Two Pale Gold Dogs Found Running on Hwy 101

Two dogs

Yesterday morning, passing motorists rescued these two large pale gold dogs from traffic. The pair were “running as a team down Highway 101” south of Laytonville, reports Stevie Nelson who helped save the dogs. “The dogs had collars but no contact tags & were obvious lost pets ..[T]hey were exhausted and were almost killed by big rig trucks several times before enough of us got traffic stopped & attempted to catch them. We managed to catch 1 easily but the second was terrified & kept running up & down 101 ..its a miracle he wasn’t killed or [that] one of the good Samaritans [wasn’t killed]. We finally corralled him with his brother… .”

A CHP officer took the dogs to the Ukiah Animal Shelter, according to a CHP spokesperson. If you have any information about these two, please contact that office at (707) 463-4427.



  • Do they have microchips?

  • Looks like a lovely pair. I hope they find their family soon.

  • Wow! Thank you nice folks for the hazardous rescue.

  • Kudos to who rescued them on the highway.

  • You are good people. Thank you for all the time and effort. We need more people like you who do not turn the other way.

  • Nice to read a positive story and a happy ending. Kudos to everyone that helped. Lab mix for sure !

  • They are Livestock Guardian Dogs, we have 4 of em. Akbash or Marema breed or a x, they look like extra large labs and roam like no other. They go over our fences by climbing them like a wobbly ladder, they go under em, don’t seem to mind electric fences either. We had 6 but 2 in particular could not be contained and are no longer with us. They have been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world and are now gaining popularity in the us with the reintroduction of wolves. We lost a sheep to coyote the other night and need more as we border national forest for many thousands of acres.

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