Diana Hahn, Missing Eureka Woman Who Was Raised in Southern Humboldt, Sought by Family and Law Enforcement

Diana Hahn

[Photos of Diana Hahn provided by her family.]

Diana Hahn, a Eureka resident who grew up in Southern Humboldt, was last seen Monday in Marsing, Idaho when she was stopped by law enforcement for driving erratically but a missing person bolo wasn’t in effect at that time and it hasn’t been determined where she went from there. Diana has been out of touch with her family and friends and experiencing extreme paranoia.

She rented a dark blue 2018 dark grey Dodge Caravan (California license 8DKR092) from Enterprise on October 11.

Diana’s son, Henry, and his father, Hahn’s ex-husband, David Penalosa, reached out to us for help in locating her as they are very concerned about her welfare. Her son, Henry, is asking the community to, “[p]lease help us find my mother.”

Diana HahnIf you see Diana, please call the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4060 and/or David Penalosa at (707) 498-3574.

Missing: Diana Hahn

Hair: Brown

Age – 51

Height – 5′ 8″

Weight – 110 or less

Eyes – green

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Note: the post has been updated with details about the area where Diana Hahn was last seen and the color of the van.

UPDATE Thursday: Missing Humboldt Woman Taken Into Custody in Washington State; Family Working to Get Her Help



  • Oh no! Please call home Diana! On Oct 1 u were wishing to be in New Orleans..Are u there now?

  • David, I’m so sorry. I am praying she will be found.

  • Oh no! She recently received a head injury. Hope you find her soon. She is a dear, sweet human. We all love Diana.

  • Wait, this is real?! Oh no. Please let the universe bring her home. She is a poet, a dancer, a lover of beauty… I will share with my friends in Idaho and beyond.

      • Do you have any idea what area in Idaho?

        • I don’t but I will ask.

          • Is there a way to get the vans license plate numbers?

            • I’ve asked the EPD if they can provide those.

              • Hey Kym,
                Perhaps LE can request cell phone ping records from the place where she was last known in ID? Similarly, the rental may be equipped with a tracking device or something like On Star, and can access that information from the rental company. I hope that these are helpful thoughts that you can pass along appropriately.

                • Dark Blue OR gray Dodge Caravan? When checking license plate, lo-jack GPS & ONSTAR w/Enterprise- all vehicle details are on file obvi, and MUST be disclosed! Enterprise is SHADY AF, & ONLY are concerned w/their FEE$, so be dillegent & demand the van details, as they’re of paramount importance to her recent sightings/ whereabouts. Positive energy, thoughts & faith~
                  Bless you in this search, & know the most favorable info/outcome is soon coming!

  • I have shared with my friends and Social Media…may she be found if she wants to be

  • Kym, Is there a date given for when Diana was stopped for “erratic driving”? Or was that on the same date given when she rented a vehicle (Oct 11)? Or did you get any explanation of why she did not remain in custody for erratic driving? Just hoping for clarification. Prayers for her safe return and so much love going out to her beloved Henry and extended family! <3

    • Diana was stopped for driving erratically in Idaho on the 15th. I did not get an explanation for why she was let go but I assume it is the same as for most other traffic stops, you are given a warning or a ticket and let go.

  • Be safe, Diana.

    I wonder if she was prescribed any kind of psych drugs, antidepressants, maybe benzodiazepines? Those drugs will cause negative behavior changes…and are handed out blithely instead of the genuine support we all sometimes need from our community and family.

    • @Guest, your question regarding medication is not helpful in the effort to locate Ms. Hahn. And you do not have the information you need to speak on the subject. I am concerned that you are adding to the existing stigma against using psychotropic medications and shaming people who need/choose them.

      I have a loved one who has a ton of support and love from community and family. He went missing many times and suffered during his distress, it was terrifying for our family and for him. The worst incidents happened when he wasn’t on medication or he stopped taking it. His mental health issues were/are biochemical — the medicine he takes has brought him some peace and gave him the ability to function. There are no “natural” alternatives. He now has a great quality of life, is happy, and engaged in family and community in a way that was never possible before — taking medication is just a small part of his self-care. So regardless of what is going on with Ms. Hahn, it isn’t for the general public to chime in on her treatment or whether she has “genuine support.”

      This is very off topic to Ms. Hahn’s disappearance, but as someone who takes psychotropics to treat my mental health issues, I know pill-shaming can keep us away from treatments that address our crushing depression, harmful episodes of mania, or the terror of paranoia and delusions. It is true that non-pharmaceutical treatments are sometimes effective and are under-utilized and also suppressed by big pharma BUT it is bad advice to rule out medications as an option based on generalities or a philosophical bias.

