Drug Enforcement Unit Eradicates About 4,600 Growing Cannabis Plants in Shively Area

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Oct. 10, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served one search warrant to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Shively area. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California State Water Board and the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department assisted in the service of the warrant.

One parcel was investigated during the service of the warrant. The parcel, located on the 100 block of Shively Flat Road in the Eel River watershed, did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.

During the service of the warrant, deputies eradicated approximately 4,602 growing cannabis plants.

Assisting agencies found the following violations:

– Failure to report a hazardous materials release (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to prevent a hazardous waste release (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Failure to establish a Hazardous Materials Business Plan (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Commercial cannabis ordinance violations (up to $10,000 fine per day)

– Building without a permit violations (up to $10,000 fine per day, per violation)

– Unapproved sewage disposal system violation

Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

No arrests were made during the service of the warrant. The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Blah blah. Same shit different day.

  • this is still news eh,,,,who gives a shit

  • That’s probably just grey water coming out of the trailer and the county is calling it hazardous waste…bull shit!
    Sucks for them to get popped so late, October 10th man oh man that hurts

  • Well done…..NEXT!

  • cove broseph:
    Your right man, I do give a shit. after over 30 years of abuse from these rat- bastards,,,,, I still give a shit, thanks for the reminder bro,,,

  • copsruinedtherealhumboldt

    bye Bye Humboldt no one will miss this place

  • No contract, no jurisdiction.

    No injured party, no jurisdiction.

    No Oath of Office. No Sheriff.

    No Sheriff, no chain-of-command. No duty. No honor.


  • Chump was on loco giving links that showed him actually driving the skid steer and showing some paperwork that will allow that machine to demo unpermitted structures in the near future.

    I think he was giving a heads up…

    • hopefully the County has a huge pollution liability policy. what’s going to cover the 80K annual policy increase for the result of yahoo behavior. dwindle funds grading into major structure change is the future of Humboldt’s public agencies. grow dirt and Costco alone make up a good portion of sales tax revenue in the past decade.

  • No permit = no plants

  • I hate seeing my homeland go to pot, this is why we don’t have the fish like we had in the past. You pot growers have killed our environment, I would hope you pay the price for killing our environment.

  • 165northern the logging Industry filled the rivers with silt and destroyed the fish.you obviously believe anything your told.there propaganda brainwash is pumping that but it’s not true!!!! The reason there pumping this is to cover up the violations of the Constitution and property rights and to collect extortion money and to get there 26% off of the MASSIVE pay off pot farms that ARE in GOOD STANDING they call it. In other words pay off standing.

  • On the way to economic failure

    Well I guess these people weren’t into the new pay off or be extorted program.now there fined into ruin,labeled with propaganda lies of being environmental degradaders because they didn’t have PERMITTED septic(which costs thousands and thousands and takes a forever to deal with because of those cunt+$ at the planning department,i know because Ive done it a couple times)and some more lives are ruined,property stolen,and the local economy slides a little further into failure.

    • future land auction bidder

      Six violations, one is for the illegal septic. These people ruined their own lives. Nobody forced them to fail to report a hazardous materials release, or fail to prevent a hazardous waste release, or fail to establish a Hazardous Materials Business Plan, or violate the Commercial cannabis ordinance, or build without a permit, or occupy a trailer with an illegal sewage disposal system. The HCSO needs to get their weed-eating bobcat back there and grind down the rest of the structures.

      • funny you drive down to napa and al you see is camp trailers on burnt out lots….guess if your huse burned dwn it is ok to live with piles of rash in a camping trailer n your little lot. but if you own land and want to live in your rv you must be shit out of luck .

        • future land auction bidder

          The man will probably leave you be as long as you don’t have 4600 plants next to your piles of trash and camping trailer in your little lot.

  • Over harvest= future damage

    Um…. the fish are down due to the logging practices and commercial fishing the ocean.Dredge the rivers and eliminate commercial fishing and wed have swimming holes in the summer and private fisherman with big smiles

  • Is this the place next to CR farms??

  • There is a HUGE weed farm in Shively that is not tightly track n traced. They backdoor many boxes into the interstate marketplace. Heck- their “marketing agent” has been doing that business for 20 years and those same contacts are being utilized for this production that blows out thousands of pounds. If you’re protected behind permits to grow at that level then you should have to abide by the Track n Trace and sell only to CA market!

