[UPDATE Wednesday:] Law Enforcement Convoy Headed Out Briceland Road

ConvoyThis morning a convoy of Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles and Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles headed out Briceland Road about 7:30 a.m., according to reports from three readers. One of the vehicles was reportedly pulling a chipper which indicates that the law enforcement officials are planning on serving at least one search warrant on a cannabis property.

This is unusually late in the season for marijuana raids. CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting), a state-operated anti-marijuana agency, has already wrapped up its season and provided statistics for the year.

Last year there were no convoys reported to us in the month of October so this year’s marijuana hunting season seems to have been extended.

UPDATE Wednesday: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office could only confirm that they were assisting the California Department of Fish and Wildlife on a search warrant. This means, at least for the foreseeable future, we aren’t likely to learn more.



  • Yep. Estelle’s entourage is well funded to keep eradication going strong year round. Pay or get plowed. Wondering if all those trimagrents in Garbageville have figured out there is 50% less work this year? Oh well, if not they can get free meals at the mateel and hang out at the “town square” and use free bathrooms. PS. Go to murder mountain. Heard there’s lots of work there!

    • There is less than 50%. There is no Mateel Meal. They pounded “Murder Mountain”, doubt there’s much work up there this year. It’s amazing the complete bs that trolls say here.

      • 65 divided by 12,000 = 0.0054. so in fact there is 0.54% less work due to the pounding that occurred this season and cost the taxpayers around 1.5 million.

        • I feel bad for the other 11,935 scenes trying to sell at a reasonable profit.

        • If your math is going off Kyms other article about the totals given from ONE AGENCY (which it looks like) it’s complete bs. First off, like I said already those were totals from 1 agency. (Note kyms other article about how cdfw has been refusing to give any information) second of all, those numbers do not reflect the loads of people that got abatements and shut down because they were gonna get fined out the ass if they didn’t. So basically, definitely not as high as 50% but your 0.54% is an extremely shitty estimate at best.

    • Marlboro. &Wallgreens are buying weed from Canada So mom and pops are now considered bootleggers and they’re done so are all the big legal grows here. Good luck people.

  • Or cash hunting season starts early.
    Would selling the chipper pay a music teachers salary?

  • hunter gotta hunt
    pimp gotta pimp
    gansta gotta gang
    and the chipper gotta chip!

  • They should be investigating and chipping the permitted grows. There is still so much weed out there that the price drop will destroy everybody hoping to make a modest profit on their work. The permitted mega-grows are filling up the orders on the underground interstate market as we speak. Many of them never intended to track n trace and are growing exclusively for their out-of-state markets Basically no track n trace-for huge government-protected farms… it is a failure that authorities will not admit or address. It accelerates the trend of the rich getting richer behind some false cloak of “legitimacy”.

    • Why is there no T&T associated with these large grows? Isn’t it mandatory? Don’t the plants being grown have to have a tag? How does this stuff get undeclared into the black market?

    • @farce, stop snitchin and crying. It gets soooo old.

      If every plant in sohum gets pulled it will not change the price one red cent. Over production in the south and diy production is saturating the market here and out of state. Next year you non-permitted folks will be whining about not being about to sell due to TNT.

      • tax this next- Ha!
        1) Your last sentence makes no sense
        2) I like to see unpermitted mega-grows get chipped also. See the common thread- MEGA-GROWS?
        3)I’m commenting and revealing the pattern of a widespread scam, not snitching. I would never reveal actual names or locations of my friends who have talked to me about their scenes and decisions. I was CAMP-tested in my resistance. Have done prison time for weed. Were you ever tested?
        4)I’m retired for years now. Modest life w/ no expensive habits. Small house, small bills. Part-time carpentry keeps my monthly bills paid. I’m out of the trenches but many of my younger friends still are there, unpermitted for a variety of valid reasons. Mega-rich mega-growers and greenrushers have destroyed our community. We are not all #sameteam. Back-to-the-landers living modestly don’t actually share many values with greed-growers .
        5) Humboldt still supplies a significant part of the nation’s supply. Not for much longer but still as of this year. But yeah- they’ll never get it all. But yeah- knocking down some of these semi-permitted scam farms would make a difference- as they are huge and completely untracked.
        6) I think people should know about the failure of the track-n-trace system. State officials won’t discuss it honestly in public. Mega-farms are pretending they are operating under it. It’s an open secret between all of us that know…and it is further destroying the small and honorable people, the people I care about most, the true backbone of our community. That’s why I can’t stop bringing it up.

