Trinity County Environmental Health Holding Quarantine, Potential Water Contamination Q & A Tomorrow

This is a press release from Trinity County Environmental Health:

Trinity County’s Office of Environmental Health will be holding an informational question/answer session at Burnt Ranch Forest Service Fire Station at 200a Burnt Ranch School RD on October 8, 2018, between 9:00-10:00 am

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss concerns related to the potential spill of suspected Carbofuran. Methamidophos, and Avermectin B1 pesticides into an unnamed tributary of Mill Creek, a tributary to the Trinity River approximately at Post Mile 9 on Underwood Road above Burnt Ranch.

Representatives of Trinity County Environmental Health and California Department of Fish and Wildlife will be available to ask questions and to express concerns related to this discovery.



  • Growers using systemic products derived from nerve gas of WW1.

    On one hand, the population of marijuana users and the grower will suffer from the exposure.

    On the other hand, it accumulates in the food chain from the soil on up through every living thing it contacts.

    One can only wonder how long these planet loving organic growers were operating like this.

    Misuse of pesticides and label breeches can become a federal case brought through the EPA.

    Just another warm and fuzzy, feel good marijuana story on RHBB.

  • Ok Jeff Sessions, thank you for your comment but it’s 2018 not 1890… everyone smokes weed

  • Mrs. Wendell S. Truggmann III

    Does that statement mean that it’s ‘OK’ to use these products? Wrong;…..and wrong again: EVERYone does NOT smoke weed. And perhaps wrong even yet: “planet loving organic growers” in this case is an oxymoron….. and might read “profit loving growers”. Those of us, on every level of the food chain downriver, are not happy about the moronic use of any illegal pesticides.

    • Planet loving organic growers was not a serious statement, made only to give reference to these people poisoning the land and customers with systemic insecticides.

      These are issues large scale agricultural areas mitigate, not one homesteaders should face from neighboring parcels.

  • do they have analytical back from the lab yet to know anything, like is it above exposure levels or simple stuff like was there a release.

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