  • This county is shooting itself in the foot to say the least. Who are these scammers running your county? People get out and vote.

  • 165 your absolutely right. Loggers never dumped tons of chemicals and miles of poly pipe down rivers. Or pumped water out of the rivers. And study’s show that logging slash in creeks and rivers is actually more beneficial by pooling water and slowing water to create less erosion.

    • logger change their equipment fluids onsite as needed. the liquids go on the ground and the plastic containers go on the to be burned slash pile.

    • Pacific lumber dropped fire and chemicals from the sky with diesel as a surfactant. They own around 900,000 Acres of Humboldt County I watched them do that. I saw the workers spraying weed killer in the forest as well I witness them spraying some areas so hard that when they transplanted baby redwoods they all died and then they transplant again the next yearand they died too.

      Now, these days, the new company owned by the Gap family supposedly slightly more Eco groovy than hurwitz do the most horrible thing it’s called hack and squirt.I do believe this practice will eventually cause a forest fire in the Redwoods even though this is a temperate rainforest. There are less deer no porcupines and who knows what else is missing in the Avenue of the Giants area in the forest all around the visual maintenance quarter that is Avenue of the Giants, oh yeah fish and hleels are missing that’s right. Anywho hack and squirt techniques is slashing a big cut into the trunk of the tree and then poisoning the trees still standing injecting herbicide into the Slash for all the trees that they don’t want in their so-called “forest”(I really think they should call it a tree farm not a forest because of their treatment and attitude towards diversity of plants and animals).

      After all these fires all around us and us being in the temperate rainforest I now see a bunch of Deadwood of dead trees standing it’s disgusting and sad and people are always trying to blame the Growers on chemical use just walk in the forest and you will see poisoned dead trees I’m afraid that the whole force is going to burn because they’re not being responsible and removing the Deadwood of the poisoned trees.

  • Logic before authority – 18 months of a private male, UNELECTED Billy Honsal, masquerades as a Sheriff [AND Coroner], the bought-and-paid-for local lame stream media has printed the Big Lie about a mythical “Humboldt County Sheriff.” We Do Not have a county Sheriff. The more times the Big Lie is repeated, no matter how much time passes, will not magically change the Big Lie into truth. Neither the Blanck-controlled Supervisors or Billy have enough grey matter to attempt a cover-up of their dirty deed and put his NAME on a ballot Nov. 6.

    Monday, 8th of October, a PAID HOLIDAY and “The County” doors were locked, Billy the wanna-be Sheriff “appointed” Deputy Fraud, err Braud, as an Under Sheriff. It gets better – Deputy Braud, as per the “press release,” won’t be sworn into his pretend Under Sheriff position until the end of Oct., at a public theater gathering. Meanwhile, Billy and Justin are feeding at the trough of the people’s public treasury while committing fraud.

    A person to fill a term of office is not permitted to assume the duties of the office until he files a bond and oath of office, which must be done before the commencement of the term, or the office shall be deemed vacant. People v. Quimby, 152 Colo. 231, 381 P.2d 275 (1963).

    I often wonder, what would happen if Bonnie Blackberry (KMUD), interviewed fact instead of fiction?

  • Can’t wait ’till the pot growers show up at my door thirsty! After I pull my giant airdale off their earth rapin’ ass, I’ll kindly remind them that they raped all the water off our land for their fucking weed medicine, and now , like the grasshopper that played, while the ant was working, “tough titty said the kitty, when the milk ran dry…”

    • In 5 years the vast majority of industry haters will have no choice but to shop at winCo with the rest of the “have-nots” of humbokdt.
      Expensive outlets like Wild berries and the co-ops will surely go under without the majority of its patrons from the mmj industry spending their cash on high end foods and groceries Any longer. Sure other “outside the industry” people with good paying jobs can afford to shop at the higher end grocery markets but this demographic won’t keep these businesses afloat without that “hill money” helping to contribute.
      You haters are gonna miss the “grow days” someday and especially miss some of the local businesses that were kept alive for all these years before they shut their doors for good when the humco economy takes an official shit.

  • thats gotta be rough, no replant this season thats for sure. Unless you got a few thousand grand daddies ready.
    all that time and effort. fighting bugs and all. hope the first run was epic. nice job on the farming them tops were nice.

    wild berries and chatauqua are going to be hurting. no more 13 dollar burritos from amilias either,…

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