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Dear Humboldt Residents:

I’m voting “No” on Measure “O” which seeks to make the 1/2 percent sales tax permanent to supposedly increase our safety here in Humboldt County. It’s the “permanent” part that gets my “no” vote. Back when it was passed as Measure Z, the tax contained a 5-year expiration date. Without an expiration date, there is no accountability for how the money is spent. For example, the supervisors can use Measure O money to offset reductions in other public safety budget items, basically robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is a common government tactic, especially if left unchecked by permanent status.

That the supervisors assume we will simply trust them to wisely spend our increased tax money permanently is in and of itself an indication of them being out of touch, which has been shown to be the case repeatedly with many of their decisions. Consider their repressive and probably illegal re-interpretation of the Measure O cannabis tax, their choice and legal defense of the chief of the Public Defenders office (opposed by all the public defenders), their increase of County code fines from $10,000 per violation to $900,000 per violation in an action they publicly claim is designed to terrorize homeowners into compliance, and their failure to meaningfully address overall declining state of the county including its doubled murder rate, for starters.

The government of Humboldt County has been bilking its citizenry with fees and fines on all kinds of matters. I don’t see an increase in public safety with all that extra money flowing in. With the policies of the county resulting in a drastic decrease in sales tax revenue, they should implement policies to assist our tailspinning businesses rather than harming them and then asking us for more money.

The Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District recently made the same mistake at first and then corrected it, turning a raging 60% “no” vote on the parcel tax to support our local hospital which would have lasted 40 years or so to a well-over 70% “yes” vote when they ran the measure again with a 9-year expiration date. That is a huge change in vote simply because a realistic expiration date was attached. There are thousands of years of history to prove that governments and he corporations that love them are not to be trusted when left unchecked. There have been many current questions as to how the current measure’s money has been spent, but overall I’ve been supportive of it. If it had another 5-year expiration date, I would vote “yes” on the 1/2% sales tax measure for our public safety. Until that next opportunity, I say vote “No” on Measure O.

Darryl Cherney



  • Let’s not forget the “Eye In the Sky”, as well for another unneeded thing the Stupidvisors are wasting taxpayer $$ on!!! If they want more $$ then let them use the # million they racked up in confiscations from “EVIL” non permitted Cannabis Farmers!!! Let them use the ill gotten fees from those who can afford to pay their outrageous fees for the “Privilege of growing something far less harmful than the Heroin & Meth commonly found around the county that they are allowing to go virtually untouched while raiding Cannabis farms, instead of Meth labs!!!!

    • Or, how about we study small rural communities who are thriving, and never had pot in their area? I wonder how they do it. Do they have a natural resource they are working? Are they mining, or logging, or growing something other than pot? There is so much wood here, are there things we could process from the wood to sell? How about potatoes, which thrive here, especially in horse manure. Or saffron, which sells for $500 an ounce? Of course, since the democrat govt here has ruined the pot industry, like they do everything else, we demand they lower our property taxes 50% or so, it is worth about half now that pot is gone. With all this wood here, couldn’t we be making wood shavings products for bedding and gardening? Could someone investigate what it would take to do this? And, as for eye in the sky, look up, they have devices to block google land searches.

  • Where are all those civil forfeiture dollars going?

  • I am paying over 10% taxes on my total yearly house tax. Bond measures dealing with schools. I am 70 years old. My children have been out of schools for many many years. I paid my fair share back in the days. Why would I want to vote yes on any tax increase or continuance of such. We will be no safer with a measure O yes vote. We are living in a very dangerous time with rage flowing rampantly every single day. To late to turn back the clock now.

  • Thank you so much for your thoughtful analysis of this measure. You make perfect sense and I feel a whole lot more informed now. Thank you.

  • There is a meeting to discuss Measure O at Redway School on Wednesday, October 17 at 5 PM. There is a Facebook group created by supporters of Measure O, some of whom say things like this.

    “Support Measure O, to continue the 1/2 cent sales tax for public safety. This continues the Measure Z funding. Measure O is necessary to keep the Sheriffs office, rural fire departments, and the District Attorney fully funded and staffed. This is necessary to keep law enforcement ahead of the growing crime trends in the State. Please Support Measure O. YES on O in November!.”

    • That sounds so warm and fuzzy.
      Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.
      The stack of reasons why they cry for higher or extended taxes is too high. Knocking the bundle over and getting down to the nitty gritty first reason for taxing is crucial to understanding how the people’s emotions are easily swayed for abusers to abuse.

    • It is common in broke counties, to squeeze a dime as hard as they can with the left hand, while throwing away $100 bills, fast as they can, with the right hand. This is what hospitals everywhere do, and many public agencies, like Humboldt County, also accomplish, on an average day.

      Humboldt County has failed to successfully tax the whole “pot thing” for 40 years. The drug culture here has caused many responsible folks to run away, and the tax base has suffered. Now they want to raise the sales tax, San Francisco style, to pay for the shortfall. Well. Pot farmers do buy plenty of taxable stuff here, but many big ticket items, like Pickups and Cars, they are purchased in other counties where they are cheaper.

      Nice try, Humboldt County.

