Eureka Police Surrounded Home Near Church Where Suspect Was Attempting to Hide

Eureka Police outside the church

Eureka Police outside the church when the suspect was holed up inside. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Eureka Police surrounded a home next to the Pentecostal Church of God on 14th and A Streets about 10 p.m. where a man with a felony warrant was hiding. They detained a woman in handcuffs briefly and the man was eventually detained after briefly refusing to come out of the home.

Armed law enforcement outside the building.

According to a Sergeant with the Eureka Police, the man with a felony warrant had concealed himself in the home but after officers gathered at the residence, he surrendered.

Our reporter, Bobby Kroeker reports that the girlfriend was brought to the home to persuade the suspect to surrender which he eventually did. He was then detained.

Law enforcement officer with the suspect. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]




  • Aww liles didn’t shoot to kill like the last three he gunned down!! Shocker!!

  • Tired of liberals

    Nice touch with the interview

  • Sharpen your pencil

    Pretty sure this has not been a Pentecostal church for at least a decade. Believe it is finally being rebuilt by a group of Sikh. Hopefully no association with the wanted party…

  • Hasn’t been a church for about 8 years. It was an all faiths church for awhile. Bacilly hippies would have drum circles in there. Then it was empty for years. After being kicked out of devil’s playground, homeless drug addicts started using the space beneath the building to do drugs.

    A Sikh family recently bought it and fixed it up. Seems that are renting it to a family.

    Also, that is not a house next to the church, they are the same building.

  • Sikhs are very chill… But someone remind me… are Pentecostals the ones that flomp around, screaming and yelling and saying stuff like “abba zabba, frama lama ding dong” and claiming that their speaking in the language of the angels??

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