EPD Arrests Three After Finding Meth, Heroin at Local Motel

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Kidd-Thompson, Naze and Jones

During the first week of October 2018, Detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing (POP) unit received complaint(s) regarding possible drug sales at a local motel. An investigation was initiated and a search warrant was soon obtained.

On 10-10-2018 at approximately 10:29 a.m. members of POP and the Community Safety Enhancement Team (CSET) served the search warrant at the 1100 block of 5th Street.

As a result of the search warrant service, approximately 51.9 grams of suspected heroin, approximately 1.2 grams of suspected methamphetamine, and items consistent with possession for sales of a controlled substance(s) were seized.

Based on the investigation and seizure, Anthony Robert Jones (31 years old), Racheal Michelle Naze (33 years old) and Chesley Morgon Kidd-Thompson (23 years old) were taken into custody for the below charges:

Jones: Possession of a controlled substance(s) for the purpose of sales.

Naze: Possession of a controlled substance(s) for the purpose of sales.

Kidd-Thompson: Possession of a controlled substance.

All suspects were booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on their fresh charges. This is an ongoing investigation and further details will be released if appropriate.



  • Scary looking folks!!! This what happens when you do drugs, they could be upstanding citizens holding down jobs and raising a family, instead they chose the wrong path, that leads to nowhere

    • Or they could be upstanding citizens WITHOUT raising a family. Overpopulation is rampant, and popping out babies is NOT a socially responsible thing to do, nor does it impart ANY additional value to ones being.

      • Its the toughest and the most rewarding part of existence but yeah, its not for everyone for sure

      • So the “responsible” ones, who do not reproduce their genes, get replaced with irresponsible, whose genes are reproduced. Now what does Darwin say happens then?
        It sounds like a simple, sensible idea. Just don’t have children. Unfortunately it’s a failure from the start. Those who have children win.

        To make that work, there has to be a very strict regulation on immigration or those who have lots of children will move in to fill the void left by “responsible” people. There are also sizable effects on tradional economies. And look at what happened to China’s population when they made the first real effort to restrict population growth. No. Not simple and certainly not unselfish.

        • Since what you say, Guest, would be true if we kept on doing it this way–where the ill-educated, the generally lower-IQ people, the poor, the gullible, keep having the babies, as in The Idiocracy–then why not do it another way?
          Instead of feeding the poor a bogus “religion” and the idea that a house, job, and family will make their lives stable and happy, why not promote paradigms based on reality–kids cost money; kids cause stress, especially if you are so unable to cope with reality that you use destructive drugs regularly; kids take a lot of time; kids could cause you to do horrible things. Maybe even start some programs that promise something like: if you get permanently sterilized you will be paid $20,000. This is not eugenics. Nobody is forced to it, any more than anyone is forced to listen to religious propaganda that guilt-trips them into having babies they are ill-equipped to handle.
          So then you get a falling birthrate, below replacement perhaps. At that point, the people who are best able to raise healthy, sane children go ahead and do so, because they are accustomed to doing the socially responsible thing–which by then, reproducing would be. And they are well aware that if anyone should be having babies, it is they–with their smarts, talents, and family histories of functionality.

          • Because people want to be drug addicts that leach off of society. It’s easy and you don’t have to have responsibilities. Smoke dope,steal shit without punishment to feed your drug habit AND get goverment handouts because your “disabled “ or get welfare for populating the world with born losers. Life in America can be easy, you just need to know how to manipulate the system. Education=determination. Hard work=hard work, but to be a paid loser who has to do nothing is pure brilliance!

      • Donny, I agree!

      • who told you that? and why did you just believe them without question? i know you are wrong and we are not overpopulating

      • Agreed, this world is to scary to bring kids into. Stop breeding.

  • The 3 stooges eurekas finest what a shithole that place is just gets better and better… will california ever keep these zombies locked up for more than a few days? Props to the citizens again and again trying to make a dent

  • And why don’t the police start charging these hotels with maintaining a residence?

  • Should be looked at like these people are sick and should be given some help for there illness not locked up for a long time,waste of tax and extortion money has been for long time.this extorting government should quit throwing our money down the toilet and start spending it to heal people.get em clean and give them the tools to change!!!!!!

    • i’d rather spend money on people who choose to do the right thing instead of rewarding and rescuing bad behavior

      • Exactly. There are plenty of families that have jobs and are still struggling. Help the ones that help themselves first and then work down the line.

      • Society has no responsibility to help the downtrodden and people who don’t ‘do the right thing’. Maybe we could just exterminate all of the people who don’t meet your standards CAROL-.

        • We don’t need to exterminate them but we don’t need to support their bad habits by giving them a monthly income for doing nothing more than sitting on their ass and shooting drugs. You would be surprised how many people would pull their head out their ass when it came down to either doing drugs or starving to death..

    • Ninety percent will never heal, Meth is Death… That would be wasting tax payers money. Only help those who want help.

      • not true at all, the part about 90% will never heal. meth is toxic and it is how your get people to stop using it. education is the key. meth is not addictive, just the stuff you do on it is.

        • Local makes a great point, meth is not addictive, the stuff you do while high is the addiction. This should be Humbolts moto. WTFIWWTP.

          • meth is a N. America wide problem. even worse in S. America. according to the some of the Eureka conservative rhetoric going on about how this problem formed – Kidds family came here to grow weed in the late 1800s. making them the real OG. with weed leaving the problem in Eureka will double or triple by this time next year. most are 10 bucks away from eviction. Eureka created this problem by not caring as indicated by many comments on every news outlet and the simple fact that most went to school on the west side.