  • Letter to the editor couldn’t agree with you more.this sneaky thieving lying extorting county government definitely shouldn’t have our trust rite now to sign up for a permanent tax.they are definitely not to be trusted to look out for our best interest. I’m DEFINITELY voting no on o and hope most fellow countrymen will see it for what it is. the county supervisors gave themselves along with sheriff honsel a huge raise when z passed,honsel on 2 positions,grabbing our money lining there pockets was priority rite off the batt.!!!!!!!

  • If you can’t trust the government to do the right thing, why not just move to North Korea or any other of your liberal paradises?

    You [edit]liberals should move to Canada asap.

    • You facists should all move to Russia. They gots law and order in Russia. Nobody speaks out, nobody makes waves. Da, go to Russia. Dasvidaniya.

  • Thank you for your opinion Darryl. I agree with your concerns on the sunset clause.

    I was worried about the lack of a sunset clause when Measure “O” was presented, . I was told that the “No sunset” was the most popular choice with the voters, because it provided a more stable tax base for ongoing needs, in example; personnel and staffing positions. I also agree that Measure “Z” money has been properly spent, for the most part, with some small but glaring issues and lack of an outside audit, which is now being addressed and an audit is forthcoming.

    I inquired how the tax could end if the money started being spent on unpopular and non-emergency issues. I was told that it could be ended the same way that it was started, by putting it on a ballot. However, I am still voting for Measure “O” because the “Z” money has filled so many desperate needs for roads and emergency purposes. we need that funding to continue.

    In closing, I want to say that if the “O” money is not used in a proper manner, I will be leading the parade to repeal it. (along with Darryl’s help, I assume)

    • it will require a 2/3rds vote to end it. only 50.01% to pass it.

    • dont forget if we vote o out then they still have another year to write a new one with a sunset. basically the z money doesnt end this year it ends on March 31, 2020, the sales tax will expire.

  • This is the problem professional find with this subsidy. nutshell version.
    less sales = less sales tax revenue = less revenue under O that is already allocated to extra hires under Z with pensions = less money for existing needs = mismanagement of funds.
    I see the brown act being seriously violated in the not so distant future.

    • I understand your simple flow chart…Were people hired under Measure Z that are eligible for pensions?! That would be wrong. I don’t make as much nor do I have the pensions or healthcare that government workers receive. Understandably I do not want to give them more of my limited funds so they can sit in office chairs telling me what to do while living better than me ON MY MONEY!! Government employees’ parasitism of the regular working folk needs to be checked- not encouraged.

  • Cherney is once again misinformed .
    Measure Z funds have completely increased our quality of life , esp. in SoHum. We have 27/7 law enforcement coverage now and our sub station reopened after being closed for a few years.
    But most important to me and my family is that our Rural Fire departments ( vast majority are in sohum) have received almost 6 million dollars of measure Z funds for acquireing safety equipment, training and some departments got new fire engines. The rural departments are staffed by VOLUNTEERS who for years have been paying out of their own pockets for ALL of their own equipment and training needs. Duct taping parts on old fire engines PRAYING they weren’t going to fail in an emergency.
    measure O will continue with this essential funding for our First Responders.
    There is an oversight committee made up of community members whose job it is to make sure that measure Z $$ , (soon to be measure O $$) only goes to public safety and first responders.

  • Daeeyl cherney should stop shouldning of everyone

  • Thanks Daryl think you’re hitting it spot on. It’s a shame that the fire department funds have to be mixed in this.too bad we don’t have a measure just for them and the ambulance services

  • Let them rewrite it for 2020 with a sunset clause!!! By then they will have completely destroyed the local economy and ran 75% of the population out of here flat broke with an extortion bill so large the franchise tax board will be garnishing there wages for the rest of there lives.thats why they want it permanent cuz they know most people will be forced to leave soon.there will be no jobs cuz most buissnesses will be closing or starving to stay open barely keeping there doors open.good luck charging people more money when you are in the process of taking it all away

    • This One Is A Greater Good

      This funding goes in large part to the rural parts of Humboldt County, we are getting a deal. It’s some of the most responsibly spent government money there is, we have a community oversight committee, and it’s 100% local controlled.

      I’m not sure what more a So Hum resident could want from responsible government than Measure O, especially since it’s been a proven success for four years as Measure Z. We have not only the HUGE fire benefit, but road improvements, DAs, services for disadvantaged kids, rural ambulance service (in east county and certainly possible now in So Hum) and yes, deputies for patrol and response to calls–that’s the kind of policing we want to pay for.

      As to you “extortion bill,” Measure O costs you $0.50 (fifty cents) on every $100 you spend.

      I don’t like taxes and I think there is waste in government. Measure O is the most local, responsible, well maaged money I’ve seen, and you actually see real things come from it.

      Please vote Yes on Measure O.

  • I disagree with Darryl on this one.
    As a volunteer First Responder who knows how hard it is each and every time a vote is taken that involves taxes, no matter how mch the funds will benefit the community, I understand why they wish to make it permanent. I also understand why people worry that could backfire. So I asked.
    The answer I received is in the photo.
    The time and $$ and stress involved to run this incredibly beneficial measure up for a vote every few years makes no sense to me.

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