Missing Humboldt Woman Taken Into Custody in Washington State; Family Working to Get Her Help

Diana Hahn foundDiana Hahn, the Humboldt County woman missing since yesterday, has been located. Diana, who had been experiencing extreme paranoia, was arrested in Whatcom County, Washington either last night or early this morning.

The father of her son, David Penalosa, released a statement this morning. He wrote, “Diana Hahn was taken into custody…in northern Washington. Her family is working today to get her the help she needs. The road back may be long, but with this first step, it has at least now begun.”

She had fled her home earlier this week after renting a van. She was traced traveling through several states where she had several encounters with law enforcement.

A GoFundMe account which was set up just yesterday to help with expenses in finding her has already blown past its $5000 goal. The family will need to travel to Washington State and deal with the numerous charges against her. Anyone wishing to donate can go to the site here.

Diana Hahn

The photo of Diana Hahn used on the GoFundMe site set up to raise money to assist her family in helping her.

Earlier Chapter: Diana Hahn, Missing Eureka Woman Who Was Raised in Southern Humboldt, Sought by Family and Law Enforcement



  • Glad she’s ok. Hope she gets whatever she needs to gain back her trust. Onelove all!

  • Oh Thank God. Glad she is safe. Blessings to her and her family…

  • Great news!! Glad she’s safe!

  • The only good thing is, at least she’s not still missing!!!

  • Excellent news! Thanks Kym for keeping us all informed.

  • Why was she “taken into custody” was she wanted for a crime?

    • The article states, “family will need to travel to Washington State and deal with the numerous charges against her.”

  • So relieved she has been found!!!
    Good that we ‘blew past’ the $5.000 requested. Perhaps a brain scan, that should have been done after she suffered the head impact of a crash in April, will finally happen.

    TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is a possible cause for Diana’s sudden erratic behavior.

    At this point, I’m just extremely relieved that she has been found, and can get treatment for whatever happened to her.

    Diana, is a treasure.

  • Good news!

  • What are the criminal charges?

    • P.M. I hope you get a name some day…
      All charges were related to her encounters with the police when they picked her up.

      • That sounds like the charges would be related to her behavior (resistance, etc.?). That is good, as with documentation of her injury, a fair judge will see her forthcoming treatment and improvement as mitigating factors in ‘assigning justice’.
        Diana is loved!

    • Maybe she didnt turn in the rental van in time..

  • Something is very wrong. Numerous charges? Poor darling Diana. We all love and support you and will help in anyway we can during your long road to recovery.

    • Charges are often filed and then dropped when more information becomes available. Hopefully the good folks of that area will understand Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and act accordingly. Be thankful they charged her at least enough to hold her in a safe space. Of course if she’s paranoid then getting arrested and held in jail is probably terrifying! She is lucky to have her family looking out for her and informing them of her brain injury. TBI is still not widely understood or recognized so her family really needs to make sure the authorities up there are informed! Stand up for her and do not let them diminish the importance of the brain injury! Many localities do not understand it yet and believe instead that people use it as a scam. Contact TBI support groups if you find resistance and fight for her! …My experienced advice

      • Hoping for a happy ending

        Kind of assuming . TBI? Our psyche is fragile even without a bump on the head! Besides, our skulls are designed to protect the brain. I read her post about her fender bender in the summer , a goose egg does not usually a TBI make. And while theories are fun, remember when you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras.

        • What if Im in a cow field? It all depends on were u r! Or should I say goose egg is.

          • Hoping for a happy ending

            Cute but not punny.

            Cows feet a quite dissimilar from zebras or horses and if u understood that u wouldn’t have tried to deflect the argument.

            Hey Siri, What kind of hooves do cows have?

            A cloven hoof, cleft hoof, divided hoof or split hoof is a hoof split into two toes. This is found on members of the mammalian order Artiodactyla.

            Examples of mammals that possess this type of hoof are cattle, deer, antelopes, gazelles, goats, and sheep.

      • Stand up for anyone in such a situation. Our community seems very quick to condem those who are not known and “beloved locals”
        I hope Idahoans prove better.

  • It seems like she is known and loved by many in the community so hopefully someone knows what exactly she had “fled” from and will find a way to help her with whatever that may be. An adult who is capable of renting a van, driving it safely to Washington State, and not being detained after having face-to-face encounters with law enforcement along the way doesn’t sound like someone who has “fled her home”. Maybe the GoFundMe money can be used to help her by looking deeper into this so she doesn’t feel she has to flee her home. It certainly doesn’t cost $5,000 to go from Northern California to Washington State and back.

    • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a very expensive situation. Any Social Security benefits that may arrive will take years. The quicker that treatment for healing the brain can be started the better the chance of long-term success. But governmental help lags…and so much opportunity is lost. $5000 is nothing compared to what her family will go through while helping her. So what happens to people with TBI who do not have family resources? As we learned….look at those people sleeping under bridges and in abandoned houses- some of them are TBI sufferers, tossed to the wind. Our social systems have holes…and sometimes good, hard-working people fall through

    • Glass houses alligator, glass houses.

      From what i understand, the gofundme money will be partly used to help hire a lawyer if she needs one & to help get her out of jail if needed.
      I hope it can cover some of the lost wages for her family members and cover travel expenses, food and lodging for the family heading to WA, we dont know how long they will need to stay until we know dianas charges and whether she has an arraignment soon. Some places are backed up and arraignments can take weeks, like it did here when our DA office was in upheaval&had no staff. She may not be granted bail, etc etc.
      Basically the costs of it all could excede 5000 easily.

    • This is not a scam ! My Nieghbor is never like this . What ever happpened to her was resent and way out of caricature !

