Missing Woman’s Family Increases Reward for Information to $60,000

Khadijah BrittonOn Thursday, the family of Khadijah Britton increased a reward for information about the missing woman from $50,000 to $60,000, according to a Facebook page devoted to finding her.

Britton went missing in February of this year. According to a press release put out by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office on February 14, witnesses told them that a suspect in her disappearance, Negie Fallis,

…arrived at the location, armed with what appeared to be a small derringer pistol, and demanded his girlfriend, Khadijah Britton, exit the residence and speak with him.  Witnesses indicated Khadijah exited the residence where a physical altercation occurred between the male and female before they both entered a black Mercedes sedan and left the location.  Khadijah has not been contact with family since that time.

The suspect was eventually arrested and searchers scoured the area. Fallis and his alleged girlfriend pled guilty this week to charges unrelated to Britton’s disappearance. Fallis will be taken into custody on December 4 after sentencing.

Antonia Dulce Bautista Dalson, age 20, his alleged girlfriend will go in for sentencing a week later.

The Facebook page said that the reward is “for any information leading to her whereabouts or safe return home. If you have any information please call the Tip Line at (707) 234-2100.”

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  • It’s been reported that FB listens to everything we say, 24/7. If she was on FB, she was recorded. Is FB suppressing info?
    Same with DARPA, aka Google.

    I would get a warrant.

    I pray for her and her loved ones.

  • Someone needs to tell them what they know and collect that 60 k . F@&# that scum bag , he would tell the cops what he knew about a crime that took place if he could collect 60 k . So if someone knows something, tell everything you know and collect that 60 k and give the family some closure . It’s a young girl this happened too. Imagine if that was your little girl or sister or mother .

    • There not giving you 60k for yelling them what you know … it’s for info about her location that leads to finding her…and if the person with info was involved then that would make them an accessory during or after the fact making them inelligable to profit.

      I agree it’s sad but I’m not very hopeful that a criminal is going to voluntarily come forward with info since they were most likely involved.

      • Hebrew hammer you win the captain obvious award of the day . I think a lot of commenters on here don’t read what is written and like to make comments because they like to hear themselves talk . Thanks for proving this .

      • It literally says for information about the missing woman . Obviously it would have to be info that helps find her . Hebrew banner your a real smart person. Support the positive message I am trying to send not try and prove everyone wrong to make yourself feel better .

    • I’m trying to say if there’s someone who knows information they need to come forward . Definitely Not saying he should tell on himself and collect money . I’m saying if he knew about a different crime that took place and had the opportunity to collect 60 k he would tell the information he knew about the crime . Is that clear enough for you negative people . Jeez . You people should be backing what I’m saying , not ranting about bullshit .

  • No body = no murder. That dude is never talking for any amount of money. Sad? Yes indeed. Hopefully, someday the family will find closure. Good luck

    • What I was trying to say is that Negie Fallis would tell on someone else if he had information on a different crime to collect money so if someone knows any information about this crime they should say something . Actually with the proper evidence you can prove murder with out a body . It’s been done many times .

  • Maybe his current girlfriend can shed some light on the disappearance, she should run as far away from this guy as possible before she disappears too. Looks as if he likes his women young and vulnerable. Lock this predator away

  • Is the article saying this guy is out free until 12/4?

  • Everyone knows he killed her even her family knows. Why are we still looking for her alive? It’s sad but come on already.

  • What is the appeal of this guy to these young ladies? He`s an ugly fucker, he`s been in the “joint” twice apparently. Once was for abusing a child, which indicatres this is a bad guy and not someone who got caught with too many plants of the wrong kind. Just guessing, but it`s likely he`s not very smart, well traveled or someone of a great deal of depth or substance.

    I have heard that holding the bag of drugs (of the white powder variety) will score points with a certain class of lady.

    Young people don`t always exercise good judgement — I certainly have made errors as has most everyone. This guy is obviously seriously bad — difficult to imagine he was Mr. Wonderful until one day he suddenly lost it and whacked Ms. Britton. There is quite a bit to the old adage that if you stick your hand in a hornet`s nest, you can expect to be stung.

    Perhaps there is something in his name that`s appealing?

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