Cal State Students Demand Justice for Josiah and Some Describe Humboldt County as a Violently Racist Community to KQED

Josiah Lawson memorial

At a celebration of life gathering for her son in Arcata during the spring of 2017, Chermaine Lawson receives a hug from a friend of her son. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

“A year and a half ago, a 19-year-old African American student at Humboldt State was stabbed to death at an off-campus party,” began KQED’s story on the radio this morning. “His name was David Josiah Lawson and his killing remains unsolved. This week, students at Cal State campuses across the state are rallying — demanding, ‘Justice for Josiah.'”

The story looks at a protest at San Francisco University yesterday that remembered Lawson and called for action in solving his fatal stabbing. According to a student at the protest, she was “attacked and called the “N” word” in Humboldt County. She recounted thinking that “a white local could just off me and I can never make it out of Humboldt County.”

Charmaine Lawson, the mother of the dead student, is a guest on the show.

To listen to the almost eight-minute story, click here.

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  • “…a white local could just off me and I can never make it out of Humboldt County…”. Two takes on that:

    1) …or, another black could accidentally off you while trying to kill a white local, as apparently happened to your poster boy.

    2)You are not alone in your sentiments. Any white person who finds themselves in Oakland , Richmond, or any number of cities across America has that same thought: “Any one of these black locals could just off me and I’d never make it out of here.”

    Except I believe the facts would support the whities paranoia in Richmond, over the black college students unfounded paranoia in Humboldt.

    Dig up some facts and prove me wrong.

    • Nailed it!

    • Just try walking through Compton after dark white boy, someone WILL off you.

      As for Humboldt County, whites turn up dead more often than any minorities.

      • The reason there are more whites than blacks (or any other color) is murdered here is because there are so many of us by comparison.

        And not all of us white folks are nice people unfortunately.

        It’s possible Josiah was killed by someone of color but I doubt it.

      • Thus proving my point.

        • 👍🏼

          • unbridled philistine

            I ran into Kyle at Walmart and I said “Hey! You staying out of trouble?” He replied “Yes sir I am” Seems like a decent kid. IMO

            • his mom has been arrested for meth 3 times and he has been arrested for meth one time. seems like a decent family that probably tells the truth and stays out of trouble.

              • unbridled philistine

                I read somewhere that only 11% of people who use meth become addicted.. So lots of normal people or people you would think were decent use meth and keep up a normal life. So does that automatically make them bad family and liars? Idk one arrest in past is not enough data to judge. On the other hand would not want my son hanging with them.

                • I read 10%. meth is bad, really bad, it makes you think in scary ways. you see shadow people and little robotics that you think are spying on you, it makes you evil via confusion and delusion from lack of sleep.

                • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November ⚖️🍺😭🍺⚖️

                  Oh, so that’s what happened to Art Bell and George Noory! Too much meth? Yes, now “Coast to Coast” radio is finally starting to make some sense. 📻🤪

            • Yeah, sure you did….

        • Thou shalt not kill anyone....................

          You premis that whites being killed in black communities or possibilities of a white being killed makes a black being killed in a white community makes sense to you because a white might be killed in a black community. Since when does taking a life OK in any community regardless who is killed or who does the killing. You make it appear that if a black is killed in a black communities that would be acceptable to you. And a white person killed in Garberville is OK because he was killed by a white person. Should it make a difference what color the person is who pulls the trigger? That’s the definition of a racist. What say you [edit]? Your argument stinks. I don’t care who’s mamma used meth. Taking a life is just plain wrong. And whoever takes a life is a reflection of our sick Trump country. It’s as if we killed our own kind it is alright. That’s not alright.

          • Nonsense. A complete misreading. Deliberately. No one said taking an innocent life is ever ok. What some people are saying is that focusing on the race of the deceased- that being black in a white world as the cause of both his death and the lack of an arrest- is wrong without proof. And unfair. Yet here is another person saying the murder, the lack of arrest AND now objecting to this unfair agenda baiting is all white racism. Even hinting that it is not so simple raises the accusation. There reaches a point where the eyes glaze over and no one gives a damn as there is no rationality.

    • Does murder mountain ring a bell to any of you? They aren’t that far off. How many missing person cases do we have here? Wake up folks, our community is just as scary as Oakland.

    • Sometimes people should just hear others pain and remain silent.

      • That only works if they don’t interpret silence as ignoring them or, even worse, siding with those they are complaining about. And it is guaranteed that will be the interpretation. And will result in pushing harder until attention is paid. And that both parties in a conflict will assume the same thing.

      • why should i have to “hear others pain”. lifes not fair and i dont want to waste my time listening to someone whine about something that isnt even true, didnt they find partial prints on that shank under the vehicle and the prints didnt actually match kyle. so in other words they proved that kyle didnt do any stabbing, not just that they didnt have enough evidence to convict him they found the murder weapon and it had fibers from someone elses clothes too

      • how about asking self “how can i improve my life?? what action do i need to take to have a better life”???

    • Well put !

  • this is a direct result of not have a forensic unit in Humboldt County. its a no-brainer motive, it just needed proper forensics.

  • A story from Vietnam: 3 members of a special team were sent to grab a village chief suspected of being a V.C. The chief had a body guard, the guard had a knife. All 3 jumped on him and began to stab him. A minute later he was dead, 2 of the team were seriously injured from stab wounds. The guard had no weapons.

  • Oh,those college kids know everything. They are so enlightened by whatever they read on facebook.
    JL’s mom is basically creating a racially divided environment through folks who have no idea went on,including LEO.

    I feel bad for her,but everything isn’t a race thing(unless you make it one)

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🇷🇺💰🇸🇦💰🏌️‍♂️🚔⚖️🚿

      “Everything isn’t a race thing”??? That’s true, unless you’re a racist (of which there are plenty here in Humboldt County, and many of them apparently are regular contributors to the comments section of this blog).

      • We all know who the main racist is and he uses many names so as to appear as if he’s has a lot of people agreeing with him. He does the same thing on Loco. Everyone is hip to his game but he keeps playing it like no one knows. It’s beyond pathetic.

    • yep,
      “victim priviledge”

  • I have punched a guy for calling my sister a bitch.
    Even though I know she really is horrible.

    • unbridled philistine

      Just funny how minorities seem to get a free pass around here cause of all us scary white people! Boogie men and all so racist up here and all and what not I reckon ya’ll. Gitty up on my way to a shotgun wedding of a couple cousin lovers.Ye haw

    • Keepnitreal

  • Knock those chips off your shoulders.

