[UPDATE 6:22 p.m.] Multiple Crews Kept Flames From Spreading During Dangerous Structure Fire Near Hawkins Bar

A firefighter keeps flames from spreading from the house

A firefighter keeps flames from spreading from the house. [All photos from Hawkins Bar Fire]

Yesterday, just before 3 p.m. Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a vegetation fire in the area of Susie Q Road west of Hawkins Bar, said Chief Todd Wright. However, he said, when crews arrived on the scene, “We drove up on a fully engulfed structure…It turns out it was never a vegetation fire. It was a structure.”

Flames leap within the charred home.

Flames leap within the charred home.

Fortunately, Wright said, a number of fire crews were called to the fire or it could have spread quickly. Not only was the one house engulfed in flames but the fire was putting another house in danger. “There was fire right up to the wall of it,” Wright explained. “We had a quick enough response that we were able to stop it.”

He said, “We ended up with two Forest Service engines, a Willow Creek water tender and an engine, Salyer water tender and engine, Hawkins Bar Fire type 6 engine and a water tender as well as support from Hoopa Tribal Wildland and a Hotshot group out of Salyer.” There was also a helicopter dropping water on the flames.

The area where the fire was located was one that firefighters had been concerned about in the past. “Access and egress is awful,” Wright explained. “We said if we ever had a fire down here it scares the [heck] out of us…With everyone there, we didn’t have to worry about it jumping and surrounding us….It took everybody to keep it from turning into a mess.”

Smoke rises from the smouldering home.

Smoke rises from the smouldering home.

UPDATE 6:22 p.m.: Today, the home is a charred ruin.

The house was totally destroyed.

The house was totally destroyed. [Photo provided by Hawkins Bar Fire]

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  • “Not only was the one house engulfed in flames but the fire was another house in danger. “There was fire right up to the wall of it.”

    This doesnt make sense. ‘But the fire was another house in danger?’
    Maybe… but the fire placed another house in danger?

    • It’s okay, you just haven’t listen to a mountain man excited and exhausted with an adrenaline rush before.

    • Somehow I do not suspect that the Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department has a corporate PR person waiting to provide carefully scripted statements when they respond to incidents.

    • Lady, you were right about the grammar and I was the source. Somehow a word was missing. I’ve reinstated it.

  • Thank you firefighters.

  • That Todd Wright is a pretty darn awesome dude. You old mountain man.

    • You’re right about that Gump. He was on scene when my four year fell and smashed his jaw this summer, resulting in a trip to Children”s Hospital in Oakland. Thanks for that Todd, and thanks for the response on Suzi Q.

  • Thank goodness for everyone showing up. Could have been another multimillion dollar everybody breaths smoke for a month mess. Instead a lot of volunteers and some well placed professionals saved the day. Condolences to the homeowner, but way to go firefighters.

  • Todd is a great neighbor, generous with his time and commitment to our community. Glad to have people like him in my neighborhood. Hawkins Bar is one of the many hidden gems that makes me proud to be a citizen of Humboldt. It’s always funny to me that people drive by it on 299 and judge the book by its cover. There’s more to Hawkins Bar than the Rockslide, tall fences around old trailers and Paula’s Corner….. not that I don’t appreciate our clever disguise;)

    • Are you keeping it such a secret (“hidden gem”) as to infer that it is in a different county than it really is?

      • An excellent question unless the border beween Humboldty & Trinity counties moved sinc I lived in Hawkin’s Bar 60 + years ago it’s still in Trinity County!!!

  • Very appreciative of all the fire fighters. We have a place on Suzy Q and we worry about the egress also. Thanks for saving all of us.

  • Last night in Calistoga and Healdsburg – good ol PG&E turned off their power – for you know –
    W I N D.


    Wake up people.

    • What is constantly amazing to me is that anyone would think any group of people is organised, disciplined enough and commands enough self sacrificing individuals to conduct even a tenth of the plots attributed to them. In my experience there are always people who talk, screw up or try to take over. These people will almost always prevent a conspiracy, even if there is a desire to have one, from succeeeding.

      The only things that allow bad decisions to go forward is inertia and incapacity to see alternatives. That is not a conspiracy. That is human nature.

      • I read about this unbelievable conspiracy where 19 guys with box cutters (little razor blades)managed to hijack 4 different airline jets AT THE SAME TIME. Crazy, huh?

        The conspiracy goes on where it claims they destroyed some buildings and created a catalyst for 17 years of perpetual war.

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