Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation Thanks Southern Humboldt Business and Visitors Bureau for ‘Art is Alive’ Event

From the Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation:

The Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation (SCARF) would like to thank the Southern Humboldt Business and Visitors Bureau (SHBVB) for the wonderful Art is Alive event they sponsored last weekend in Shelter Cove.  In conjunction with the “Art is Alive” event SCARF held a Plein Air event with 18 competitors and awarded $800 in Cash.  Also, a mosaic tile workshop was held for the community.

We also would like to thank the business who provided raffle items to support our nonprofit.  We would encourage the public to show your support (and spend your dollars) of these business who support our community.  Businesses we would like to thank include: The Historic Benbow Inn, the Inn of the Lost Coast, the Oceanfront Inn, Cecil’s Bistro, Gyppo Ale Mill, The Lost Frenchman’s Restaurant, and Sweet Grass.

Thank you again

The Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Board Of Directors




  • Amimissingsomething

    Was there any advertising sent out over the web or in the newspaper promoting this event or am I the only one who missed it??? Shelter Cove is an unknown treasure. If you want to see a boom(i don’t) just hold 4 fishing contests per year, two sandcastle building contests, 2-3 surf contests, 3-4 painting contests (weather is not a concern) Have a couple of ling Cod fry”s with $15.00 tickets or a family of 4 for $40.00 and some fish pole type prizes.Hold a fundraiser for windbreakers for campsites(Limit the camping to 7 days or you’ll end up with homeless trash everywhere. 1-2 serious golf tournaments(without a serious golf course) with mowed greens and fairways. You could even hold a cooking contest or 2 as long as some of the proceeds went to the local restaurants. Ask the CCC to come in and make 2-3 different biking (moto) trails. You’ll end up with more people than you can shake a stick at. Also warn people about the last 6 miles down the hill whether or not pulling a trailer….Have a nice weekend!!!

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