Humboldt County Sheriff’s Instagram Features New Method of Eradicating Cannabis

On Wednesday, October 3, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on an allegedly illegal cannabis farm in the Blocksburg area. They later posted the following video and an explanation of why they chose this method to destroy the marijuana garden on their Instagram.

Their post states, “By hand, eradicating these plants could have taken our deputies upwards of 6 hours. With our special equipment? Only a few minutes. ”

According to a separate press release, “The parcel investigated, located on the 36,000 block of Alderpoint Road, did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.”

The law enforcement agency said they eradicated approximately 2,139 marijuana plants when they served the one search warrant . As can be seen from the images, the flowers were nearing peak harvest.



  • Ya ya ya blah blah blah

    Looks like grading without a permit. Looks like soil contamination. Looks like a bunch of nimrods destroying the cure to cancer. Wow my hero.

    • Exactly right!

    • Looks like a reason for HCSO to buy new toys with their guaranteed percentage. Smh 🤦‍♂️

    • “ the cure to cancer “

      Fuckin lol

    • 45 years ago President Richard Nixon was under attack by the youth of our nation because he was a criminal and they wanted him out of office. Nixon needed a weapon to use against the youth of our nation so he called for the study of the evils of pot. The government hired the best people to study pot spending lots of money. When the final report came out the recommendation was that pot was safe and should be legal. Nixon immediately made pot a title one drug, the worst drug in the world. One aspect of this was people were not allowed to study pot. It was long noted that pot has carcinogens in its smoke but no one ever gets cancer from it. This suggest a massive possibility of finding a cancer cure in marijuana. Since this research was not allowed for the last 45 years 25,000,000 Americans have died from cancer in our nation murdered by our government. Is anyone surprised?

  • Go vote next month people!!!! Vote no on measure o let’s take these rip offs funding from them.

  • No give us our third=no plants. We just want our unearned %%%%% or you’re an environmental perpetrator

    • Adult_in_Humboldt

      I pay ~ 30% of my income on taxes. It buys roads, schools, and civil services. I don’t whine about it like an entitled child; rather, am proud of my contribution to society.

      • Lol. I agree with much of what you say but occasionally I do whine about it. Especially on those not infrequent occasions where money is wasted by government on things that create more problems or do nothing at all. Ah, well.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    Aaaaah! It’s the demon-possessed mega-dozer from Fern Gully! Remember the magic!

  • Does this machine belong to the sheriffs dept? Or was it on site? If the sheriff’s dept purchased this machine for this reason, I’m thinking we have some misappropriated funds at work!! That’s one spendy harvester.

    • It says sheriff on the side, but they probably stole it from one of the other scenes.

    • I heard the tax payers are also paying for an undercover officer to follow Estelle Fennel around since she’s been making so many new friends over the past two years.

    • From what I can see and imagine; That machine costs less than a 1 year salaried LEO. It looks like to me that the netting helps the machine pull most of the plants out by their roots in a clean manner and the beads are left with some but very little clean-up-work to ready them again for the next planting.

    • Job killing regulations paid for it… U can thank the illiberal fake leftist for 64 and all of the red tape that destroyed nor-cal if that’s your think, disenfranchising communities and whatnot in the name of environmentalism. Too much ism and schism…

  • Hey you missed a spot!
    Couldn’t they still make oil or whatever out if it? I was thinking the same thing with the chipped stuff if it’s as far along.

  • While I have no problem with HCSO destroying this garden (large gardens have put many of my friends and neighbours out of business), I would like to point out something. Any LEO use of nuisance law should have an inspection warrant used somewhere, not a search warrant. All of these actions are being based on a perceived nuisance. The property owner should have time to abate the nuisance. Failure of LEO’s to do that could result in a lack of due process being given to the land owner, and a civil action could then be brought against LEO’s. If the land owner were to use civil law, as allowed under the Administrative Procedures Act, it could be quite costly to the county, as the evidence was destroyed without due process, and without following the law. Civil fines by the administrative court can be very large, as it is not limited to just loss of property value. In other words, it can be punitive towards the offending party, which in this case would be the county.

