Measure Z-Funded Juvenile Diversion Progam Offering Parent Project Class Series Beginning Thursday

This is a press release from the City of Arcata::

Arcata, CA – Arcata Police Department’s (APD) Juvenile Diversion Program is pleased to announce that registration for the next Parent Project course session is open for enrollment.

The Juvenile Diversion Program provides services to at-risk students and their families with help from Juvenile Diversion Counselors and a School Resource Officer who directly serve inside Northern Humboldt County Schools.

The Parent Project course sessions are parent-training classes designed for primary caregivers who want help improving their child’s school attendance and performance. The program also teaches intervention and prevention techniques to help improve communication with strong-willed teens, prevent drug-use and gang involvement and it puts caregivers in contact with local resources that offer additional family support.

Parent Project classes will take place once a week for an 11-week period from Thursday, October 18 to Thursday, January 24, 2019 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the McKinleyville High School Library located at 1300 Murray Road in McKinleyville. A $35 materials fee is required, but fee waivers are always available to those in need.

Dinner, free child care and a teen study area will be provided at no cost to parents and caregivers while they attend the course. To register, visit or call 707-825-2538.

APD’s Juvenile Diversion Program, in partnership with Northern Humboldt Unified School District, has been made possible thanks to Humboldt County Measure Z funding. For more information about the Juvenile Diversion program, or to inquire about Parent Project courses, please call 707-825-2538.


About The Parent Project The Parent Project’s mission is to develop parent-training programs for raising difficult or out-of-control children. We are committed to providing highly effective programs that are affordable for every parent. The Parent Project is now the largest court-mandated juvenile diversion program in the county for agencies and is the least expensive intervention program available today. For more information, visit
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  • Now the left wants to tell you how to raise your kids…big brother is here.

  • The Parent Project is now the largest court-mandated juvenile diversion program in the county

    does anyone have any good stories about this program?

  • The Parent Project is also offered in Fortuna

  • The theft, labeled Tax, supported Parent Project. CF.

    At “The County” {“General Law”/no charter], Supes. meeting, Fortuna and Arcata were given extended time to complete the disposal of their 2017-2018 “request” amount of the over-a-million-a-month 1/2% theft. Spend it, or, or what i dunno. The County is hiring consultants from afar and expert tax persons just to deal with the heavy load of the Z fraud. The rulers are drowning in irredeemable paper.

    Fortuna Inc.,and Arcata Inc., collect a Tax that incorporated cities can’t [their rules], Then hand it over to “The County”, that then disburses back to the seven incorporated cities an amount based on what ever way the wind blows that day.

    Arcata once got two new cars -$80,000 – so Human Resource shrinks could doddle around. Ferndale an antenna for communication. Rio a full-time Sec. in the P.D. The passing back and forth of ill-gotten gains takes a lot of cover-up procedures performed by additional Staph. Just the made-up ‘request forms ‘ for each of the inc. cities, takes expertise in the field of bull shitting. Like, what will you do with the partial return of the Z money your city stole from your own community? A sworn statement. Evidence proving that it was spent on what the request said. Monthly County inspections to make sure the stolen money goes where the request says. Interest is involved.

    There’s so much overflow “The County” is footing the bill on the CITY OF EUREKA’S Vet’s building re-do. The re-do agreement between “The County” and the re-doers has been amended (Supplement Budget in Agenda lingo), five times so far for additional funds – $300,000 just yesterday.

    “The County” owned Vet’s building in Garberville STILL remains in shambles.

    Not to worry [drum roll] Arcata Inc., and Fortuna Inc., to the rescue of unincorporated Garberville and her County-owned Vet’s building re-do.

    Garberville collects the 1/2% sales tax w/out full disclosure vote.
    City Inc’s., collect the 1/2% sales tax w/out evidence for their claim to do so.

    Criminal parasites are running “The County.”

    And, there’s still the next 18 months of the five-year 1/2% extortion (April 1, 2015 to April 1, 2020).

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