Businesses Donate $2000 to Help Trinity County K-9 Program

TCSO K-9Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

TCSO press release



  • On the way to economic failure

    Team rip off !!!!! I wonder if they donated under those pushy phone solicitation phone calls from the sheriffs union.those people are worst than the phone scammers.they get enough of our tax money to extort and steal then they got some creep who won’t take no for an answer bugging you on the phone.Vote no on measure o !!!!!!

  • Tom at SPI is a good guy in my book. He works hard and cares about our forests…but;

    TCSO needs to just fire Corp. Josh Ford, put the money they save from paying someone who’s doing nothing into whatever…a new dog, a new cat, some goldfish.

    Josh Ford supports Hanover for Sheriff in the upcoming elections. Naturally I will vote for Saxon, who has support from people who actually work at their jobs.

    Vote Saxon if you’re tired of good ‘ol boys taking your tax money and throwing away your violent crime reports.

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