  • Why is it always conviently left out that the white subject suspected of stabbing the african-american student was violently beaten by 4 african-american students, to the point he lost consciousness. And when it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to prove the suspect was responsible for the stabbing, why weren’t those students that bragged about the beating were never prosecuted for the assault? This was a off campus party involving college students drinking. We have all been to a party where drunks have refused to listen and interfer with people trying to help. The people with an agenda cried out racism which caused Humboldt State University, the City of Arcata, the Arcata Police Department, and the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office to forget their jobs and try to rush this case through to apease the “agenda”. That resulted in a lack of co operation of witnesses and a conspiracy to twist the facts to fit the “agenda”. That resulted in a unsolved stabbing case of a college student. Quit trying to solve this as a racist crime and start over investigating it without looking at skin color and it will be solved.

      I agree with everything you say here
      And a prophesy…there will never be a conviction, barring a confession.

    • Thank you

    • Well that completely covers the whole story IMO, Well done!

    • Don’t forget the “racist” cops would not allow the EMTs to treat the stabbed victims because they felt too threatened by the mob of unruly college kids.

      • Racist cop, hum few years back the cops let a white man bleed out on a road, too scared to let emts in to save him. Was that racist also….Really tierd of all this non racist sh t being labeled racist just because..
        Everything is not racism… This county for as long as I can remember has had a problem solving missing persons, and murders… Bet if you add them all up you wouldn’t find a lot of people of color in there. But that won’t matter. Everyone is on the racism train these days….

        • I was being sarcastic

        • they didn’t let him bled out. he was shot in the balls twice and bled out on Fieldbrook road before the ambulance got there. that brings up another unsolved murder. here’s a question do you really think a guy that just met a girl in Clearlake would shoot this girls ex in the balls twice when you he could of just shot him in the head once? do guys even shoot guys in the balls? the guy was acquitted and the girl was never charged and still continues to tweak in Fieldbrook. so who had the motive?

    • If I was the white kid…… I would own Arcata by now, and would have them
      Put up
      A statue of me!

    • Enough,
      Why weren’t the 4 students that bragged about the assault charged?
      Would the person assaulted have had to press charges, or was that that the d.a.’s job?

  • What can really be said about any of this?
    I blame H.S.U. And their out of area student recruitment program for luring people here that don’t understand our customs and our culture.
    I have sorrow that it is so hard to resolve long standing hostilities, but when you are a guest in another’s community, it is your job to bend, not mine.
    There’s a reason I live here.
    It’s where I feel comfortable.
    If you don’t..? Then why are you here?
    This is not the Bay Area.
    Or Fresno.
    Or the Midwest
    Or the east coast.
    If you move to my town, it’s your job to fit in.
    If I move to yours, it’s mine.
    All that said, late nights and alcohol lead to problems in communities across the planet.
    Racism is as generic a accusation as it is a problematic truth for millions.
    No mother should have to bury her child, and that is a real trauma that can’t be denied.

  • Humboldt Historian

    Let’s not forget; the Indian Island Massacre on Humboldt Bay Feb, 1860, where white Masonic Temple member murdered 80-100 women, children and elderly in the early morning hours as they held the world renewal festival… Let’s not forget; the chinese being rounded up at gunpoint and shipped out on a steamer from Eureka while the Eureka community pillaged and stole what belongings the chinese left behind… Also instigated from the local Masonic Temple in Eureka. Lets not forget how “back to the land hippies” were beaten, raped, robbed, arrested and persecuted by our local gocernment for the last 60 + years for growing a benign herb, how people were ripped out of the beds by armed thugs wearing the Humboldt badge Let us not forget that innocent children were ripped, sometimes screaming from their crying mothers arms only to be stuck in Humboldt County pedophile “foster homes” ran by the same “Masonic Network” of Humboldt “good old boys”….. Racism continues today as well as discrimnatory profiling. The leaders of Humboldt County have been members of the same secret society of Masons and Government peons for the last 170 years, the top of the stream is filthy so the entire stream of Humboldt is inherently filthy and owes great karmic debt for it’s collective decisiin making as well as electing immoral actors to play dictator in Humboldt County.

    • Illuminati strike again! You do know that the novel was humor, right?

    • A sad but incomplete history chosen to make an irrelevant point to this article. Since to the victory belongs the ethnic cleansers, you create a good argument for never letting a group outnumber you. For none but white people have ever shown a tendency to pillory themselves once they are on top. There has never been apologies when one tribe eliminated another with violence long before Europeans immigrated here. Or thought less of themselves for mass human sacrifices such as the Aztec’s practiced. Or the infanticide (female babies of course) of the Shoshone or Mariame. Or the Klamath who raided neighoring tribes, taking prisoners as slaves as wanted. It was part of their culture at the time.

      Something people may consider horrible now might even been considered a virtue at one time. Or might simply be an individual’s abberation as occurs somewhere right now. Only rigid, supercilious people insist on going back to abuse individuals for being descendents of men of their times without recognizing that they themselves were not born with their current values but owe their understanding to the struggle of earlier generations to lift themselves up. It’s never all good but also far from ever all bad.

    • Really Humboldt Historian??? That is a pathetic argument….especially this one:

      “…Lets not forget how “back to the land hippies” were beaten, raped, robbed, arrested and persecuted by our local gocernment for the last 60 + years for growing a benign herb, how people were ripped out of the beds by armed thugs wearing the Humboldt badge Let us not forget that innocent children were ripped, sometimes screaming from their crying mothers arms only to be stuck in Humboldt County pedophile “foster homes” ran by the same “Masonic Network” of Humboldt “good old boys”…

      60+ years….that would mean marijuana cultivation as we know it (raids and CAMP) started in 1958 NOPE. “benign herb” again NOPE. By benign do you mean the use of illegal herbicides and insecticides that are killing Threatened and Endangered Species as defined under both State and Federal regulations? By benign do you mean the destruction of landscapes and streams with illegal grading of roads, building pads, greenhouse pads, and damning of creeks/streams? By benign do you mean the dumping of garbage, and human waste illegally in our watersheds? By benign do you mean the continued ripping apart of what a community used to be: because of use of other illicit drugs, increase in property crime, missing persons, murder, lack of support for community events/schools, overuse of roads, etc?

      False argument!

      • Did you ever think about lookin at the corporations that manufacturer those poisons… and the governments who can pollute and kill and maim and make a country ripe for exploitation. Narrow minds, always ignore the bigger picture.

        LooK into democide… death by government is the number one ranked cause of death. …since. ..FOREVER

    • the misadventures of Bun jee

      “Humboldt Historian” Please stop using the name of a well liked publication to further your paranoid conspiracies. The Masons didn’t do the massacre. It was men from the “Humboldt Volunteers, 2nd Brigade”, a wannabe militia that carried it out.

      Worse is they petitioned the CA governor to be paid for “protection” of whites by any means necessary as were the men at Ft. Humboldt.

