Baseball Bat Leads to Major Injury Accident Report

chp major injury featureOn October 8 a little before 4 p.m., a vehicle crashed over an embankment east of Covelo. The vehicle came to rest around 100 feet over the edge from the roadway, according to Officer Jason Taylor of the California Highway Patrol. The driver was able to scramble up the hill and left the scene with what was apparently only minor injuries.

Later, the driver “passed out in the middle of a yard in Covelo,” Taylor explained. “Because of his loss of consciousness,” eventually a REACH medical helicopter flew him to an out of the area hospital. There it was determined he had received a major head injury…but most likely it had come from a strike to the head with a baseball bat earlier in the day.

His head injury could have resulted in the crash off the embankment. “That may have been why he was in the accident,” Taylor explained.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.



  • I can’t wait, to hear, the details on this story!!!

  • I love this web site!! No one could make up this kind of thing. Sometimes it`s like the “Furry Freak Brothers” with violence. Sometimes –such as this incident — it`s like an S. Clay Wilson cartoon that`s come to life.

    • There is nothing funny about a man getting hit in the head with a bat, getting in an accident as a result and is flown out because of critical head injury. What kind of a sick fuck are you?

      Actually, I know you are just trolling. The moronic way some trolls entertain themselves reveal a life that is void of, well, life.

      • I find absolutely NO humor in this story whatsoever!!! It does peak my curiosity but I find absolutely NOTHING FUNNY about it!!!

      • I actually do think it`s funny. Very rarely does any of this involve a legitimate, productive person. The violence and mayhem is nearly always between low – grade riff — raff who are no good to themselves or anyone else. Conversely, they`re almost always parasitic to everyone else, if for no other reason than absorbing some sort of government hand out.

        Of course this incident MAY have been an unfortunate accident. Possibly this man having a session of pitching and hitting a baseball with his young son before he headed off for work and the youngster lost his grip on the bat. If this is what happened or something similar, then it`s a sad event and this man has my full compassion and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery

        Much more likely, it could be thought of as a human analogy to a self-cleaning oven in action. My compassion for low- grade riff — raff is exactly zero. Actually, it`s somewhat on the negative side of zero.

        • Its all good clean fun until someone hits you in the head with a baseball bat. Then its hilarious.

          • I really wish we had the like option … or at least Facebook emoji’s. I laughed out loud reading these comments 🙂

          • Using many names is a tired old troll game. Enjoying being a source of constant irritation at the expense of others is an old worn out troll game. It’s so boring and obvious that trolls just look plain old mentally challenged. Nothing like revealing to the world how deeply disturbed a person is. Sad.

      • I take offense to that. Lol

  • Sad, Kym, that your comment threads are going the way of Loco’s. Just mostly sad trolling. It really is too bad…

    • your not kidding, probably a bunch of trolls who got abatement notices or had that chipper go beast mode on their illegal grow! hope the kid is ok

  • From the Mel Gibson movie “Signs”……”Swing away”.

  • Ashley Shaffer Covelo

    One can only assume it was something like this

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