Convoy Gathering North of Laytonville

At approximately 8:30 this morning, a convoy of government vehicles gathered at the Cal Fire station north of Laytonville. One reader described seeing 18 vehicles, mostly Fish and Wildlife, including one towing a chipper.

“There’s one county inspection rig with them and two white unmarked Fords,” he said.



  • YOUR tax $ at work!!! :-C Why don’t hey put as much effort into taking down Meth Labs taht do a HELL of LOT more environmental damage, as well as Human damage???!!! What a waste of tax payer $!!!!!

    • Report them. I’m sure the police will be interested. I suspect though there maybe one meth lab for every 2000 pot growers so the cumulative damage done by growers is much high.

      • I’d say you have that backwards. Meth makers are everywhere these days, and anyone can do it. I’m all for getting rid of greedy growers, but tweekers and drunks are the problem IN town.

    • I really don’t think we have a serious problem with meth labs in this area. Precursor chemicals are heavily restricted in the US. There might be batches made here and there, but the meth labs are in Mexico. Suppliers, importers, and dealers we have in abundance.

    • They don’t care about the environment, they only care about driving the people into poverty so that the people demand more people control through govt. Create a crisis, offer a solution.

      Who controls the banks and paypal? Why do mmj retailers have such a difficult time convincing their banks to legalize their businesses? Who is in control of the banks?
      Who fines the banks when they step out of line? Where does the money collected off fines go?
      What are slush funds? How are slush funds created? Where do the funds go? How many agencies were created for collecting funds to go into the slush funds that then go into lobbying and antics that strip Americans of more of their assets and liberties? Which shell companies are involved in the collections & distributions of the funds?

      This link is as good as any place to begin our education about the who’s who and what’s what of our suppression. It’s not the only source, just a handy one due to the person named who is lightly being held accountable for identity theft and fraud. They’ve only just begun, trust me.

    • On Spy Rock now

    • Mexico has an issue with our police officers trying to enforce laws in their country. He’ll people in our own country have a problem with our police officers enforcing the law in our own country. Like stated by another poster, if you know of a lab drop a dime. Good luck finding one around here… I would tell you where over 90% of the meth labs are, but you would call me racist.

  • Whoever took this video needs to lean how to hold a phone while recording video…

  • Your welcome for the video. I know there needs to be proof of doing so. Sorry to those it wasn’t professional quality and super clear but it gets the point across.

    To add to the direction they went, they went up Dos Rios Rd, out of Laytonville to the east.

  • This is why real crimes go unsolved, all these resources WASTED on eradication and the local Sheriff Allman’s power trips

    • You got that right we voted this worthless fool in hey Allan thanks for all your man power with glad. Britton worthless. Lets vote his ass out

    • SSDD in “Humbug County” also!!!

    • Nobody will dare run against Allmam for fear they will lose and then be forced to work under him, and of course that is something nobody wants to do after running against their boss, ESPECIALLY ALLMAN, not to mention the suspicious deputy suicides where Sheriff deputies were on scene or the first to discover….. BOTH “SUICIDES”…..
      The culture at MCSO and Mendocino County jail is one of treachery, evil, violence and cover ups….. Most of the jail staff has mental issues themselves and the rogue deputies steal from the community….. Go Check. LAW ENFORCEMENT which breaks their own laws and decieves the public, then a DA and Sheriff who work together to protect deputies even in the case of “shots fired”… Mendo is a rogue Police State where nobody is safe from criminals and home invasions since all the effort and resources are wasted on cannabis eradication.

  • they ended up on spyrock this afternoon musta been a pretty efficient crew (or just tiny grows) or both. Mendo sheriff pretty much told us this was a transition year and that they were not funded to bust. Would like to think they were busting egregious environmental infractions but i doubt it. Who thinks they will do this all week?

  • Funny how people thought that law enforcement would look the other way once legalization happened. Just made it that much easier to “weed” out those unable or unwilling to pay for the permits, etc.

  • Neighborhood is pretty positive they went into a spot that had a fire a couple weeks ago. Knuckle heads that aren’t part of the community, or knows. Apparently lots of environmental damage/ grading, dirty spot. Got reported after fire, that luckily wasn’t terrible .

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