      • Wrong A.J. Huestis, the local judge was one of the organizers of the indoan osland massacre as was Larrabee, both were freemasons, the masonoc structure protected these men from prosecution, the famous writer Brett Hart was run out of Humboldt for writing newspaper discription of the massacre where children were murdered by this exact Masonic Lodge, the guilty party would go on to run and pioneer Eureka and Humboldt County, do your research, the Indian Island massacee was performed by Eureka businessmen within a week of Gunther purchasing indian Island.

        • Have you ever been to a Masonic meeting? Do you even know what goes on there? I’d tell you but you might not believe it and I’m not one to poke fun at fraternal organizations. At one point Masons were a very popular organization, useful for networking and organizing support in the absence of any other organization at all. So it would not be surprising that any public figure would have been a member in those days. It was typically racially and religiously segregated. As were virtually all other such organizations of the day from the Ancient Order of Hibernians to the various Tongs. It was a help in a dangerous world. I’m sure some Masonic chapters were a base for doing some mob like things. But the same could be said for all such groups. Men organize to do evil as well as good.

          And Bret Hart was not “run out of town”. He got one threatening letter and little sympathy.

          Again what purpose does this serve? Are you saying that unscrupulous business men killed Josiah Lawson to take over his property? What result of shaming the whole white race do you expect to achieve?

          • The Masons are an odd, odd, bunch of freaks. They spank and paddle each other in bonding rituals. Never trust a group that meets in a building with No windows, No blacks, no Jews, no Catholics, no Women.

            Bring back the Loyal Order of Water-buffalo! The knew how to Rock.

          • comparing now to then? you ever been to a meeting in 1860? you might want to refresh yourself on the history. Larrabee tried to force the newspapers to use the name Mr. H when referring to him out of fear of what he started. Eureka was referred to as Murderville by outsiders.

            • It was proximity that caused Eureka to get that label. The island where it occurred was considered part of Eureka. The murderers came from ranches up Elk River near Bridgeville.

              However the local white population, from both sympathy with and fear of the murderers did nothing to bring justice for the massacre. It is a prime example of why lawlessness is so fearful a state- in the absence of law, the man with the biggest guns and the will to use them rules like a king. Yet there are plenty of people who insist that such a state is justified because it gets them what they want. They refuse to look ahead to where it inevitably leads.

              And as for Masons, I doubt the rituals that form the meetings have changed much at all from it’s founding. Fear of it is just another form of conspiracy theory beliefs to which people seem so attached. Coincidence is confused with cause but if you say that to a conspiracy believer, they will tell you that you’re blind or stupid or a sheeple because they do not see the difference.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        It was the Larabee brothers that were the cause of the Indian Island Massacre, as well as clearing out Larabee Valley. Ol’ Queen ended up with the Larabee Brothers’ homestead in the Larabee Valley years later where she promptly opened up a brothel to cater to the loggers, aided by a black pimp by the last name of Spear, who was part of a well known family up here at the time, hence all the streets named Spear around our county. She ran up a bunch of debt, cause she liked to spend money, and ended up subdividing the Larabee homestead, which is now why the Larabee Valley is all cut up. The Queen, nasty old lady she was, enjoyed preying on young 18 year old boys. The house has an amazing bronze mantel above the giant fire place, and in the upstairs you can still see all the small cut up rooms that used to be where the whores conducted their business. Interesting piece of land that is, rich with history. Can still find artifacts on it from the old days. The old Larabee Brothers were vicious, cruel men, but back in those days you had to be. That is why they were successful in their endeavors and why we have the county we have today, you don’t have to like it, you don’t have to agree with it, but it is the history of this area. Its called the Ebb and Flow of Time, one day we will all be wiped out as well and another group of people will inhabit the land that was once ours.

    • and don’t forget the aztec indians who
      killed children to appease their gods, and don’forget the african tribes who made slaves of other africans….

  • The accused and deceased are both interlopers.
    They don’t live arround here.
    It just happened to happen here.
    They imported there racism from elsewhere.

  • How do I start a proposition to get HSU moved out of Humboldt? I will personally donate money to help them get started anywhere else, I hear Hawaii is nice.

  • DEMAND???
    Uh, this is not how it works, college kid.

  • Glad I moved to Trinity County years ago, I would hate to be violently racist. But let’s be honest here, this happened in Arcata, so Arcata is violently racist. Each and every one. That’s why I moved!

  • I grew up in the Army, my dad a SGT., there was only ONE color in school, sports, at the PX, commissary, bowling alley — OD Green. The American Military is one of the best and finest “melting pots” we have, perhaps mandatory service for all would help us all get over our biases. That said . . . I do have this beef.

    220,000 American Northern White Men DIED in the Civil War to put an end to slavery and set the Black Slaves of the South free.. Their wives, daughters, sons, fathers, mothers suffered Great Personal Loss and NEVER have I EVER heard any National Black Leaders acknowledge that incredible sacrifice of White Men dying by the thousands to set Black Men (and Women) free.

    I will add — my Mom Was A Slave. She was taken from her home by the NAZI’s in 1939 and served as Slave Labor until the end of WW II — she never saw her mom or dad again.

    So get over it. We all make judgements. I tend to “judge” folks on their personalities and attitudes — are they positive uplifting encouraging responsible considerate of others. Whatever happened to “Ask NOT what your country can do for YOU — but what YOU can do FOR your country.” The democratic party I remember and supported.

    • If your facts were a little straighter, you would be more believable. You should spend a little more time studying history and you might understand things a little better.

    • Yup. Go to school in Philly and you learn ALL about the civil war. Class was 50/50 b/w,a couple cubans,asians had their own schools it seemed. And a racist kid would get a fat lip quick.
      But the “northern” sacrifices were respected and celebrated.
      School in Virginia was much different,confederate army leaders as school mascots,while teaching the Underground RR.
      Go to school in Cali and was barely a mention,but you better know about missions.
      I wonder what kids are learning now.

    • Get over it? I bet your mom never got over it.

    • those were the days. so grateful my dad had his foot up my ass when necessary so i didn’t get away with idiocy and never had problems with the law and kept my nose clean, thanks dad. i love you for taking the time to teach me the right way to live and have self respect

  • Some people in Humboldt County are racist as hell. A long time ago my friend was driving around Garberville with a black guy and a known racist put a bullet in their car. At a later time the shooter apologized to my friend and said “im sorry but you shouldn’t have been hanging out with that nigger”.

    I’ve got more stories. But anybody who’s been here long enough knows there a certain parts of the county where it’s dangerous to be black.

    HSU should really quit recruiting all these black kids or at least be honest with them about what this county is really like. Oh wait, HSU is just a business and the administrators only care about money.