      I hope Ms. Hahn finds here way home or to people who can keep her safe.

      • I completely agree.

      • Sir OR ma’am @genuinesupport , all due respect…but please, in the future, refrain using this (or OTHER) venue to raise awareness of your personal agenda on topics that REALLY ARE irrelevant to a SERIOUS SEARCH & LOCATING of a family/friend/acquaintance/loved community member. Attempting to inform people, in this cases specifically @guest about do’s/don’ts of Psych MED’s, their STIGMA, the entire conflicted Big Pharma debate…WT*? Ridiculous! You ALREADY KNOW(admittedly) your dialogue has ZERO bearing on THIS direly critical situation.
        These threads are reserved for people & facts sharing, info transfer, organized assist.AND ppl that care & love for the safety & well being of MISSING loved ones. It’s provided to share VITAL INFO, key knowledge, timelines, inconsistencies, evidence, & the like…ALL w/intent of formulating plans, strategy, or at very least, some reassuring IDEAS of possible routes to expedite the locating of said missing person. It’s NOT to soap-box CONTROVERSAL topics, which certainly insight conflict, disdain, distraction, etc. You clearly were prompted by another commenters’ opinions/philosophy on chemical vs emotional methods of caring for/curing mental health. It’s disrespectful to stray from focal points of THIS SEARCH, the #MissingDianaHahn, her immediate family, friends & wide network of compassionate community. Are you EVEN A HUMBOLDT CTY RESIDENT? Or former? Perhaps you know Ms.Hahn? Her circle? Even though I might (& honestly DO) disagree w/much of @guest sentiments, I LET IT GO. They didn’t appear/come across as ANY means of derailing, slandering, or incapacitating the GOAL at hand: FINDING DIANA. Still, THIS LINE of COMMUNICATON is SIMPLY Not the Time OR Place for philosophical, ethical or moral inventory taken by outsiders, or public as you admit:
        “…it isn’t for the general public to chime in on her treatment or whether she has “genuine support.”…”
        I TAKE Psych meds, but haven’t the slightest desire to scrutinize somebody for inquiries/claims about the condition of the person being sought, what she may/may NOT be taking. It’s 1 OPINION, & most likely wasn’t fuelled by agenda, but rather perspective. Even IF ignorance IS PART of the argument you pose, still, not here, NOT NOW. Wasting key space to “share” non-related self history, quite simply defeats purpose of this platform. BTW- I’m glad that your “loved one” found a maintainable regimen/remedy for his condition, honestly. So many of us- still seek that goal.
        I myself, was conflicted to even respond to your “response”. The premise appeared to serve the authors POV, having no purpose, benefit or potential assistance to any viable SOLUTION. I’m not lashing out at a fellow MH Rx patient. Nor is my retort shared & posted frivolously. I hope you understand, disputing inquiries of people trying to help is, in truth, more typically characteristic of online TROLLING- rather than posing any beneficial solution… & AGAIN– YOU preemptively concur; quite eloquently, too:

        “…it isn’t for the general public to chime in on her treatment or whether she has “genuine support.”…
        This is very off topic to Ms. Hahn’s disappearance, but as someone who takes psychotropics…”

        So, kindly- stay in your lane; WHILE keeping energy & FOCUS where it NEEDS to be. Find applicable venues, to speak on behalf of MH, & take arguments to proper forums, that which highlight your voice, instead of stifle & smother it.. Your points have merit & sound valid. So, in lieu of impulsively piggy-backing real-time perilous scenario’s; amongst those dedicating loving & genuine emotional energy via online tech-devices hopes of TIME-SENSITIVE PROBLEM SOLVING.
        I’ve already wasted or consummed far too much/more than enough valuable airtime & space here, responding(further testament to my argument, ironically). I sincerely apologize to Diana’s FAMILY & CLOSE friends. Despite being one who only knew OF her, it’s STILL w/in my heartfelt interest to SUPPORT the great community we both are/were part of(Eureka & SoHum). Mental Health HAS NEVER received it’s FAIR shake, quite possibly may never, sadly. Raising awareness is fundamental.. And expressing the NEED for this crucial communication mustn’t be UNDERSTATED. There’s a time & place for everything. The time NOW, is to come together & bring home a dear LOVED ONE. May DIANA HAHN be safe, sound & securely on the road to returning to all those loving her, missing her, caring for her & tirelessly searching for her.

