Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office DEU Conducted 65 Marijuana Eradication Operations This Year

Humboldt Cannabis iconPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) has concluded the 2018 Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program (DCE/SP) grant cycle (October 2017 to September 2018). During the 2018 cycle the following statistics were calculated:
 65 operations conducted
 198,692 Marijuana plants eradicated
 12,591.06 pounds of marijuana bud destroyed
 11,561.98 pounds of marijuana shake destroyed
 4 Butane Honey Oil labs disrupted
 656.85 pounds of Butane Honey Oil destroyed
 $3,160,570 in US currency seized
 14 arrests
 36 firearms seized
The DCE/SP grant is funded by the Drug Enforcement Administration with the intent to reduce domestic marijuana cultivation. The DCE/SP grant started in 1979 and funds deputy overtime costs, expendable and none expendable equipment, aircraft rental and training/travel costs. The Sheriff’s Office has been a recipient of this grant for the past 20 years and received $154,000 for the 2018 grant cycle.



  • $3,160,570 return on $154,000 is an ROI of 2017%. No too shabby.

  • Bout time, So what have they been doing with it the previous 19years? Spending it on dead people’s stuff?

  • More often than not we read about raids where there are no crimes charged (i.e. penal code violations), only environmental issues like stream crossings, improper waste disposal, discharges, etc.

    What is the legal basis for seizing cash and firearms when there are no crimes charged? Not talking about Federal statutes here; these are state and county officials enforcing state and county law. We routinely read about guns taken but clearly they aren’t being used in the commission of a crime because there is no crime alleged! Ditto the cash seizures, how can they justify civil asset forfeiture when there is no criminal enterprise alleged? I don’t get it.

  • They skipped busting their own family members….

  • Why did they allow 15,000 illegal grows to proliferate over the past 8 years in the first place?

    • Because there were no legal scenes to protect. This new enforcement is all about protecting the legal scenes, collecting taxes and permit fees, and eradicating the county of black market criminals. Soon enough they will be plinking mules with loads without track-and trace.

    • 215 prop.troll

  • This is about what CAMP would do in one week, with their 3-5 teams operating simultaneously around the county. And there are about 10X more gardens now, each on average 10X bigger. So yeah, this ain’t nothing to be worried about . If anything it is price support.

  • At least with all the money they took from our local economy they won’t need the measure O money! Oh I forgot they will never have enough money and we’re all doomed because there won’t be any law enforcement outside of happy doughnuts parking lot!!! Sounds like the SO is doing ok in there minds as simple as they maybe….

  • How many licensed growers did they bust for selling on the black market. Zero .When does that phase of enforcement start or will it. To let people be licensed or say people are licensed and legal without a track and trace program in place and monitored is not right and makes no sense . They get a free pass because they paid there fees and tax . Organized corruption at work ?

    • you were ok with the corruption when it wasn’t organized?
      permits = plants.
      track-and-trace is alive and well anyone not in it will get screwed soon.

  • When are they going to do some real narcotics work??? Such as, busting Meth Labs & Dealers??? Not to mention Heroin dealers???!!!!

    • Maybe when donuts become extinct.

    • Maybe when people start setting up meth labs on 5 acre plots in plain view from the road, their pissed off neighbors, and the eyes in the sky.

    • Selective Enforcement

      When it becomes profitable! The LEO’s don’t like any drains on their funds. The meth labs are also quite dangerous to deal with, so they have just decided to look the other way. This has been going on for years. You are suppose to be satisfied with the catch and release junkies they arrest now and then. ***METH*** was the number one cause of death in 2017 in Humboldt County. You will find these facts in the, “Sheriff- Coroner Alcohol and Other Drug Related Deaths Report for Humboldt County 2017”. Talk about damage to the environment and our citizens !!!

  • I like stars too!

    Let’s see, at 3000 plants per grow, um, 15000 grows, I guess that’s around 46million plants they didn’t get!

    Nice going HSD, you took out 0.4% of the crop this year…

  • Kym,

    Do you think it’s interesting that they claim the 3m, would that allow more info to the dfw raid where they also claim the 3m seizure?

  • 65? There is more than that within walking distance of just one sherrifs office in this county.

  • They should let private contractors handle it. Like logging companies in the old days. We would get more bang for our buck and permitted growers could stand the chance of surviving

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