    • Some people everwhere are racist.

      • Yeah, but not everyone everywhere has to listen to HSU’s yearly grievances. Which is as abundant as a bottomless well.

      • Only ignorant people. Remember that.
        Intelligent folks know there is only one race of humans.

        • Many tribes…of humans yes, cultures are way different and should be honored, regardless of color. That being said , is real is the most racist nation on the planet….for a good reason.


          You can be smart…but ignorant as he’ll. Poke a bear with a stick, you may just end up as fertilizer.

          Oil and water don’t mix….nor should they.

    • Ever lived in Hawaii? Those people are racist to.
      Ever lived in japan? Racist as they get, would make Earl Clampit blush.
      South Africa? So racist there the government condones the stealing of property and murder.
      You get my point??

  • Don’t forget, the state *requires* minority recruitment and enrollment at HSU. It’s the whitest CSU campus, which is a glaring no-no in our majority-minority state. If HSU doesn’t increase its minority representation it was threatened with closure by the state. No idle threat: all campuses are statewide assets, and most Californians don’t come from this side of the state. We all have to learn how to deal.

  • Ignorance in motion

    While I was at the somes bar store in northern humboldt several years back. I personally whitnessed a full blooded Indian/Native American/ indigenous person say to Alice walker (Thee Alice walker) “what are you doing here Ni**er, get out of here”

    Ignorance and racism come in every shape,form and SKIN color!!!

    Most people know or assume what happened to Josiah. But seriously, calling Arcata racist is ignorant beyond a doubt and Racist!! Stay strong Arcata!

  • Honestly.. It’s sad to read some of these statements. Thinking there isn’t a racist problem in Humboldt, people must have thier head in the sand. A mother is grieving for her son, and wants justice.. can anyone really blame her? Excuse me.. but Black lives matter to me. Black students, or any other People of color, shouldn’t have to fear coming to HSU, or that’s absolutely ludicrous. It is a good thing HSU encourages people of all races to attend. I really hope there will be justice for Josiah. It saddens me to think Humboldt has a reputation of being a racist and violent place.
    I believe the adgencies in charge need more pressure to put more resources into solving this case.

  • They don’t demand justice. They demand hanging a white kid. They dont want to know the truth, but when it comes out, you will hear nothing.

  • So…since no one knows, at this point, whether the killer was white or black, and all this vicious rhetoric has sprung up re: the violent racism of Humboldt County, what will be the new cause du jour should the killer be found to be black?

    I’m interested to see how that will be the white man’s fault.

    • The more I think about it….it’s beyond racism at this point. It’s pure ignorance. With that said, there is no winning.

      • It’s racist rhetoric based on ignorance. And you’re right – there is no winning, or even coming to a reasonable understanding until people are willing to educate themselves regarding the facts of the matter, and are able to form an opinion entirely their own, without being influenced by the loudest voices yelling in the background.

        “All ye like sheep, have gone astray…”

  • You know One part of me wants to get upset about people attempting to label this county a a violently racist community, but the there’s another part that wants to get a banner made that says “Arcata ground zero for this violently racist community” and hang it over 101 on arcatas overpasses. I bet they would knock this crap off then.

    • Ha, I get what you’re saying. Humboldt sucks, folks. We’re a bunch of inbred hicks who hate everything and everybody. Don’t bother bringing your metro lifestyle here, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

      • I admit that Eureka was quite a shock to me when I first moved there. There were no segregated neighborhoods. A rich person’s house was within a few feet of a poor shack. There was little hounding of the “different” by the more straight laced. A neighbor who kept oddities in their front yard was honored with having them enshrined in a giant protected glass case in Old Town. Arcata students expressed opinions about everything periodically all over the McKinley statue. Eureka was very, very different and determined to be so. It was full of different people who were allowed to be different as long as they allowed the same among their fellow citizens. They scrapped with each other but seldom enforced more that limits.

        Arcata was always segegated but Eureka was not. Lundbar Hills was the first attempt at it in Eureka. And I chose to blame that developer for the first dent in Eurka’s most peculiar culture. Arcata and its university have little to justify their level of self congratulation.

        Now come the guilt brigades, determined not to just to have their own way but determined to make everyone else cry “uncle” and be ashamed. They want people to be sorry continuously. It’s all about power- if they didn’t have it in the past, they insist there is power owed for whatever poor use they chose. And they certainly intend to kill off anyone who does not fit in this new sanitized world. They will create a totally segregated world where those who can afford to escape will be behind locked gates. Which will then be seen as proof of their bigotry. A self fulfilling prophecy.

  • These CSU students should try to start living in a real world, not the fantasyland they currently reside in. 40% of all murders are never solved. Get over it.

  • Tribalism comes in all colors. Identity politics in modern parlance.

  • Ive had enough with Josiah what about the other unsolved murders in so hum no one cares about his friends accidentally stabbed him da da da where is his friends where are they???????????????? friends like that who needs enemy’s .
    We will never get to the bottom until his friends revel what they Know .

  • Justice for all Humboldt victims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adult_in_Humboldt

    Keep it classy, Humboldt

  • She recounted thinking that “a white local could just off me and I can never make it out of Humboldt County.”

    This is bullshit. Show me one person who has ever been that scared of a situation who then CHOSE TO REMAIN IN THAT SITUATION (domestic violence victims notwithstanding). If you truly think this is a racist, murderous community and you could be killed just for being black – what the hell are you still doing here? Your very presence here contradicts your words, and if those words are false then nothing else you say can be believed.

  • you can for everything and any color.

  • On the way to economic failure.

    What a bunch of bullshit.!!!!! People of all races are doing screwed up shit to people of all races all over the planet!!!!!!

