[UPDATE 5:42 p.m.] Multiple Reports of a Fire Near Blocksburg

A number of fire departments are being dispatched after the Emergency Dispatch Center received “multiple reports” of a fire near Sunset Ridge Road outside of Blocksburg in southeastern Humboldt County.

A tanker and an air attack plane have been dispatched also.

UPDATE 5:03 p.m.: According to the tanker, the fire is now at a quarter acre and spreading slowly in the grass and small timber. One structure is threatened by the flames but locals are on the scene fighting the fire by hand.

UPDATE 5:25 p.m.: A tanker, a chopper, and the air attack plane are on scene.

Flight Radar shows the area the three are circling as they fight the fire.

Flighttracker screengrab.

Flighttracker screengrab.

UPDATE 5:42 p.m.: The tanker has left the scene and the chopper and the air attack are now leaving which indicates the fire is coming under control.



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