Victim Reportedly Stabbed Protecting His Belongings Near Trinidad

StabbingPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Oct. 11, 2018, at about 11:30 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Scenic Drive, just south of the city of Trinidad, for the report of a stabbing that had just occurred.

According to the male victim, he had been resting in his vehicle at a turnout on Scenic Drive when a pick-up truck arrived at the location. The victim told deputies that three men and one woman exited the vehicle and contacted the victim. The subjects then reportedly physically assaulted the victim and attempted to steal his belongings from his vehicle. While attempting to stop the subjects, the victim received a non-life-threatening stab wound. The victim told deputies that the suspects stole his B.B. gun from the vehicle prior to fleeing the scene.

The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The suspect vehicle is described as a dark-colored, full-size, extended cab pick-up truck, last seen traveling north on Scenic Drive. Deputies conducted a search of the surrounding area and were unable to locate the described vehicle or its occupants.

This incident is under investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • On the way to economic failure

    As the weed industry falters and is stolen from the PEOPLE by the state of California and the corrupt county the more desperate people will become.Im afraid we’re going to be seeing this alot.them claiming that trickle down doesn’t work the bottom feeders are starting to to get hungry and are turning cannibal.

    • That’s a piss poor excuse for bad behavior. I’ve been flat broke twice in my life, but I never resorted to robbery or assault. I imagine that proper blame could be laid upon the parents of the alleged perpetrators.

      • Don’t blame the parents. People make their own bad choices in life. People have a moral compass or they don’t.

        • yes, but i’m grateful my dad has his foot up my ass as a youngster so i could get a moral compass and learn how to have a good life. it’s about choices one makes in one’s life and having to suffer the consequences, no excuses

        • Sure they do! But it STARTS with good parenting.

        • I would assume you haven’t raised any children? Yes, some people are bad no matter what their taught, but if you reward or ignore a children’s bad behavior they start to think it’s okay to act that way because they don’t know any difference. By the time they’re old enough to discern right from wrong for themselves there moralities are already skewed because they’re used to getting their way.

      • political moderate

        What is trying to be stated is this is the fallout from legal pot. Ones who have devoted entire life to drug production and processing are now having the carpet pulled from beneath. In many cases only direction of travel is down. Big bank failed in 09 but legal marijuana will prove to be more devastating.

        • “Political,” true. Do you think it will get worse than it already is?
          Thank you.

          • Green ghetto will only get worse, not better. Disposable cash ran this county for the better ( ironically true,and you can’t deny it). Now that’s it’s gone, only junkies,theives,and mafia will run humboldt. Shit….even the pimps left town!

        • i think you are talking about people who have been dedicated to being felonious criminals.

        • this is just a typical day in NoHum. tweakers paradise, they don’t grow, they steal and sling meth. only a tweaker has a BB gun or a cross bow, why, because they have a felony. all of northern CA will feel the crash you are referring to, growers just leave, we all stay.

          • Coming from the person that got stabbed that night. You don’t know shit about me. It’s obvious that you judge a book by its cover. But you really suck at it. I am not some tweaking meth slaing thug. I am a man protecting his family and his belongings. I had a BB gun cuz there fun to shoot [edit]. And that’s all the punk ass bitch who stabbed me could find before fleeing and stabbing me like a coward cuz his daddy never tought him how to be a man and fight with his fists.

        • Just like the moonshiners after the repeal of that Prohibition. The law was a failure just like the laws against cannabis. Those who made their living solely on the black market had plenty of time to adjust or change occupations unless they were completely blind to the coming change in the law. The “carpet” wasn’t pulled, it gradually slipped. The definition of intelligence is the ability to adapt adequately to new stimulus in one’s environment.

          • Prohibition was actually a success at reducing alcohol consumption and reduction in places serving it. But it had unintended side effects of encouraging criminals to organize. It will be interesting to see if the current criminals organize themselves to keep the income stream flowing. Probably some will. Some will keep on being illegal but it will be more of a scramble. Overall most likely there will be a fading away of growers as the huge profits go away. The bootleggers were middle men more than producers. Here there have been fewer middlemen- also known as businessmen- that have a habit of organizing and who will lateral to new markets.

        • I digress, Times Standard printed stats from 2016.. “doctors in humboldt gave more opioid prescriptions than there are RESIDENTS”… also overdose rate was 2nd highest in the ENTIRE STATE😢

    • “On the way,” well said, unfortunately apears to becoming more and more true as the months roll by.

    • Mark my word, after 2020 when big tobacco and big pharma set up shop in California The Triangle will resemble the most depressed regions of Appalachia. The permitted growers that spent thousands and earned little will be driven out and all that will be left are county workers and impoverished people. The average pot consumer could care less about branding. They just want to get high.

  • On the way to economic failure

    You’ll see Orange sunshine !!!!

  • On the way to economic failure

    How about supervisor Steve Madrone HE IS THE MAN!!!!! Spoke on ja Friday again today what a cool guy.could only hope we get a supervisor like him next time around!!!! To bad we couldn’t vote on a speaker of the house at the county level!!! Mr. madrone you definitely have my vote.restore some sanity and dignity to Humboldt county!!!!!

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