  • How Has Humboldt maintained racist and discriminatory Leadership for over 150 years? Another argument for the Indian Island massacre was that the militias might have
    been reacting to the lack of monetary support from the government. The militias, in turn,
    attacked the nearest Indian settlement to destabilize relations in the area and force the
    government’s hand. This theory only exacerbates the horrific nature of the murders. In
    addition, no one was ever brought to trial for the murders. While Larrabee was not well
    liked by any one according to Lt. Lynn, he must have held some sway with local power. Larrabee was a freemason, as were many of Eureka’s leading businessmen and local
    civic leaders. AJ Huestis, the county judge in 1860 was a member of Lodge 69.56 The
    strong fraternal ties of the Masonic Lodges around the bay (already established in Arcata,
    Eureka, and Hydesville) may have kept Larrabee and the other guilty parties from facing
    any real penalties.
    How did Humboldt’s residents allow the Indian Island massacre to go
    unpunished? Average citizens knew murder was happening. Many newspaper accounts
    published throughout the latter half of the 1800s pointed to white aggression, as the
    following editorial discusses:
    Your correspondent also labors under a mistake in representing the late killing of some 40 Indians at the Upper Crossing as occurring in a ‘fight.’ It was a cold-blooded, unprovoked massacre. An Indian, sometime in the early part of March, had been shot by a white man at Happy Camp. The Indians on the rivers above were exasperated, and perhaps threatened retaliation. At all events, some miners were alarmed, raised a party, surrounded the Rancheria at the Ferry, and killed every man and some women; then proceeding up the river 2 miles, surrounded another village and killed every man but one, who escaped wounded, making a total of some 30 or 40 killed. All accounts agree in stating that the attack was wholly unlooked for by the Indians, who from the date of the treaty at Scott’s Valley in November, had been perfectly quiet and inoffensive…No single case of murder or other outrage upon the whites can be traced to any of these tribes. Where difficulties have existed, the whites have been the aggressors. This statement may be denied, but it cannot be disproved. I wish for the credit of the whites that the facts were different.” Very Respectfully, R. McKee. Alta California, May 21, 185257
    Those people who knew, understood, and voiced their concern about white
    aggression had their voices silenced by anti-Indian legislation and community pressure.

    • Why yes they did. Yet here you are going on and on and on and on about evil done instead of virtue upheld. What do you want out of it? That all white, and only white people, carry a burden of evil forever, while you take credit for the virtue of noticing what went on 100 years ago when you played no part in either the evil or the virtue when it mattered?

    • Is that the same McKee who held natives at gunpoint in the ocean at Shelter Cove til they were drowned by the incoming tide?
      Asking for a friend.

  • In this country the black population is such a small percentage, yet they take up sooo much real-estate in the news. Honestly, I am tired of hearing all of the BS. I’m not sorry that you look different than the majority and the majority does not care that you look different. Get the fuck over it! This stabbing is a straight up drunken college party debacle .. happens way too often all over the fuckin world

  • As always violent blacks will blame whites for their poor lifestyle choices. Now we have this inner city crap up here too.

  • Anti troll league

    Ugly. Just an ugly, posturing remark.

  • Racist Humboldt 4 Life

    Humboldt Citizens will show their White Racist mode of operandi right here on this post in the comments….. As they argue they are not … Just racist

    • Anti troll league

      Anyone busy trying to label every member of a race as racist has their own issues they should be addressing.

      • The insecure dope growing citizens of Humboldt County treat African, Mexicans, and Bulgarians with equal contempt.

        • Anti troll league

          Does that make them egalitarian? They dislike foreigners treating them with contempt?

          • No………Trumpitarian, borderline Trumpaholic: The dislike being rooted in fear of people who don’t look like old white guys.

            • Anti troll league

              Seems like there is an overriding FEAR of old, white guys. So being an ageist, racist is ok if done in the name of -oh- not being a bigot? You are sincerely confused about how a tolerant society is achieved. It is not achieved by out bigoting bigots. That just gets a more revolting bigot.

  • Reading these commenta shows 100% that Humboldt County has a racism problem that needs solving. Justice for Josiah….. These comments show the communities racism and lack of education….

    • That’s because no one wants “justice.” They want revenge and justice be damned.

      Such remarks show an abundance of propaganda, having nothing to do with education. Unless you mean “cultural revolution” education a la Maoist China. Then hanging labels on everyone who you don’t and parading them through the streets passes for justice.

    • Lack of education? You just stated that Humboldt 100 percent has a racism problem after reading comments from 40 some odd commenters on the internet, it has a population of over 130,000 (that the government knows about). Is that what goes for a HSU educated factual study? “All of Humboldt county is racist because I didn’t like what a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the population said” My momma said alligators are angry cause they got all hem teeth and no toothbrush.

      • it was determined last century that areas lacking education are not only more racist but also have higher concentrations of all the other problems we are currently dealing with.

        • Possible because “educated” bigots flock together around government institutions where they can safely look down their noses at the people who struggle to struggle to keep them fed.
          Oh and also where they make the definitions up and then gather data to prove what they want.

        • Surprising that this happened in Arcata then, supposedly the most educated city in the county…

          • it seems like it wouldn’t of happened if someone from Mckinleyville formerly from Concord didn’t show up with a car load of kitchen knives.

  • What if Josiah was trying to beat up a woman when he got stuck? That might be the embarrassing “fact” they don’t want coming out from investigation . A lot of the “ intersectional “ support for him would evaporate immediately.

    • Was that an issue and who are the ones not wanting it exposed?

    • What if Josiah were Caucasian? Then people may not mind him dating their daughters.

      • Anti troll league

        Unless you’re in Oakland where that will get you killed. But was that an issue and who was involved?

      • Well if contemporary are correct Josiah charged back into the house to attack whoever pepper sprayed him . By that point , Kyle Zoellner had already been beaten senseless . Since KZ was the only male member of that social clique who attended that party there is at least a 75 percent percent chance Lawson was attacking a woman when he was stabbed. Interesting how the Arcata/ SJW crowd is not concerned at all hearing from the women who were right in middle of the fracas . Promoting an agenda seems more important than finding out the truth.

  • If this country is so damn racist, then how come 90-plus percent of black people killed, are killed by other black people. Whereas 83% of white people are killed by other white people. If anything (and it’s still stretching the truth) statistics prove racism against white people when you look at murder statistics. Let’s not forget the much-hyped white nationalist March that everybody was talking about in Washington for months, but when it came down to it only a couple dozen people showed up. Think about it, if this country has so many racist in it don’t you think more than 24 people Max would have showed up for a national March that had been publicized for weeks?

  • Yes Justice for Josiah!! His friends need to come forward and say what really happened, they were all right there and involved in what happened yet not one has come forward and said it wtf, if they saw Kyle stab him don’t you think they would be testifying against him?? I don’t know if he did or didn’t do it but the whole thing has tuned into a cluster fuck, why has no one come forward with the truth, what the fuck does blaming a county help? This whole thing is ridiculous, they turned the death of this young man into a circus.

  • Racism exists everywhere. From what I have read this was not a racially motivated crime. What is troubling is the media’s constant use of false narratives to promote division among Americans. A woman lost her son to violence. Focus on solving the crime instead of sesationalizing the ethnicity of the victim.

  • A very sad and unfortunate situation. Blaming this on race just shows how we can be manipulated as humans. Race has nothing to do with this situation. Ego on both sides is to blame. To the person saying they can be offed by a white person and never make it out of Humboldt, that is true. What’s also true is very few blacks have been “offed”in Humboldt and a lot of “white” people have.