      • Well Said!!

      • I fully agree with you also. Science can and does help.
        I hope she is found safe and healthy.

      • I don’t think “guest” was trying to shame anyone. Just musing about the potential side effects of such meds and if they are causing an issue for the missing woman.

      • With respect, it isn’t about pill shaming —it is about these drugs being handed out irresponsibly. It is acknowledged they are “Black Boxed”( the highest warning allowed ) for a REASON. They can cause irrational behavior and suicide —I have lost 3 artistic friends to these drugs .

        They were handed pills instead of spiritual help to get to what was the issue. The ones closest to them all said “how they changed ” on these drugs overnight. A personality shift —and their demise was very uncharacteristic of all of us who knew them.

        I am glad you feel they are helping you —but there are other effective and responsible ways to treat these things without the use of drugs that just” levels the person out “. Especially in this case that sounds as if it may be PHYSICAL –since she had a recent heard injury . There is more to my rejection to these drugs than just stigma or” Pill shaming. for many of us in re to psychotropic “treatment’ … is about their tremendous danger, lack of science behind their use , how freely and irresponsibly they are “prescribed ” about about real statistics, which show, in my opinion . they are more harmful than helpful. Thanks for listening to a counter opinion.

  • Oh this gives me chills. I’ve known Diana since she was young. Now I realize no posts on FB and all that. Soo unlike her. I am struck dumb.
    Wonder about her pets, where are they? that might be a telling sign about something…

  • This is Sara, Di’s little sister, thank you for all of the well wishes and positive thoughts. She is in a very fragile mental state, and all we hope is that she is found safely soon. Please share this link!

    • Hi Sara…I’m having a hard time taking this in. My heart is wobbly. Do you know if she was alone when was stopped by the police? Also, does she have maybe have a destination or a plan why she would be in Idaho? All my power of love and hope is going out. Josh

    • Hi Sara, This is Diana’s friend Kate here…I just keep thinking that there are 2 possible ways to trace her. First, cell phone pings, even if her phone is turned off, law enforcement can access cell phone ping records. Second, many rental companies have location devices, or emergency communications devices like On Star, installed in their vehicles. You as a family member, or law enforcement, may be able to locate the vehicle, but you have to ask. Worth it!

      I can only imagine what you’re going through. Sending love.

      • Sara, As you know, Diana has many friends in Southern Humboldt who love her. Please keep us updated here and let us know how we can help find her. Our hearts go out to you, Henry and David. Sending love and prayers.

      • We are working on all possible ideas , and thank you so much!

    • Sara, this is Anna Ball. What the hell isgoing on? I will share this post everywhere. I had no idea Diana was having problems. I am in So Hum. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know..

    • Sending prayers and love to her. Much love to you, Sara.

    • Hi Sara, I am a former classmate and current friend of Di, I want you to know my whole heart is with you and family and this is incredibly upsetting. Please let this be a blown out of proportion kind of thing. PLEASE

  • Yes, please Sara, as much information as you can give would be helpful, though I assume all that the family wants in public has already been released.

  • Please be okay Diana.

  • If you could let us know in which part of Idaho she was last seen that could help. I know people in Boise

  • Come home safe soon

    Is her dog with her and is he chipped? If he is with her Id suggest calling animal shelters along the route she was on when pulled over in Idaho.
    You never know, Ive known a missing person who’s dog was brought to a shelter, which at least gave an idea where they were.
    So hoping she is found safe and sound asap!!!!♡

  • Concerned,
    The press release here said she was stopped in Marsing, Idaho.

  • I have just posted her disappearance on Websleuths.com. If there are readers proficient in other social media, please start posting. That seems the best chance for finding her.

  • My heart is aching right now, I have a personal relationship with Diana dating back to 1994 in Redway at Casa Del Corozon. Diana, please come home safely, please! We all love you, we need you to be safe.

  • If anyone wants further details from me directly you can find me on Whatsapp. +5219848068550. I’d rather give one on one information as comments can be misconstrued. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

    • Sara, I don’t do facebook anymore, or use whatsap, but I’d like to share some potentially useful resources with you for when the time is right. I’ve been studying trauma-informed practices and neuroscience for the last several years to better inform my teaching. Hearing about Di’s TBI brought several places to mind: the Amens clinic in SF is one in particular that could help. We’ve been thinking about her all week, hoping this dark chapter passes for you all soon. Feel free to contact me if time allows- Kym has my email and phone. Blessings to your whole family.

