Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Alleges Trespassing, Electricity Theft, Illegal Marijuana and More Found on Alderpoint Area Property Today

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Oct. 10, 2018, at about 9 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies conducted an investigation following reports of trespassing and illegal activities on North Coast Railroad Authority property, located on Alder Ave. in Alderpoint.

While on scene, deputies located and removed two trespassers, and found several junk cars, biohazardous materials, and trash discarded on the property. Deputies also located and eradicated approximately 241 growing cannabis plants. Additionally, during the course of their investigation, deputies discovered that trespassers had manipulated a Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) power source to steal electricity. PG&E responded to the scene to investigate and disconnect the power source.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is working with the North Coast Railroad Authority to address the junk cars and hazardous materials found on the property, in addition to the ongoing trespassing issues. Citizens are encouraged to report trespassers on this property to the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.



  • About time…

  • Disgusting garbage people

  • “its all good bro”

  • Hear the train coming? Meth..meth..meth..meth..meth.., Tweeeeek!

  • “its all good bro”

  • A person couldn’t write this stuff, pure entertainment! Rad

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  • Does anyone else not care?? Look at highway 36 propertys for sale everywhere even southern Humboldt honeydew all businesses are down 20%. Good job cops w small…. Trying to be cool. Well guess what your kids will be living in poverty schools with thugs an more likely because of the cops actions more of there (own) kids will be addicted to drugs because other parents won’t have money like they did before an there kids will be giving your kids drugs. On top of that who cares everyone that has made it is gone or is going away so enjoy, your small man syndrome cops, devastating economy & soon to come the new drugs you guys haven’t even heard about. Should of kept the plants cause your family’s will all be affected now.


  • North Coast Rail Authority properties are leaking toxic waste into the Eel River from Willits to Eureka, look at all the blown out culverts and tracks sliding with hundreds of thousands of tons of aggregate into the Eel River…… Different set of rules for industrial polluters and cannabis polluters….. The industrial guys are ignored and no enforcement takes place… Meanwhile they grind on cannabis farmera harder than any other local industry including big corporate timber. LEAR Asset Managemant has the security contract, good job Paul

    • People tend to address issues with the highest risk or the most ongoing damage first. Right now, that would be illegal pot grows, not aggregate in the river. Mother Nature has been dumping aggregate in the Eel River forever.
      I have worked on wells drilled in the Eel River Valley, where we were still drilling through river rock and silt at 5000′. Drilled through a spruce log at 5500′ one time. The railroad will never be active again and Mother Nature will erase all sign of it in a few years. Erosion caused by man isn’t spit to the Eel River system, compared to what nature deposits yearly. What screwed the Eel was the dams. No more big flush. People blamed the logging for the rising bed of the river, but it sure hasn’t dropped since the logging quit. It is still rising and will continue to do so forever.

      • Since the logging quit? Huh?

        At 101 take 36 east about 2 1/2 miles. You can’t believe how high and how many rows and hpw far back the logs are stacked .. you travel past it, and keep going by it. And this is just One of many storage areas,

        Go by Costco more blocks north and there’s another ‘holding pen.’

        Go by Scotia.

        Same if not more than in the 90’s.

      • Guest… Wrong. You hit a spruce tree drilling at 5,500 ft. DOWN? Or was that your elevation UP in the Yolla Bollas? Have been watching the Eel for 46 years. At the Alderpoint bridge and almost exactly where this grow is/ was , the river is down cutting and has been since and event in late 97, or early 98. It has down cut at least two -three ft. Steelhead Creek[to the west] down cut 3 ft. in one night, in that same event , almost all the way to the headwaters, even after re activating 3-4 different huge slides, that had healed, all originally caused by logging roads crossing the creek bed, or along side the streamside, that originally blew out in The flood of 1964.There was deposited,in 64 approx 30 ft of gravel at the mouth of Steelhead Creek where it meets the Eel. Today It is actually down to bedrock under the trestle there and cataracts and waterfalls are reappearing that have long been buried {64?] Your right about the flushing that the dams help to stop.But its not that simple. And Think about all the herbicides sprayed along the railroad for 50+ years, and the creosote ties, that have been polluting the main stem from Dos Rios to Eureka.[Let alone the Russian] Especially herbicides. That alone nearly killed the aquatic life in the river. Scott Downey of Fish and Game in the 80 s? declared the Eel DEAD… And iiiiii it nearly was. The anadromous fish are back, the Shad,Sculpin,the suckers, the eels, [I found hundreds of Eel reds on just ONE river bar this year. I had never seen even ONE eel red before this year] AND, the Green Sturgeon, , who the fish and game dont even recognize as being in the Eel, the small clams and mussels[?]Bass and blue gill and of course Pike, ,The otters are really back, and mink! The Eel is down cutting ! .Introduce yourself……. lets talk..

      • HumboldtBiologist

        5000′ deep, were you digging to China? Bologna

      • Guest: Not surprised to see you contradicted, again.

    • Eldon G. Whitehead

      The NCRA organization is already about several hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and they cannot get any funding what so ever to pay down this debt, which means that they have no money of finances to try and keep up with any day to day operations, so, that’s the reason the RR line is going down and into the Eel River in a lot of area’s. I have been down to the RR line in Scotia for the past few weeks and have taken a couple of hundred pictures of the two box cars and Baggage Car that was stranded there from the ’64’ Flood. The Train Depot has been destroyed and trashed beyond belief and the main line in areas are overgrown with brush. Sad to see as I was living in Scotia when the NWP was a thriving concern. If you are interested in seeing the pictures, let me know and I can post some on my home page.

