[UPDATE 11:05 p.m.] Accident Temporarily Closed Shelter Cove Road and Knocked Out Power

Shelter Cove Road was temporarily closed between Willow Glen and Kings Peak Road after a Cadillac Escalade collided with a power pole just before 8 p.m. The occupant left the scene.

The road was closed but according to Cheryl Antony of Shelter Cove Fire at approximately 9:40 p.m., “I’m directing traffic around [the accident scene.]”

A power pole was damaged and power was knocked out to the Cove, Antony said. Generators have restored power to the area, she explained. “RID workers working on downed power pole.”

UPDATE 11:05 p.m.: The road is now open, Antony said.



  • This should be seen as a portent of things to come. If, say, a big quake really closes the road y’all will be without access or power for months. You will be without food. Without water(no pumps), without fuel. You cannot really even prepare.

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