  • Humboldts Racist Truth

    These comments are written proof that Humboldt has a very serious racism and discrimination problem that has never been addressed, The racism started by the Masonic founders, Eureka, Arcata both Masonic words, Racist tragedies linked to local masonoc temple; indian island massacre, Humboldt Native American Genocide, persecution of cannabis farmers,. Shipping out at gin point of Humboldt County Chinese where they were forced onto a steamer ship and “shipped out”… All these atrocities were instigated and planned in the local masonic temple / lodge. The community leaders have been racists from the start, read about Tolowat massacre, Humboldt Genocide, Expulsion of the Chinese, beatings of environmentalists, persecution of cannabis farmers, all these political motivations and the execution of these plans were all decided upon in the Eureka Masonic Temple. The tample is made up of “prominent citizens” like corporate leaders, big business, sheriff department personell, Eureka Police, judges, attorneys etc… The power structure of Humboldt County has remained the same since the 1850’s when 10,000 plus Natives were exterminated by the citizens and Volunteer Companies of Humboldt County, the history books and newspaper accounts do not lie. Humboldt has to wake up and quit denying its raciam problem, this thread is written proof of a racist divide promoted by the power structure in Humboldt County, beware blacks, chinese, asian, indian, muslim, The power structure of Humboldt was created by racist genocidists in the 1850s and the same power structure still reigns in Humboldt County…. Read the comments above if you dont believe

    • Anti troll league

      You win. Even your highly bigoted and selective version of history has a basis in truth. It’s just irrelevant, misapplied, damaging and useless to beat people up with half truths. If your goal is to make every bigot of every sort feel jystified, you are succeeding in that at least.

    • You haven’t seen nothing yet. Things are going to get real scary when the real shit hits the fan. Tribes are our groundation. We always have had good times and bad times with our neighbors
      ..but color is just another way to divide and conquer. We are all human, yes, but nobody gets out of here Alive. The worldis going to he’ll in a hand basket and you ain’t seen nuthin yet. Stay safe and keep yer eyes on the exit.

    • feel better??

  • I’m tired of people acting like white people don’t suffer, aren’t poor, don’t have loved ones murdered, aren’t married to people of other ethnicities, don’t have mixed race children, it’s crap, and it’s leading to a hateful tolerance of anti white sentiment. My children are white and Native American. The white ones don’t get benifits they don’t qualify for 9 out of 10 scholorships. Their aunty was murdered in cold blood, my daughters brother was murdered in cold blood. Just because my skin is “white” doesn’t make me evil or better off. My dad has worked every stinking day of his life and has to pay $350 a month for my mom’s insulin. Insulin that other people get free based on skin color or immigranot status, or tribal affiliation, or because they have children and no spouse. My parents are penalized for their commitment and work ethic, far from rich, not even comfortable. How does demonizing a group based on skin color become ok after all this nation has been through. What about our mixed race children? Are they supposed to deny their white families in order to survive as minorities? I’m so sad that this nation is so determined to be seperated and hateful. We all bleed and die. For real there have so many Mexican killings recently in Humboldt. Truth is any of us could be victims of murder in this heroine, meth fueled insanity. Wake up people we could be an amazing nation together.

    • White people suffer from their own upbringing and their own ignorance. From their lack of keeping an open mind as well as a local lack of education… I should know, I am white

      • Anti troll league

        And you certainly are all those lacks rolled into one. That does not convict all whiteness to equal ugliness. You can’t just claim yourself as the Messiah of Righteousness by whipping everyone in sight. You have to do something much less selfish. Quit flailing around. It only drags everyone down.

        • Dooooooood be so glad that you are white and privileged, otherwise you would not have made it this long.

          • priviledged??? oh yeah, i get to go to work and make something out of this life while others are burdened with slinging drugs and stealing….

    • Reverse racism

      • Racism is racism. One of the most foolish things ever spouted is that racism is a learned behavior. It is not. It is totally the way nature works. An outsider to any herd, flock, pack or school has to work it’s way into a group either by stealth or conquest even when the look the same. Looking different, acting different is a threat until proven otherwise. It takes will power to hold suspicions in check. Even knowing that safely holding suspicions in check is possible comes from having a uniform principle that society will ensure it is safe. It must be a pretty widely held principle for safety to be guaranteed.

        That is why racism can not be overcome by threats, bullying, or racial aspersions. Threats and accusations based on race actually defeat achieving equality because the make equality dangerous.

        • The funny thing is that the kids I know, when exposed to adults being comfortable in mixed racial groups, had no thought that an Asian, Black, Native American, Hispanic, whatever child was different.

          • I grew up with Hispanic and Native Americans in my group and never thought that they were unpleasantly different (I did grow up envying thick long black locks…) but then my parents never had any bias that I could detect towards these groups. Black people and Asians were however startling oddities to my young mind that were stared at and even somewhat avoided until sense and proximity taught me differently. I did not meet any members of these races until I was in high school. And I heard and saw racist behavior from peers.

  • Humboldt History of Racism

    Humboldt Couties roots were founded in bloodshed and racism. The local Masonic Lodge which held power in Humboldt untill this day was involved in Genocide of the Humboldt Native Americans and were involved in the subsequent coverup so that its members would not be imprisoned for more info read: THE INDIAN ISLAND MASSACRE: AN INVESTIGATION OF THE EVENTS THAT PRECIPITATED THE WIYOT MURDERS
    Joan Crandell
    Available here:
    ndian Island massacre : an investigation of the events that precipitated the Wiyot murders
    Crandell, Joan
    Date: 2005-05
    In February 1860, a small group of anglo men virtually exterminated the Wiyot people of Humboldt Bay. While the act appeared to be unprovoked, and the victims were largely women and children, no one spoke out against the murders. When assistant editor for the Northern Californian Bret Harte editorialized the slayings, his life was threatened and he was forced to flee. In addition, no one was ever brought to trial, despite the evidence of a planned attack and references to specific individuals, including a rancher named Larabee and other members of the unofficial militia called the Humboldt Volunteers. During the same period of time other Native American “campaigns” and resettlement policies from in California can be documented. This paper will attempt to determine if similar cycles of abuse/slaughter/relocation occurred throughout Northern California, or if Humboldt Bay’s massacre was a unique historical event.
    What was the reason for the overwhelming suppression of dissent over the massacre? Research will be undertaken to determine the roles that cultural bias, prevailing Indian policies, and escalating Indian/settler conflicts played in shaping the climate that allowed the atrocities to go unpunished. Historical events and time lines of Indian/settler conflicts around the bay and throughout Humboldt County will be assessed as to their level of correlation with escalating tensions, to determine if the Indian Island event was a culmination of local tension. Editorial discourse from local publications of the mid 1800’s will be reviewed to examine the anti-Indian sentiments of local settlers. A close look will be taken at how the viewpoints expressed shaped the communities overall perspective on the Wiyot people. In addition, economic factors will be discussed in relation to how land use policies, pressure from large land holders, and city business interests might have contributed to the suppression of dissent in order to preserve the status quo of an area struggling to attract more settlers or promote economic interest. Finally, other Native American “campaigns” and resettlement policies from the 1850-1880s in California will be documented to determine if similar cycles of abuse/slaughter/relocation occurred, or if Humboldt Bay’s horrific level of abuse could be attributed to its geographic isolation and lack of law enforcement

    • Too bad you can’t detach from insanity. Do you suggest that the whole county immolate itself to make you happy? What is your purpose?

