Law Enforcement Is on Loop Road East of Fortuna After Receiving a Report of a Shot Fired in a Residence

Gunshot shotLaw enforcement responding in the Loop Road area east of Fortuna this morning after receiving reports of at least one shot fired in a residence. The first call of a suicidal subject came in at 10 minutes after 10 and by 10:25 a.m., one man was detained. Medical personnel were released.

Law enforcement is currently clearing the home.



  • Npr ran a story today claiming were a racist community. Anyone else hear it?
    They are protesting our community at csu campuses arround the state.

    • You think they are wrong?

      • expanding insignificance

        The racial war is contrived and we all know it. Politicians devised it to distract from the real war, which is socioeconomic.

    • I think “old fashioned” would be more accurate. There may more some citizens who could be racist but that doesn’t mean the whole town is. Ridiculous accusation.

    • Does that have anything to do with this shooting in Fortuna?

    • Well get rid of all the illegal Mexicant’s whom deal the hard drugs and the transients who milk the system to buy these drugs and all the out of towners trying to get a piece of the green rush and all the blacks from the cities that come up and gun point rob and kill people .. let’s not mention murder mountain…

      • Cold Brutal Honesty. I like to add humor if I commented this spot on. Anyway, what happened on Loop? Lots of traffic out there the last year. Falling pot prices put some Ignat in a depression? Some hot head high school dropout used to pulling in six figures a year growing pot had economic reality smack him? Sorry buddy, time to sell the grow dozer for pennies on the dollar.

    • Not all of us, just Arcata.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    The incomers want Humboldt to be just like the places they came from. Is that embracing diversity? Or do the long time Humboldtians have to change everything to please a perpetually angry vocal minority.

    • original incomers came to Humboldt from where I grew up to build boats and Victorians. what do long time humboldtians have that they are worried about losing. Ignorance?

  • Ever Been?

  • it is far eaier to place blame on others than ones self for failures.

  • On the way to economic failure.

    One thing after the next in Humboldt county this last year,what a shit show our county has turned into lately.the current politicians in office in northern California are grinding us into the dirt!!!!!! Remember who doing this to us on election day and for God’s sake go vote next month.!!!!! It’s time for some new politicians around here.least it might get peaceful for a minute before they show there rip off turncoat true colors.

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