HSU Rated One of the Greenest Colleges in the Nation


Humboldt State University [Photo by Oliver Cory]

Press release from Humboldt State University:

Humboldt State University is once again rated among the most environmentally responsible colleges by the Princeton Review, an education services company, in partnership with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and ecoAmerica.

HSU has been listed as a Green College several times, most recently in 2016.

The Princeton Review’s Guide to 399 Green Colleges is designed to aid prospective college students and their families in researching institutions that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability through academic offerings, campus policies, initiatives, activities and career preparation for students.

Franek noted that college applicants and their parents are increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainability issues. Among nearly 11,000 teens and parents, The Princeton Review surveyed earlier this year for its 2018 “College Hopes & Worries Survey,” 63 percent overall said having information about a college’s commitment to the environment would influence their decision to apply to or attend the school. The full survey report is available here.

As a long-time green campus, Humboldt State incorporates sustainability across a broad series of academic and service learning disciplines, coupled with many student volunteer programs. In its 2015 Strategic Plan, HSU calls for the University community to “Serve as effective stewards of the natural and built environment and the university’s resources with a focus on sustainability.”
Other campus sustainability efforts highlight student ingenuity, like the student-led Campus Center for Appropriate Technology and the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund, which supports student-designed energy-efficiency upgrades across campus.

Humboldt State University also recently received a Gold Rating in STARS—Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System—a nationwide program that evaluates an institution’s programs and practices in sustainability. The University also completed a Climate Action Plan, a document designed to guide the University’s efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

A full list of Green Colleges is available at princetonreview.com/green-guide.



  • Oh, you mean like they teach people to use their local resources such as timber and clay to build their homes instead of depending on fuel to have valley straw and china solar panels delivered?

  • Green . . . green . . . Oh, that’s like plants and trees and junk, the environment, save the planet and all that, right? Sustainability . . . stewardship . . . a Climate Action Plan for curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Got it. No, seriously, I’m all about that stuff too. I don’t own a car. I voted for the Unabomber for president in 1996. Before some of these people were born. Don’t mind me, I’m just bein’ snarky here.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🐘💩💣💥🔥

      You voted for the Unabomber in 1996? LMFAO! 💣💥🔥😆🤣😂🔥💥💣

      Well, I voted for Ralph Nader in 1996, which is almost as embarrassing!

      • I had to look up “LMFAO” just now to find out what it’s an acronym for. Now I know. But, yeah, the Unabomber. And I’m not hardly embarrassed about it. To get a good idea about what his whole philosophy is about, I recommend “Technological Slavery: the Collected Works of Ted Kaczynski A.K.A. ‘The Unabomber,'” available on Amazon. Another way to educate one’s self would be to check out just about anything by John Zerzan (“Elements of Refusal,” “Twilight of the Machines,” etc.).

  • pot heads everywhere. weed all over the place. its green alright.

  • HSU admin backed out at the last minute in a plan to install electric car chargers like they have at Sonoma State University. There are very few solar panels installed at HSU. Green my ass, get with the program and lead the charge a bit stronger.

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