      • If you walk south down the tracks from Alderpoint, in some places you will find the tracks “stranded” above the earth where water erosion has undermined them. You will also find a section where the locals have dragged the tracks off of their bed so that they could use it as a roadway for wheeled vehicles. It is clear that we do not have the national resources to maintain both highway and train on this route.

  • Keep it classy humboldt. How can there be any profit in growing? It’s over! the golden years were in the early nineties.

    • How can you not make money growing Cannabis? If a tomato, orange, melon etc… farmer can make money, selling at less than $2/LB, a pot farmer can easily make a living selling at $400/LB.

      • future land auction bidder

        Vegetable farmers are not greedy and tremendously better at executing a business plan. Pot farmer will ‘go broke’ if they can’t sell 1000 bows at $1000 or more each. The veggie farmer knows that his/her break even is north of 5000 pounds at $2/LB.

        Vegetable farmers work 3650 hours per year, pot farmers may “work” 200 or so hours per year and cry if they don’t make bank every season. Where did the idea for dep come from? Mmmmmmm moe money.

        Posting pics of your 5 pounders on facebook does not count as work. Sexually harassing your trimmers does not count as work. Snorting gaggers of meth does not count as work. Spending the afternoon at planet fitness does not count as work. Getting fuck-faced at Mario’s does not count as work. Going into town to get a bigger lift kit installed on the out of state licensed grow dozer, you guessed it, does not count as work.

      • You aren’t super intelligent, how much does dried lettuce sell for per pound?! Bulk organic herbs that lack the extensive regulatory hurdles that cannabis does, cost between $25-100/lb. tarragon, cardamom, rosemary, check it out. Water weight is 80-90 % of produce… try thinking sometime

  • political moderate

    This could not be a better example of the typical grow scene. Garbage, junk, pollution, theft, trespassing, and oh yes 241 pot plants. Absolutely stunning no meth or heroine was found. Musta had a runner who fled with harder drugs to local motel. Too bad the Netflix crew didn’t stay around for this one.

    • Lol AP doesn’t have a motel an you definitely not going to flee to one from where this was located.

    • Political moderate. Shut it! you don’t know what your talking about! That is not what most grows look like.

      • almost every original property in Mckinleyville looks like this and Fieldbrook, Glendale, Blue lake, Trinidad, etc. and their paying property tax on what it cost in 1950.

        • Haters gotta hate. Prop 13 passed in 1978. Prop 58 passed in 1986. Even with that protection property tax increases 2% per year for most years plus the now 6 bonds that are on the bill in my area. That is the only protection people have to be able to keep their houses especially if they are retired. Bonds hit low income people especially hard where the person could have a relatively low property tax because of initially owning a cheap property but the bonds can double the tax bill. Government is always looking for more money but hitting property tax is an especially cruel way to get it.

      • More like “pseudo typical moderate”

  • Smart actually,the extortion based supervisors won’t abate the railroad company!!!!! Trespass grows are coming back into style with the new pay us off or get extorted program!!!!!

  • Eco Destruction….throw the books at these rotten growers!

  • I can make a greenhouse out of anything, watch me.

  • I hope Pepsi paid for the blatant product placement. “You Got the Right One Baby!”

  • Most of aldetpoint looks like this. Did the county not really know? Come on! Of coarse they know. Its only comlaints that get action. Fyi. Look to the south part of adeepoint. If you miss it. Stop at the store and look across the street!

  • ALL sad and pathetic..squatting on government land, stealing electricity from a PG&E line illegally(while other folks in town pay their electric bills). Garbage piled high, while there is a dump up the road. Of course someone did the RIGHT thing and called them in…GREAT JOB!! Keep it going, clean the trash out of town. That’ll help keep FUSE TV from coming back to film a sequel to their ‘Murder Mountain’ joke of a mockumentary. Where they interviewed meth heads, growers and Rancho freaks. The time has come to clean up AP and all the pestilence that’s all the bad. Let the good citizens live in peace there, like it was before when there were true hardworking folks there.. Not raping the land for greed..the times of CHANGE are upon them all..!

    • Are you talking about logging or ranching? Because logging is like the definition of raping the land for greed.

      • “Logging is evil, ranching is worse,
        Cops lie about growers and steal from us.
        We’re too important, you’re clearly not
        You can’t survive without Mom ‘n Pop pot.”

        The chorus to the Greedy Grower’s Lament.

      • So is cutting trees to burn in people’s wood stoves. Where are those trees coming from? Near the same place lumber companies are cutting. Only difference lumber company’s timber is chipped and not chopped up for firewood. They are all trees!!

  • Looks like they setup shop a looooonnng time ago

  • heard about that railroad grow at least four or five years ago,
    guess someone finally cared enough to bust it.
    if there were a photo book of weird grow sites that one would
    surely make it.

  • Chateau alderpoint………

  • and how long do you have to squat to end up owning the land?

  • Cunning how these growers planned to dump trash in this same spot over the last two decades so they could start up a grow.

  • You cannot own land by ” squatting ” on a parcel, but you can possess it legally, it is called ” adverse possession ” the requirements are you must live openly on a piece of land for 5 years continually and pay the property taxes every year, than you can file a claim for ownership , the title you will get is only for your lifetime and you cannot sell the property to another. so it is very limited.
    Not a great way to live.

  • Where was this slob getting his water from! Stealing it from the Alderpoint Water District?
    Speaking of which, can the self-important grower that lives in AP just pay his water bill every month like an adult instead of crying to Estelle Fennel to get it turned back on because of lack of payment . Jesus dude, grow up !!

  • Trespassers located and removed. No arrests? Wtf.

    • Arrests start the clock for arraignment and speedy trial. Arresting everyone at the scene would result in a lot of dropped charges later.

  • many small towns look similar mostly because of meth addicts.Reservations look even better.

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