“F Rating” From Better Business Bureau for Energy Company That Has Sales People Currently Working in the Area

SFE energyTwo years ago almost to the day, we published a story about SFE Energy, a low-rated energy company that was doing door to door sales in our area. Today, we received word that they are back in the area.

According to a Hydesville resident, “Two people were walking around…trying to get people to change [their] service provider from PG&E to a company called SFE. I did limited research and found the whole thing to be a scam.”

Two years ago, another local resident contacted us and described being contacted by a salesperson for the company who used high-pressure tactics. According to the resident then, “He proceeded to talk talk talk about how I might be overcharged…He kept asking to see my bill, or wanted to make a phone call with me to check something, but he was never really clear on why we would be making a call, or to whom.”

The Better Business Bureau gives SFE Energy an F in its rating system and does not accredit them. They’ve had 119 complaints filed about the company so far.

We suggest, if you should be approached by a salesperson for this company, please read carefully before signing any contract. Many of the complaints online refer to utility bills rising afterward and not being able to cancel the service without paying a fee.



  • How exactly do they even provide you with an Alternative Energy Service? will PG&E just let anybody use their utility poles? Or do they come out and install wind, solar or hydro..

    • There is a local company that scammed most of the county about a year ago. Switched everybody without even asking.

      • Poster formerly known as Matt

        That’s not true. We were given an explanation beforehand and were given the opportunity to opt out.

        You can probably still opt out. The “company” is RCEA. You should call them instead of whining on the internet.

        • There’s a big difference between opting in and opting out….

        • Yes you can still “opt out”, for a fee. If you can sell the theory that 400 parts per million additional CO2 (plant food) in our atmosphere can dramatically alter the climate cycles, then you can sell them anything.

          • And you received your advanced degree in climate science from which university?

          • Co2 is only one greenhouse gas. Other industrial byproducts, such as methane and chlorofluorocarbons, aremore powerful greenhouse gases. High levels of greenhouse gases have coincided with every “Hothouse Earth” event in geological history. Ignoring global warming requires ignorance of several domains of science, paleontology, paleobotony, geology, chemistry, ect. If you want to disprove the fundamentals of global warming, here’s a cheap home experiment you can try. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kwtt51gvaJQ

    • They lease the infrastructure from PG&E, then pass the savings* on to you.

      *by “savings” they mean “increased costs”.

      • I guess I just wouldn’t know. I’ve been using Alternative Energy since I was born and my father before me. Pg&e can kiss my :<)

    • Hi there, I hope it’s ok that I comment on your post. I can answer any questions you have about SFE Energy.

      Here are some to start:
      1. We are licensed by PG&E to supply natural gas to residential and small commercial customers in California. We do not offer electricity services as they are not deregulated for residential & small commercial use.
      2. We always have a post-sale verification conducted for any new customer that signs up for our programs. During the verification you will review and agree to all pertinent parts of the agreement.
      3. We currently offer two programs, both are a flat rate commodity program. The first is for regular natural gas, and the second is for Eco-gas. For the Eco-gas program we will retire carbon offsets equal to your usage to make your natural gas usage carbon neutral. Based on your historical usage, you can use up to 700therms of natural gas under both programs. Over that you will be charged a variable rate. PG&E will continue to deliver your natural gas and you will continue to be billed by them for the delivery and any other charges they normally charge.

      Please feel free to post any more questions! Hopefully I can be of help.

  • What they do is you pay them almost $30 for your flat rate but then PGE charges you to deliver the gas which is if I can remember around $25. The guy who basically forced me to sign made me feel like I had no choice made it seem like I had no other options I was stuck with them until the contract was up then some people with the company vista came by and was having people switch to them and that they would cover the cost for cancelling but then I’m guessing as soon as sfe received word from Vista or PG&E or whoever that I was canceling with their service they sent someone out basically to have me and my neighbor sign a paper to cancel out what Vista had done and stick with them and made it seem like again we had no choice and then the contract Started over oh and I never signed that second paper and never seen or heard of vista on my bill

    • I don’t really care about what people think of my grammer. I was more focused on what I was trying to say then where I put a period. If you don’t like it then don’t read it.

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