        • I agree with farce. Many good points. Permitted growers are govt bootlickers and they are mostly just looking to squeak out one more year before they will have to get a real job. Makes it shitty for everyone else.

        • That was a lot of Wind. When a Slight breeze would do. Farce.

      • Muddy Black Dodge

        I can’t stand the so called, ‘farce’. Picture from the Humboldt Hoedown. It was strange to be at the Matteel for a show, with a big name closing act(if you like outlaw country music), and the venue was nearly empty. Back in the day, there would have been a ocean of people, manly Trimmers and their local employers… Sad where this going legal to grow pot has brought our/the community down there.

  • I’ve worked on quite a few “permitted farms” this season,and not a single one had any kind of track and trace program..the out of state business is pretty much still alive and larger than it has ever been!!

    • I personally know of two small (less than 30,000 permitted feet both full term and green house) farms and both have track and trace tags right now. Could be that you have worked for “permitted farms” that are in the process of getting their temporary State and County license and have not yet attained the temporary State and County permit.

    • They also hope to track and trace all food products, especially the organic eggs. Imagine a small back yard egg selling extra eggs having to purchase track and trace permits in order to sell the extra eggs.
      If we think the track and trace stinks, just wait until all those eggs start rotting.

      All for our own safety of course.

  • 600 employee facility being built in the valley,in Williams I think

    • 590 of them minimum wage jobs. If that’s a win then hooray.

      • Minimum wage is $15 per hour and no worries about being arrested or molested. Also bathrooms, breaks, overtime, vacation and sick pay. You’re welcome.

      • Arrested or molested? How about simply vanishing into thin air, or being found dead on the side of a dirt road.

        The Pro-Grow facility operators wish that % of jobs were min wage. Many of the jobs listed on indeed are far above min wage. And they pay their fair share into social security and the tax coffers. Social security dodging trimmigrants should be jailed when they apply for benefits in the future.

  • The rural life end is out destroying more lives today for the state of Californias 26% cut and the countys cut.put us all out of business so they can get there %%%%%%%%. Who cares about Constitutional rights as long as they get there $$$$$$$$ vote no on o people,recall Estelle the president of ripping off the livelihoods of her constituents.this community is thru if we don’t.

    • I’m not sure.. but I think it goes deeper than Estelle fennel. She might be a good scapegoat for you, but if you can’t play the game a little better you’re gonna be out of business no matter who your supervisor is.

  • There are so many issues with Humboldt’s ‘Leagalization’ snatch grab and bankrupt policy. Firstly.. how is there any due process in this? People are basically guilty before ever being charged with anything. Humboldt’s fines are extremely excessive.
    Track and trace is a Joke. The state thinks it owns and controls every little puddle of water. Anyone think Humboldt is really going to be able to ‘track and trace’ all the ‘legal’ farms they created? And basically what the county is saying, is that they have the right to mandate that you and a few of your friends and or family can not coop to grow for your medical needs. And mandate how much medicine you or your family needs. The county is currently regulating so hum into a ghost town. The state is corrupt. Did they even think this through? I beilive they put the cart in front of the horse. They approved huge mega grows… before taking into account the limited market. If they were really interested in keeping things in state.. then why approve such monsteras grows. Cannabis is not like other veggies and such, because it is sold without its water weight.
    I mean maybe there would be a time where mega farms would be necessary, after its federally legal.. but until then.. the state of California is to blame for mass over production. The state in my mind should be getting fined.. and the county.
    Allowing just a few mega farms while screwing everyone else.. is corrupt.

    • It looks to me like local govt is purposefully trying to drive the industry and it’s workers into the valley,for whatever reason,good or bad

      • its all very good.

      • Lets face it.. the county of Humboldt has had it out for the hill folk since the beginning of the back to the land movement.

        • Yep. I remember the days when you could pay your property taxes with one plant. The law would bust you, take your property, and the realtors who were in bed with the judge sold your property. Kinda like what’s gonna happen next year. Everyone except the grower makes money. The folks who voted for this mess are the same ones that voted for all the other messed up laws in Kalifornia that make it so hard to make a living here. If people knew the real depth of corruption in Humboldt, they would be flummoxed. There are people in our local government that have hands so dirty I’m surprised the FBI hasn’t climbed up their asses yet. It’ll happen though. Too many people know too much.

    • All by design…the state knows what it’s doing. Remember the not so distant past? Indian treaties, all broken? Govt stealing land? Legal extortion is the American way, dontcha know that by now?

