Eureka Branch of the NAACP Endorses Measure K

This is a press release from the Eureka Branch of the NAACP:

The Eureka NAACP supports Measure K which will provide local protection for immigrant families and enhance pro-immigrant state laws. Measure K further affirms the value of thousands of local immigrant residents to the Humboldt County community. Measure K will represent the County’s conscientious objection to the racial impacts of federal immigration law and policy as currently constituted. Measure K will also prevent the separation of families; an issue which has impacted families of color on many different levels for centuries.

Moreover, it is in the interests of the community as a whole that all residents feel safe to provide information to police, first responders, health care entites, teachers, and other agencies which perform services for the health, safety, education, and benefit of the community.

Passing Measure K will also serve as recognition of the contributions immigrants make to the local economy and culture and will demonstrate the embracing of positive changes to Humboldt County. We urge the community to pass Measure K to grant sanctuary to all who have come to contribute and benefit from the beauty and opportunities Humboldt County provides.



  • oh brother. if you want a sanctuary for illegals, how about opening YOUR home, phony baloney

    • Good one, fill out the paper work and get in line….no butting in line… people have been waiting, what make illegals priority over the ones doing it legally? So tired of this crap….

  • Thats a good reason to vote NO

  • Vote YES on K! We all came from immigrants. Some more recently than others. Don’t be a people hater just because your white mommie and daddy buy you a new iphony ever 3 months.

    • Anti troll league

      Such hate in the pursuit of not hating. It’s handy to be able to twist one’s thinking so that one can think well of one’s self for hating people for not welcoming with open arms people who don’t respect them or their laws.

      Unless of course you are trolling and are really a white supremacist trying to encourage voting the opposite way. Hate in one direction or the other is so hard to differentiate- it all sounds the same in the end. So easy to express for whatever purpose in the same way- mean, irrational and angry.

      • You never heard the bro grow mantra?

        “Mommie and Daddie bought me a pot farm in Humboldt County CA, I am so going to get laid!”

        • No. I’ve never heard that. Not even once and not even anything slightly remotely anywhere on the horizon of that. As a whole, the actual generalization is that single male growers have a hard time finding women to date in our area.

          • Its a facebook, instagram thing. Sorry, this quote is mostly from grow bros who spend most of the year NOT living in Humboldt County.

    • you are right my family came here to America after waiting their turn. Right before ww2. The first thing my grandfather did was go in and join the marine corpse ended up fighting his own former county men in south aferica…….. thing is, if this country had the same problems with folks coming in without waiting their turn, he much like thousands of others like him would never have had the chance to come here. see he respected and loved America and what it stands for so much he never would have disrespected it by breaking the law just to get here. no insteadhe waited his turn. then offered hislife to keep it safe . i dont see to much of that from the folks that are demanding things just for jumping in line, stealing spots from those who wait to do things the right way.

    • to “deez nutbrain”, such a stupid assumption. can i have your address so i can come on over and help myself to your things, assuming you have a home. try getting your head around the concept of today, here and now and not the tired “we’re all immigrants” crap. total bs

  • Immigrants are already protected under our law and once becoming United States citizens have full protection under our rights of the country. Oh I see what you’ve done there, you mean ILLEGAL immigrants.

    • That’s what I was thinking, THC, you stole the words right out of my keyboard.

      Fix the Immigration Laws so they can live free anywhere across America they dream of. That’s the real dream. It’s called Liberty.
      Being stuck in one state, paying the system 70-90% of your wages for all your ‘free stuff’, is not liberty, it’s enslavement, which is unconstitutional.

      If I had the Braveheart meme, I would post it here. FREEDOM!

      • Yes. Open whatever you have to anyone who wants it. Freedom indeed to have no possessions, home or income. And no right to anything you can not personally retain by force of your own arms. Of course you do instantly lose everything to any who ARE willing to form a group and take it from you but you’ll have your freedom!

  • The NAACP realizes that measure K encourages more people to tap into their lifeline right? Gubmint cheese.

    • It’s hard for those who support limiting illegal immigration for sensible reasons when you inadvertently find yourself superficially aligned with those who spout mean mean nonsense for altogether other causes. Those who want open borders latch onto such poor thinking and use it to demean everyone. Because those type of advocates are just the same as any typical racist- just pointing at the race of their choice.

  • On the way to economic failure.

    You think this is freedom!!!! Lol. Just a well thought out system of slavery.little by little the Constitution goes by by.the latest our Constitutional right of riperian water rights taken by California of the fee & your gonna need a permit with an annual fee for the air you breath.

    • You mean that once one person does not have the right to suck up all the water at their own discretion, the rest of us are going to suffer the same fate? That, if the first person had not already sucked up all the water, persevering that ideal of riparian rights mean we would have the technical satisfaction of knowing we too could suck up all the water if any was left to be sucked up?

      Once the waters seemed unlimited, just like the salmon or redwoods. But things change when it’s learned that those thing are not endless.

    • on the way to economic failure—you are free to pursue your happiness elsewhere, but somehow i doubt you will

  • I voted YES on K

  • On the way to economic failure.

    I’d buy into that beneficial use bullshit if they weren’t selling millions of gallons a day to whoever is buying. In our region it’s the Russian River authority and the wine industry

  • This is a joke right

  • I’d rather have working class immigrants from the Americas, than rich foreigners from asia.
    We are about to be out flanked by all the rich foreigners and their kids who will be us citizens.
    The sanctuary seekers are not a threat to our way of life.
    The others are!!

    • Too bad you don’t get to choose. You don’t get to vet any illegal immigrant for work ethic or honesty or intent or anything else. As for rich Asians, maybe it would be more likely that they have a work ethic to have made money. Who knows. Apparently becoming an American citizen for the money or by the money doesn’t ensure that they have the least loyalty to the US either. We’re just useful for certain things.

      Me? I’d be happy if any people came here with a respect for the ethos that after all created the place they seem so eager to exploit. But then domestic haters have poisoned that well.

    • sheesh–racist much??

  • All the best areas in California are being bought up by rich foriegners.
    That’s what has to stop!!

    • Best areas? Really? Talk to your local Representatives. Chances are they’ll just think you racist.

      • Nationalist
        Not a racist.
        I reject globalism.
        I prefer to share with americans.

        • trump is a fucking pervert moron

          Good luck brutha. Nationalism is dead and globalism is here whether we have a walls around our borders or not. People who don’t look like us will move here, raise families, own businesses, and die here. Just like our kin.

          • ask not what a country can give but what you can give to a country. that is the thing. most folks coming here out of turn, never seem to state what they are giving this country, they sure complain about what they arent getting though. As for not looking like the rest of us . that is racist . what pray tell do we look like ? it isnt about race color religon or gender. it is about making and keeping this country strong and at the top for the ones who will be left with it.
            it seems to me if it was merely about color of skin gender religon it would be pretty simple for folks to know who and who did not belong here. however it is not about any of those things. It is about love andrespect for this nation what it is and what it stands for. If they dont have that, then they arent the ones who belong here. You wouldnt want a quarterback onyour team that hated your team, justly so. neither do most folks want those who hate what this country stands for what it is to come to it and demand anything.melting pot yes great for all. but when you come here melt dont think you are special. add to do not take and please wait your turn. there are 10s of thousands of others whos plight is just as bad or worse than yours and they also deserve a chamce at something better.

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