident scene.

Caltrans has been asked to provide an absorbent for spilled motor oil.



  • Ever any follow up on who was hurt in the accident and how she is doing in the hospital?

    Not much ready news out here on the Rivers except word of mouth. A local correspondent for RHBB would be good (not volunteering as am old, not great health, and much the hermit).

    Almost everyone local has friends and family that have driven into the canyons. Never changes even as the road improves.

  • Hope to find out who the lady is. It is worrisome to wait for an update.

  • Her sister posted an update on the NCJ article regarding the accident

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