Wounded Man Sought by Rio Dell Police Found as He Lay Near Death

Rio Dell PoliceRio Dell Police Chief Jeff Conner spoke to us about last night’s search by his officers for a wounded man throughout his town.

“We found the young man a little bit after midnight,” Conner said. “[There was] significant blood loss. He went to the hospital…Probably wouldn’t have survived if he hadn’t been found.”

Conner said that although the first reports indicated the man had been stabbed, it was later determined that he had received a laceration from glass.

“He cut himself on a window,” the police chief explained. “Not sure what he was trying to do.”

Connor explained that around 10:30 last night there was a disturbance. His officer detained one man and began searching for what was at first believed to be a stabbing victim.

The wounded man was eventually located in Fireman’s Park. “I believe he was still conscious just barely,” the chief explained. “One of the firemen heard him moaning.” The wounded man was then rushed to a local hospital Code 3.

The man who had been detained earlier “was eventually arrested for drunk in public and vandalism,” Conner explained. And, he said, there will probably eventually be charges for the wounded man.

Conner said that at this time he did not know the health status of the wounded man.

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