            • Chesley Kidd-Thompson

              Kidds family? I’m pretty sure I only lived in Humboldt for about 2 years until last month, and none of the Kidd side of my family is from or currently lives in Humboldt Co., California other than my mom who moved there after I did. My family and I(kidd side) are from Oklahoma, and they are all still there for the most part…I’d list the other incorrect assumptions made about me in these comments as well if I hadn’t already went through this on another site. ie: I have a job, have a healthy child who since she was born has never been exposed to drugs or people under the influence of drugs or even people with vapor, smoke or any other type of residue on there bodies and clothes. Also I have a college-level education, healthy wife, I’ve never been to prison, and just for the god damn record, i was booked and released and the charge was dropped because I had nothing to do with this investigation. So talking shit on the internet is fun, but all doing so will ever amount to is you looking as foolish as i do because of this Oct. 10th event. Have a nice night.

        • Local Observer, this is got to be One of your most ridiculous posts yet. Methamphetamines is one of the most addictive drugs on Earth..




          • the addictive part is the sex.

            • I love sex too, maybe to the point of addiction. I know it wears on my wife sometimes;>) but I don’t sit around smoking meth all day. I get up everyday and work my ass off, I have three beautiful smart lovely children and a beautiful smart wife. I keep my shit together, don’t expect a monthly check from tax payers to pay for my family. So saying that sex is the reason people are addicted to methamphetamines is yet another ridiculous statement.

              Besides, most of the hardcore meth users I know suffer from Crystal dick anyways. Same thing with opiate users. Possibly that’s why they have such high rates of aggressive behavior lol.

      • hrmm. i dont think you fully understand meth or how and why it has gotten out of hand the way it has. meth used t be given to men in battle to keep them alert. most of the truckers in the 60s 70s 80s and even 90s used speed or what is now meth. riddlein given to children is meth. then when they are older they are given adderall which is also meth. often there is no help when these scripts are stoppes due to insurance policies or personal belief of drs. losing insurance . chamge in health care providers are all things that could cause one to be left with out the drug they were given since early childhood. causing them to turn to other sourcs to get what they have been taught they need. infact many dont know how to function without it. then there are others who self medicate simply because they dnt go to doctors. only problem is that because so many people feel the need to control others the ingrediants havehad to be washed out of other drugs in street labs using less than ideal chemicals to do it. if the materials werent banned the meth would be made safer and the labs less toxic but as with anything when one group of people tries to force another group of people to live their lifes a certain way they will adapt and live how they want to.

        • In other words, you can’t fix stupid?

        • Real Tired of The Drug Zombies

          Yep, it sure doesn’t look like their medicine is working. As usual it is all about the users needs. How about the collateral damage these addicted drug pushers cause? I think you have it backwards. The meth addicts and their labs control their neighbors life. They pollute the air, water, make excessive noise, contaminate the food you grow, and basically the neighborhood with the type of people they attract. They like to steal anything they can get their hands on and will also assault you for no reason. Please tell me what percentage of these meth and heroin users need this drug to be able to function in life. Name one positive thing they have done for their community. I’ve seen this show for way too long. I have 0 pity for people who choose to live their lives like this and force me to live with their choices!!!

          • ahh but back in the day there was no need for labs to make meth. you culd buy it in truck stops over the counter, from the back of adult mags and even in drug stores. fact is tgat big pharm created te meth problem and the streets filled in the holes. if it was easier to get and clean then you wouldnt have the theifing side effects. there would be less health risks and most could function much like the over 60 percent f the us populaton that is on some form of anti depressants or ant physic drugs perscribed by their doctors and paid with ther health insurance.

            • Your 60% of the US population is off. It is more like 20% for antidepressants and psych drugs. Addiction for most people was a choice at one time in their life. You usually have to work to also be able to afford health insurance. The meth mongrels don’t have time to work.* “They’re busy doing what meth people do. They occupy their whole life doing speed, buying speed, dealing speed, and being on speed!” If they only knew that running their heart at twice its normal rate means you die twice as fast. They can’t deal with any sort of reality at all. Unfortunately many will never break free and they will continue to ruin other peoples lives.

              *Ouotation is from Victor G. Flashman

    • People don’t wanna change owl! I’ve been to rehabs where people are put in there because the “system” put them there to “make” them better. It don’t work. The day there out, there using again. YOU have to want it,bad, for it to change. Being a drug addict is easy, until it isn’t……

  • On the way to economic failure

    The war on drugs has waisted billions of tax payers dollers!!! Isn’t it kind of funny how were staying in the largest heroin production country in the world(Afghanistan) and all of a sudden were having the biggest heroin epidemic since Vietnam?????!!!

  • Mom & pops

  • looks like they banged her around a bit. they all need a brake at the eureka grey bar inn and glad they are getting their mini vacation for a few hours before they are back out within 24 hours
    faces of meth

  • thick blue line of criminal corruption

    Ever notice how there are no old meth addicts. Heroin addicts can live to a ripe old age, meth addicts not so much.

  • People have been using drugs since the beginning of our time and that’s not going to change. Personally I don’t think drugs should be illegal. Some of the big changes that has happened to our society in regard to drug are . one we started tolerating unacceptable Behavior while high on drugs, Two we started reducing punishment for crimes committed when people are high on drugs, Three we started subsidizing and providing a monthly income for people that cannot function because they’re too fucked up on drugs and we stopped treating drug abuse as a personal choice and started treating it as some disease people cannot control, which is horseshit. Drugs can be anything from alcohol to methamphetamines to marijuana. My wife and I come from a long history of Alcoholics. Being raised by people that were drunk most of the time, I made a personal decision not to allow myself to be control by alcohol and I can keep it in check quite well. My wife on the other hand was not able to do so, so after having our first child she made the personal choice not to drink anymore, And has been clean and sober for over 6 years. Consuming drugs of any sort is a personal choice… Society as a whole should not be on the hook for your personal choices.

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