SoHum Chamber’s Featured Business of the Week: Inn of the Lost Coast

Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce

Every week the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce features a business of the week. We’ll be sharing their posts here to celebrate our community.

This week’s featured “Business of the Week” is the Inn of the Lost Coast!

The Inn of the Lost Coast was first established back in 1965, around the time Shelter Cove was beginning to be developed.  The developers during that time built the A Frame restaurant which is now currently known as “Mi Mochima” and the center building (one of the three buildings) directly across from it.  Once formally named The Shelter Cove Motor Inn, the developers used to fly prospective buyers into Shelter Cove, house them at the Inn and feed them at the A Frame restaurant while showing “lifestyle properties”.

As the years went by and history began to create itself, Shelter Cove evolved into a true destination location!

Michael Caldwell and his family purchased the Inn 18 years ago and decided that with the occurring changes and growth of the area, to also change the name of the Inn.  Now named as The Inn of the Lost Coast, this one of a kind destination attraction has been added on to and upgraded, leaving once in a life time memories for anyone that has the chance to experience all it has to offer!

The Inn is comprised of 18 rooms, ranging from the standard rooms to deluxe suites which include a fireplace, spa & sauna, all the while entertaining the perfect ocean view from your window!

Enjoy a weekend getaway and never have to leave the relaxing comfortable setting of your room!  Included on the property is the “Fish Tank Espresso House” which offers a variety of gourmet coffees, beverages, breakfast croissants and many other delicious freshly baked goods!   

If you are looking to dine in for the evening Delgada Pizza and Bakery is also on the property and it just takes a quick phone call to order the perfect pizza lovers delight!  Sit out on the balcony and dine together, as you watch the sun disappear into the ocean, creating a sunset like you have never seen before!

The Inn of the Lost Coast and its expanded size offers so much more than just a private get away for two!  There is a 900 square foot meeting and conference room called the Sinkyone Room that is often used for special events such as weddings and business retreats!  This perfect meeting place is also used for Christmas parties where many of the locals in the Shelter Cove community bring their families and can visit with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, enjoying the holiday spirit on the coast!  Decorating the room you can find the work and talent of many local artists in the community that have their art work on display.

If you are looking for some fun for the whole family join in on a friendly game of ping pong on the bottom floor or sit an relax reading a book at the comfortable seating area!

The Inn is family owned and operated with a GREAT staff that pays close attention to cleanliness and every detail catering to their customers comfort!  It is also home to the “Yellow Submarine” where all you need is “LOVE” and a reservation!

The Inn, its owners, staff and both on property businesses are proud community members and support Shelter Cove and the Southern Humboldt community in as many areas as possible every day.

At The Inn of the Lost Coast they are starting to “Elevate the Magic” and are becoming a “Wellness Destination”.   With the presence of Stephanie Andrews and Effie Boudreaux, the owners of the Inn are developing workshops, seminars and retreats.

Stephanie Andrews is a Kundalini yoga & meditation teacher, Black Sect Feng Shui practitioner and holistic healer for individuals, homes and businesses.  Her passion is to share teachings and tools to uplift and empower people to awaken their innate healing abilities and consciously create their best lives.

Effie Boudreaux is Co-Founder of a healing center in Shelter Cove called Maha Mudra where they do individual and group Sound & Plant Alchemy for optimal health.  Also teaching meditation techniques, Effie is a firm believer in that we are all energy and the vibration of our energy creates sounds.

With the Inn’s newly-crafted suites that are packaged full of amenities, enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Northwest coastline on top of the high cliffs of the rugged Lost Coast!  This destination location is worth the trip!

The Inn of the Lost Coast is located at 205 Wave Drive in Shelter Cove CA.

For more information and to book your stay please call or go to:

Phone:  707-986-7521



Thank you Inn of the lost Coast for your long standing partnership with the Chamber, and for creating an unforgettable experience on the Lost Coast for all to indulge in!

Note: Redheaded Blackbelt is a member of the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce.


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