  • Can the police trace her credit card?

  • Enterprise knows which color van she rented! If theyre refusing to give family/police info I for one am glad to go sit in their eureka office and raise hell until they do. Every minute counts.
    Also call their HQ and tell them we demand info.

    • I have the information now and will update soon.

      • Thx kym please do let us all know if enterprise is not giving the family&police the vans last known vacation, Im having a very hard time understanding why they were not able to give the last known locale of their van thats equipped with gps. It should have been offerred immediately to authorities at the least!!!!!!

  • There is now a Go Fund Me page to raise $ for the Private Investigator that is essential to finding her. Soon there will be answers to some of these important questions. If you want to contribute go to: https://www.gofundme.com/Missing-Diana-Hahn Thanks so much for all your help and prayers.

    • While likely stating the obvious, get in PI hired and doing his/her job now. So Hum friends and others will come through to pay what is needed to track and find her.
      Spent some lovely times with Diana. She is exceptional!

  • Shared in Toronto, Ontario Canada

  • This is terrible. I missed her online and have felt uneasy about her for days, went to her page and was stunned that she hadn’t posted in so long, she’s such an online presence. I was one of her teachers at BriHi and she has a special place in my heart. Insofar as I pray, I am praying for her safety.

  • I have heard there is a GoFundMe page somewhere for Diana to hire a private investigator, but I cannot find it. Anyone…? I am distraught at my friends disappearance, but am bound to children and home at this time, otherwise I’d be in Idaho checking all the jaunts! I want to help in any way I can.

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Hope she is found safe. Stay positive family…

  • Oh my dear friend since you were a little girl in Venice…please be safe. Sending thoughts and prayers for you and your loving family

  • This is her younger brother and concerned about her well-being. If anybody please knows of her where about I would like to know I have not talked to her in years

  • 💗💜💛💙💗

    Sara is there an account at the credit union we can donate to?
    Glad to give money for this!!!!
    Holding good thoughts for her safe return.

    • GoFundMe acct links on this page in red.
      Sending love to you Sara, and the whole family.
      Diana is missed terribly.

  • The Gofundme account has surpassed the amount requested in just 11 hours! Great job friends and family. Sara, Henry and David if you need more $ support, let us know. Without a doubt there are many many more people who’d like to help.

  • Hello everyone! Just got news that Di was found, and arrested, near the Canadian border in Washington State. That is all I have at the moment, but will send more details when I can. Thank you for all of your support!

    • Thank you so much for letting everyone know—I’m beyond grateful that she has been found!! Whatever else is happening, at least we know she’s safe.

  • Glad to hear Diana’s been found…hopefully she’ll be homeward bound soon 💜

  • Great news!

  • Thank you Sara . Good news Kym! Thanks for this amazing hub of info!

  • Thank heaven..!!

  • Thank you Sara. Such a traumatic journey for all of us her extended family. I am glad to hear she is safer now. Let the healing begin. Surround her with love and light. Sister love to you Sara.

  • This is David. I have Diana’s dog Ed and have made arrangements for feeding her cats. I’m also the one overseeing the search for Diana.

    Diana was taken into custody last night in northern Washington. I know this sounds weird, but the fact that she has four felony counts (related to resisting arrest) against her now is probably a good thing because she will not be released any time soon. I hope to be speaking to the Whatcom County Jail’s mental health evaluators today. They will appreciate getting background on Diana’s condition. It’s going to be a long road back, but today we have taken the first step at least. I will be traveling to Washington once I learn more.

    • Thank you for the update, David. We are all so relieved that she has been found. I do have a question about these four felonies. If the police tried to arrest her, did they not know she was a missing person? Maybe that can help her in the courts as well as the mental health issues. We all care for Diana so much, so if you have time to update us on how she is doing that would be most appreciated. And if you need more financial support I’m sure there are many of us that would love to help. All the very best on this next step of the journey.

    • Thank you for the update, David. Let us know if you need more financial help, we’re all here for Diana.

      I’m sorry she has felonies against her; this country doesn’t have a clue how to deal with episodes like this. Fortunately they didn’t shoot her and hopefully they’ll drop the charges.

  • Thank God! The first thing I did this morning was check this site to see if Diana was found.

  • Praise God she’s been found .for whatever reason she up and disappeared At least the family is getting her some help.prayers placed around the feet of Jesus for this precious lady.hugs and love

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