      • it is very clear that you do not like the local history. if it makes you feel any better some local ruffnecks murdered some native Americans in 1890 somewhere else.

  • Sam today as then

    “…Lets not forget how “back to the land hippies” were beaten, raped, robbed, arrested and persecuted by our local gocernment goons with badges for the last 60 + years for growing a benign herb, Never forget Humboldt how people were ripped out of the beds by armed thugs wearing the Humboldt badge… 6:00 am … Very similar to how indian villages were slaughtered in the 1850’s – 1870’s in Humboldt by the very same county government…. Let us never forget that innocent children were ripped, terrified and screaming from their crying mothers arms by Humboldt County Sheriff Department only to be stuck in Humboldt County pedophile “foster homes” ran by the same “Masonic Network” of Humboldt “good old boys, never forget how women and elderly were slammed to the ground for posessing cannabis, how blacks, asians, mexicans, muslims and white people were slammed to the ground for posessing cannabis for 40 plus years, lets never forget the diacrimination against out back to the landers in the 1960s -1980’s when Humboldt County persecuted and harassed these people, stole their belongings and destroyed their personal property. Lets not forget the green light Humboldt County gave its timber industry to harass, intimidate and harm environmental activists trying to save the redwoods from corporate monsters like Maxxam and Palco, Louisiana Pacific…. This county has a violent discriminatory culture which is not open minded to change or differnt people or ideas….[Edit]

    • There it is. There it is. The pot connection to the raving. Pot growers are equally victims with Indians having been massacred. Pot thinking at its finest.

  • Can’t we be in today? Isn’t condemning a race based on something they can’t control racism? So because people who had fair skin and European descent were awful to local tribes, all people who were not living, are not even related to those involved are to be labeled for the crimes of others in the past? Seriously with a link based only on a very rude and incorrect label of whiteness? How about we deal with the issues today, and learn from the past. It is so hard to raise healthy mixed race children because of these bullshit ideas. America is an amazing place with opportunities those living in other countries dream of. Our American children are violent little shits and that is why this stuff happens. We have spent billions of dollars glorifying violence, sexualizing violence and death against women and children, glorifying gangster and drug culture, and then feign victimization from the culture we created. I have a degree from HSU and I can tell you that what we see here is the end result of the choices we have made, the images we see, and justifications of allowing violence to become our entertainment. A few years back I decided to turn away from violent entertainment and my spirit has healed in so many ways. I can tell you also that the violence on tribes was also a norm before “whites” were here, they did it to each other and frequently still participate in racial inter-tribal fights, fires, and conversation. Welcome to humanity, if we live in today we have a chance.

    • “America is an amazing place with opportunities those living in other countries dream of. ….”
      What a joke, this is what your patriotism and USA RAH RAH RAH has brainwashed you into thinking, America ia scorned across the world, hardly looked up to,, every other person does not wish they were Americans, this is all US propaganda meant to keep you in mental chains. There are plenty of other wonderful countries around the world, it is a fairy tale that they all wish they were Americans.

      • Mental chains are easier to break than physical ones, if one so chooses to break them.
        Perhaps a trip to Venzuela or Yemen, South Africa or just about anywhere across the waters or borders, would help you to see the difference.
        Yawn, stretch, wakey wakey, research.

      • The world is big. Go out and explore. Indeed not everyone wants to be an American. Most like who they are, even North Koreans. I guess the only ones who don’t have the right to that pride are Americans.

        These days even those crossing the borders illegally don’t want to be American because they have been taught by such American self haters as the poster that somehow- magically blessed- while Americans are greedy and evil, they still owe the world the same opportunity to be greedy and evil. So, they still come.

      • “Better to be feared than liked/loved ”

        Guess you don’t understand geo politics.

        Colonizing is as old as time and has absolutely nothing to do with color.

        Just understand the game and you can stop bitchin and start livin

      • Mocking me for appriciating what I have and having an opinion is sorta rude but do you. There are many people living in awful conditions all over this world. This is an amazing place. I have numerous immigrant friends and associates that came from socialist, muslim, and communist countries, all of which have started businesses or found secure employment and prosper. In conversation they often mention the stagnant complaining of us citizens, following up with there is no way I’d waste this opportunity to create something for myself and my family. I’m second gen Irish immigrant and my family in Ireland suffer period. I didn’t say everyone wants to be American, my meaning was more that many people see the possibilities and appriciate the opportunities. My experience is limited I’ve only been to Mexico as far as another country,
        I only know those I know . What I saw in Mexico did make me thankfull for my home. Personally I believe much of the current violence here on the north coast stems from alcohol and drug use and abuse, as well as a culture of blame rather than a culture of self responsibility. Violent death is part of human culture, not new or isolated to no cal; would be nice for more justice to be served but that also falls on witnesses who either refuse to tell the truth or simply don’t know what they saw due to shock or inebriation.

        • Norcalwarmth….nailed it!! Thank you for a great post and a very well said point.

          Your post from the 17th was also spot on, especially – “We have spent billions of dollars glorifying violence, sexualizing violence and death against women and children, glorifying gangster and drug culture, and then feign victimization from the culture we created.” This is so true with respect to drug culture, violence against women, and gun violence that we all so much want to go away but we keep glorifying it (movies, Facebook, TV shows, sexualized advertisements, on and on).

          Have a great weekend.

      • then why you here???? go find your utopia in some perfect country. btw people die to come here for better life

    • I agree, well said.
      Turn off the boob tube!
      Killing the Mockingbird

      They want us DIVIDED.
      DIVIDED by RACE.


  • There are nunerous similarities; the same badge and county , the same power ego trip by “officials”.. the same armed “surprise attack” at sunrise, the kidknapping of the children, indian children were murdered or sold into slavery, now days they are turned over to “Humboldt pedophile foster homes”….. And of course it is the same masonic temple, the same attitude of using violence and force at the barrel of a gun to enforce their will, their power trip and ego trip on the rest of the areas residents. Are our leaders and Sheriff any better today? hardly……

    • Travel back in time just a bit further so you don’t exclude how tribes fought each other over slavery too.
      Truth is, slavery is the main issue we fought like hell to end. The gullible we (all of us) are/were the ones who fall/fell for the slave master’s tricks of deception to enslave us all again.
      No more.
      We, who are not 100% brainwashed or mkUltra’d with a constant negative replay in our
      head, have ALL awoken, just some further awake than others.
      Shake it off, wake up, unite together so that none be enslaved ever again.

