Gyppo’s October ‘Pints for Non Profit’ Benefits Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation

This is a press release from Gyppo Ale Mill:

Please join SCARF on Friday, October 26 from 3-6 pm for a “Pints for Non Profit” event at Gyppo Ale Mill in Shelter Cove. Gyppo Ale Mill, which opened earlier this year, has become a community gathering place for fun, entertainment as well as a place where helping local non- profits raise funds is a way of life.

Between the hours of 3 to 6 pm, on October 26, Gyppo will give one dollar of each beer purchased to SCARF.  Then after the event is over, Gyppo will add up all the money and then generously double the amount as their contribution to the fundraiser.   This program has helped many nonprofits earn much needed funds since it began late this summer.

The Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation was founded in 2012 and is a tax exempt 501C3 California Corporation.  Its goal was to provide arts and recreation activities and facilities for the citizens and visitors to Shelter Cove and Southern Humboldt County.  Since its founding, SCARF has paid for and developed a softball field, run weekly family pickup games, opened three nature and fitness trails, opened and run the only art gallery in Shelter Cove, offered at no charge, every summer, youth workshops on topics such as cooking, mosaic tile art, painting classes, electronic kit building, photography and a community wide youth photography contest. SCARF sponsors and help get started the annual Labor of Love Quilt Show.  SCARF sponsored and ran several Plein Air (Painting out of doors) five day events, as well as a one day event at the Art is Alive Event on October 6. There are many more activities and events that SCARF is involved with, too numerous to list here.  SCARF has set aside $5000 to help build a basketball court and SCARF will be help fund a mountain bike trail.

For more information please visit the SCARF facebook page, or call Mark Mitchell at 986-7120 or  SCARF thanks Gyppo Ale for its support as well as the community for supporting our activities.  There will be board member from SCARF at the Gyppo Event, who also can answer your questions.


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  • so when they add up all the money, are they adding up any extra money that someone wishes to give or just the one dollar for every beer money? (actually just two dollars for every beer, this is why it doesnt make sense to me)

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