  • Love it, keep it coming Local Law Enforcement!!

    Bust ’em all. Maybe since so many hoop houses/greenhouses they will be able to bust into the winter?

    Hopefully, especially good right now when these growers are soooooo close to getting harvest complete, best time to pop. Makes the biggest hurt.

    • Hey Bill! You obviously don’t know anything about this topic, and you say the same thing on every post! You add nothing to the conversation and your negativity is tiresome.

      • Emily, Nope your dead wrong. I know lots about this topic, first and second hand. More importantly though, I know what the mega grows have done and are continuing to do to our community and environment. When the grows were small and “hippie run”, both the community and environment were well cared for.

        This is the important point, and the one that I continually try to drive home with my posts. If you cant see what has happened over the last 2-3 decades to our communities and the environment then once again….you are part of the problem. It is not negative, its reality. Get out or pull your head out of the sand.

        We are all in this together so do something about it.

  • I was shown a legal farm in Oregon that comprised about 4 acres under cultivation. The guy claimed a 7 lb a pound average and I have to say the plants were HUGE.

    Plus why would anyone buy the stuff at black market prices when they can grow a couple plants in the back yard or sunroom. People can buy starts or clones from craigslist and some nurseries plus growing the plants is so satisfying.

    • Sure.. HUGE scenes in Oregon. But where do they expect to sell all that cannabis? Portland? Funny. That is my point exactly. The states jumped the gun on allowing HUGE scenes. 1 acre of cannabis is ALOT. So.. for the states to come after smaller farmers to make up for thier corruption, and negligence is grotesque. They are permitting Huge scenes… while they raid smaller people. But the state and the county is responsible for saturating the market beyond comprehension. Not the small folk they continue to terrorize. If you ask me the State should be fined for allowing such HUGE HUGE scenes.. in very unsustainable places. (Like the dessert)
      But it seems like your statements are contradictory Charlie.. on one end your saying there are Huge scenes in Oregon.. And everywhere, on the other end your saying everyone grows their own. While I think many people grow their own.. and I support that.. Many many people don’t. They don’t grow their own tomatoes, (million dollar business) they don’t grow their own cucumbers, they probably don’t even grow their own zucchini’s, why would Cannabis be any different?

      • People wonder why the prices are plummeting on the traditional and non-traditional markets.

        • I know some of the anon commenters on this blog aren’t going to like to hear this BUT,
          permitted farmers are currently getting around $1100 a lb. for their legal weed.

          • Yea, I keep wondering who is selling for under a 1000 making comments on here? I am not having any issues selling above 1200+ myself and that is for flower. Do they even grow? What does stuff look like that sells for less than 1000? Scare tactic?

            • Looks like this

            • What distributor is paying that

            • Be grateful for your connections! I saw lots of outdoor stuff go for 3-500 last year. It didn’t look great but it did not look bad. By June ( 1st deps) people were sitting on so much of last year’s outdoor they were getting nervous. Low-ballers were riding around between here and Oregon and finding their deals from nervous, unconnected growers. People keep growing even when they have no market but those carefree days are gone…Be thankful you didn’t have to be part of those shows!

    • Why do people eat fast food? Same reason they don’t wanna grow, themselves.

  • I believe the chipper is the traditional mode for delivery of search warrants.

  • October was always the prime harvest time for Emerald Triangle outdoor grows. Harvest kept getting earlier to try to evade the annual busts. Then the busts started coming all through the growing season, and now with so many greenhouse and indoor grows, I imagine it is, or will be, year ’round.

    They aren’t going to stop as long as the forfeiture laws hold, AND the little guy is being shoved out by corporate operations. For all that time with people screaming for legalization, some of us tried to remind people what that would mean for growers. Nobody cared.

    On the one hand, it breaks my heart, but on the other, seeing as how the grows have gone beyond the pale bad for the environment, it’s maybe all for the best that Humboldt stops supporting anything but a few boutique growers and let the environmental devastation move to some hell hole and let nature recover here.

    The greed ALWAYS overtakes the altruism unless we fight. Nobody fought, except with each other. All that is left is to feel some optimism for the salmon and the forest to recover.

  • Where’d the convoy go?

  • I want to know what’s going to happen to the money.

    Goes into general fund usable by all the county ? Fixing roads ?
    Goes into chippers/deputies/new cars ?

    • Most of the money goes to HCSO, which they will use to buy new toys for enforcement, rinse-repeat. Maybe buy more drones with LIDARS!

  • Its harvest time !

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