  • When the Evergreen college in WA experienced “racism”, they banned white kids for a day. Voila! 50% drop in enrollment the next year. Where there’s a will to have it all to yourself, there’s a way. Have at it kids!
    P.S. There are 7.1 million job openings across the USA. Today could be someone’s lucky day.

  • Justice for Josiah! Voluntary fingerprinting at HSU to eliminate suspects!
    #Actually make a difference

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🇸🇦💰🏌️‍♂️💰🇸🇦

    This comments thread is a goddamned embarrassment to Humboldt County.

    All of you self-pitying racists need to seek psychiatric help immediately. 💊😭

    You are not normal. You do not represent the people of Humboldt County. Racism is evil. Grow up.

  • Thank you Sgt Maj John Canley for all you did to secure our liberties while our own grandparents were milling around post offices, coffee shops and parks debating the issues of the day. You and those like you, secured our liberties to peacefully assemble, speak, write, read and believe to our heart’s desire. We owe you big time.

  • I suppose I should comment on the story, but I wasn’t there. I’m not sure about it either way. I hope it wasn’t the worst of what people think.

    But, I do have to comment on that photograph. It’s absolutely stunning. Mark McKenna is a master of composition and storytelling. What a great eye.

    • I love it, too. I couldn’t bear that it wasn’t brought out again. It is so tender and tells such a sad story.

      • Kind of the sad thing about good news photos. They’re beautiful and the composition sometimes takes years of training or experience to accomplish, but they are the kind of images that NO ONE wants hanging on their walls… I miss the old People magazines. And the OLD National Geographics too. The only major photo media left that is both good to their photographers AND hires an editor who has any arts training seems to be Reuters. And that’s a very tough job in most cases…

  • its true

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🏌️‍♂️🐘💩⚖️

      I could have told you that. Yes, Humboldt County is one of the MOST racist paces in California. But since I’m apparently insufficiently White for Humboldt County blogosphere purposes, almost all of my comments in this thread (responding to some EXTREMELY IGNORANT & RACIST assertions by misguided bigoted persons above, without any obscenities on my part) have “mysteriously” been disappeared like Chilean democracy activists in the 70s under General Pinochet. This blog is feeling a little too fascist for me today, so I’ll be over at Sohum Parlance if any of y’all want to have a “mature” democratic discussion, “immature” democratic discussion, verbal food fight, or whatever…

      • After having pointed the rules out to you multiple times before, I just delete your comments without even trying to edit them when I read the first instance of rule breaking. If you weren’t so egregiously set on breaking multiple rules at a time in many of your comments, I might be able to choke some more of your comments past the delete button but…here’s some examples of why you got deleted today:
        “I’ll blame ignorant people like YOU.”
        “sick sexual fetish that involves the insertion of the Confederate battle flag”
        “Republitarded hypocrites”

        Here are the rules again if you’d like to try to get more than half of your comments posted:

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🐘💣💥🔥

          Did I insult the Confederate Flag?
          How dare I!

          Kym, you have a racist forum, and you censor anti-racist comments.

          This is not a secret to anyone.

          • Look, you continually break the rules and I haven’t banned you. But, you are close. Keep breaking the rules and I’ll just stop having patience with you.

            Either abide my rules or don’t. You can even argue where you think my rules are wrong without being deleted. But if you keep breaking them, I’m going to eventually just be over spending my time trying to allow your voice to be heard even when I find your way of expressing yourself bullying and rude.

            Shouting insults isn’t a discussion.

  • After watching this video, I can see why people feel the racism in certain areas across the nation. Good grief, what a mess!

    Can’t find the DMV
    Can’t work a computer.
    Can’t figure out how to get an ID

    It must be so aggravating to be treated like a special needs person just because of the color of your skin.
    Maybe Humboldt is racist after all?

  • i have lived here for 46 years.i came from the city when i was 8.remember the hatred with rednecks and hippys? it was pretty bad.

  • 190 posts. Can we make 200? The divide is strong young jedi. This is exactly what the left wants and does best. Divide and keep racism alive through hate and fear. Just buy posting this as “news”, is exactly what’s wrong with this country. This is not news! No kym, I’m not insulting you. I appreciate all that you do

  • & about a year & a half ago 18 year old Jennika Suazo was murdered in her own home, her case also goes unsolved, where’s her justice?
    I really hate that they made this case about color, acting like the local police haven’t solved his murder because he was black, there are so many murders & disappearances around here but this one case has been made into national news portraying Humboldt as some racist community. Its bullshit, were crooked up here alight, but not in some hillbilly backwoods deliverance kinda way. Don’t matter what color you are, anyone can mess around & get killed up here…

    • I have to agree that they made this racist . If HSU students are so afraid to go to school and live in this area then you can leave. That is the same for anyone who doesn’t like it here. If they are here to learn then why are they out partying? No I was not partying at that age, I was working. I have seen a lot of things that have happened to kids who attend the colleges here and maybe it is the same at all colleges and they are just not given the press that they get here. I am sorry that someone lost their life but it was not done by this whole community and it could possibly have been one of his friends and we might never find out the truth. The police can only work with what is available to them and regardless of what you see on tv they cannot force anyone to talk to them or admit that they did it no matter how much press they get.

      • Nah how about YOU leave if you don’t like people expressing their First Amendment rights, which include criticizing the country and all institutions therein?

        • That’s fine lucky. Then let me exercise my second amendment right by protecting myself against traitors. There’s a difference between voicing your opinion for the better and criticizing your country and all institutions. only in America can you criticize your country and hate it’s institutions all the while benefitting from its goverment. “ if you don’t love it, leave it. Consider this song to be a warning!”

  • Compton is the most violently racist suburb in California….. same population as all of humboldt with 300 murders a year compared to 30 in humboldt. 98% of all murders in humboldt are white people killing white people. And you call us racist and ignorant!

    • very racist indeed.
      “During the 1950s and 1960s, after the Supreme Court declared all racially exclusive housing covenants (title deeds) unconstitutional in the case Shelley v. Kraemer, the first black families moved to the area.[17] Compton’s growing black population was still largely ignored and neglected by the city’s elected officials. Centennial High School was finally built to accommodate a burgeoning student population.[17] At one time, the City Council even discussed dismantling the Compton Police Department in favor of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in an attempt to exclude blacks from law enforcement jobs. A black man first ran for City Council in 1958, and the first black councilman was elected in 1961.”

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