  • We know longer live in the area but remember her as a sweet young girl and then a wonderful new mother. I hope she receives all the help she needs to find joy in her life.

  • To everyone who knows and loves Diana as I do, please let us continue to focus our prayers and attention on her personal well-being and health. Envision her as we all know her, our cosmic, beautiful angelic sister and friend. Picture her back in her lovingly restored Victorian home, posting us her enchanting words and being at peace.

    Her road home may be long and arduous, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so if we focus on her wild woman beauty and spirit, it will help her know that the road she is walking now, she is not walking alone, but in the company of those of us who love her.

  • This is her sister Sara. Thank you all for the well wishes, love, and support. And thank you Kyn for keeping the information updated! It definitely helped in finding her!

    • Sara, Diana is well loved by her large extended family here in southern Humboldt where she was born and raised. We are doing all we can, through Kym, personal contacts, the GoFundMe page to help you all with any travel, medical expenses, etc. that you may incur, and with our prayers.

      Please do keep us informed, if you feel comfortable, as to Diana’s progress to healing, and know that you and the rest of her family are also in our prayers.

    • Wtf??????
      Please tell me what happened I’m seriously concerned

  • Let’s hope she gets short term and long term help. So many others need help, as well. Wish her well. Thanks Kym

  • Lots of liberal sympathy here. Criminal charges not a problem, right? HumCo is so kind to criminals. Why we have so many problems ourselves.

  • ouch. i would not want my personal issues aired here. maybe it made some kind of positive difference…but i doubt it.

    • We need to get over our egos and learn to be more open, allowing space for kindness of others. Compassion is understanding we are all connected. ❤️

  • Really hope she gets home soon and gets the care she needs. She has a lot of love coming her way.


  • These comments are refreshingly kind and don’t make me want to stab my eyes out. Thanks, humanity!

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      We’ll put jilly and Bippity Boo. Sending hopes and prayers.

      • So very happy to hear she has been found. She is a lovely woman whom is loved & respected by many. We are all praying for her healing physically and emotionally.

  • We all need to let our hair down once in our lives, just hope Leo, media and blogs are not looking when we do. Oh! And nobody gets hurt including family and friends.

  • Hello, this is David. Folks are trying to understand what happened, based on what little information is available. It’s only natural. In a way, I wish I could fill you all in on the details, but I’m trying to only divulge the information necessary for people to understand the seriousness of the situation. I had to do that when I publicly requested your help to find Diana, and to report any sightings of her. And of course, once I had sufficiently gotten everyone concerned, I felt it necessary to publicly announce when she was taken into custody. I can’t say that I have done each step in the best way, but that was my intention. I’m sure you understand that I am trying to maintain whatever privacy for Diana I can afford to give her during this crisis.

    Henry and I were blown away by the response to our GoFundMe. Thanks to her sister and brother in-law Sara and Steve for setting that up. Clearly there are many people out there who love Diana. Thank you all for your support. You have enabled us to make the maximum effort.

    • You are doing a stellar job David. Thank you on behalf of my sister. We got this!

    • David, thank you so much. You are handling this crisis just fine. The “we” of the internet don’t need to know each and every detail that led to this. Hopefully, in time, Diana will let us know what she feels is appropriate. She is certainly a clear communicator! What’s also clear is that this was/is a major crisis for her that she will need ongoing help with, and that she is adored and supported by a huge community of folks. You handle it as you and Henry and Sara see fit and know you have our support. Thank you again. And Sara and Henry!

    • Thank you David, Henry, and Sara for all you help.

      I removed my posts about Diana from F.B. since she has been found.
      Just sending lots of love to your whole family.

  • David, Sara, Henry: Thank you for using this kind of forum to keep so many of us who care about Diana informed. Is there a local account where So Hum fans of Di can make a donation for her treatment/care?

  • this is my friend …shes been friends with my whale gulch family for as long as i can rememeber. She is also the star of a GREAT! classic movie made in spy rock called Ganjasaurus rex! classic localmade movie soo funny!!

    • I saw that years ago and wondered where i could find it nowadays. I just googled it and it comes right up on youtube–full hour and a half! Pretty blurry copy, though, but i think i remember that from the original.

  • Thank you Kato. The only means we currently have for accepting donations is the GoFunMe.


  • Jeez, I’ve read the supportive & loving comments the past 2 nights & now I just read the horrific sequence of actions detailed in the link provided by WG above & what a nightmare it must have been for her & all agencies involved, but especially Ms. Hahn! Thank God no innocent lives were taken. She must be traumatized & suffering so much. My thoughts are with you all

  • To Sara, David and Henry, thank you for keeping us informed about our dear Diana. I know I speak for many others when I say I am so grateful and relieved that our prayers were answered, that Diana has been found and is safe and that she has a loving caring family. To friends and community: now, it’s time for us to give Diana and her family the space to deal with this personal family crisis, with love and respect. Our hearts are with you. We’ll be here when you need us. Prayers, love and healing wishes for Diana

  • Hello everyone, Sara here, everyone has been asking for updates on my sister, and David, Henry , and I so appreciate all of the support. The kind words, reaching out, and the generous donations have us hopeful and positive. I live outside of the US so dealing with time zones and court systems has been a challenge! Here is the link for the latest info I received from David last night. Thank you again for your kindness and support!


  • This thread reminds me of back in the day when we didn’t talk about who grew where and how much, but then if we saw them getting Camped the mouths were unleashed and we gossiped about everything, like busted you’re tainted and fair game?
    Busybodies, I don’t like it.
    (yes, I read the comments so I got my cheap entertainment from this thread also. Trying to tame the internet at this stage is silly, but try to shut your yaps speculating about peoples’ private issues, please.)

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