    Just a thought.

    • Sounds like something an attorney would conspire as a defense strategy. How much time should the “perceived nuisance property owners ” be given to abate the said perceived nuisance? 60, 90 days? Well in my opinion, yes they can make the corrections on said perceived nuisances simply with a harvest. Then they will have the money to pay the perceived fines and get prepared to do the same thing again the following year. I am sure that LEO has plenty of video, pictures, and other surveillance to defend/prosecute against a potential civil action, on at least 3 or 4 of the (average) 8 perceived nuisances.

      • There is a legal standard for abatement notices. I recall that California law requires posting in the newspaper, due diligence in efforts to contact the property owner and, if that fails, posting on the property in a conspicuous place 10 days in advance of any action.

    • You want the SO too ask them to harvest (abate) the grow?

      • It’s called due process.

        Imagine if the SO did this to unpermitted carports.

        People should be alarmed and upset that the executive branch of the county government is destroying private property without due process.

    • He had a pump in the creek!!!

      • No he didn’t, no one would ever put a pump “in” a creek, the engine wouldn’t run. He did in fact have a pump “next” to the creek and the pump line that pulls water was “in” the creek as it should be. Many people are allowed at specific times of the year to pump water out of the creek into storage containers. Btw where do you think many large corporations get their water from? Yep, they get it from creeks and rivers.

    • I’m against the “legal” large gardens but that’s about it… over-regulation and corrupt so-cal system… 🙁

      • Hey bear.

        It’s simply the beginning of neo feudalism. The peasants ,will again, have to be strong enough to understand the importance of holding people in govt accountable for the same nefarious wrongs that are being “righted” with all the wrong reasons.

  • Food for thought

    Heaven forbid they have to do 6 hours of work in their workday. they like to use property owners equipment to do their job for them, While they sit on their fat assets eating all the food they can find and stealing valuable items never recorded in seizure list. You boys should be more careful you never know when a camera may be rolling as you pour gasoline on people plants next to creeks….

  • Excellent. Level that shite. Get all of it. Now what we need is the California Native Plant Society , in some cases in conjunction with Cal Trout, to form Restoration Commando teams to come in and heal these greed scars in our beloved Humboldt Nation.

  • I’m surprised the sheriffs have not resorted to massive dumps of Roundup or napalm.

    Just wait – they’ll almost certainly try to fine this guy $10000/day for their illegal grading of his property…

    I think we need to consider going beyond recalling our BOS. Obviously the sheriff’s office needs to be cleared out and replaced as well. Their obsession with pot growers has directly resulted in our addict & criminal population explosion, and that obviously will not change until WE change our elected officials.

    PLEASE folks, register to vote, then show up at the polls and VOTE OUT EVERY LAST ELECTED COUNTY OFFICIAL IN OFFICE TODAY WHO IS ON THE BALLOT.

    They ALL need to go, as quickly as possible. As long as we allow them to remain in office, Humboldt County will continue to swirl down the drain.

  • Does the HCSO have an erosion control plan?

    • Erosion control for empty raised beds ?

      • Exposed soil over the winter wet weather period needs stabilization regardless of whether it is in a raised bed or at natural grade. You can see in the video that it was about to rain. The permits farmers are required to obtain prohibit grading when there is a predicted rain event of 1/2″ or greater. It is important that law enforcement and regulating agencies set positive examples of land stewardship. We know of one case in Trinity County where the Region 1 water board & CDFW required a grower to install a 3′ wide culvert about 50′ downstream of a 6″ wide Caltrans culvert under a road….what kind of hydrologic engineering is that? If the grower has to size the culvert for the 100 year flood flows, then shouldn’t CalTrans be required to do the same? There are many examples such as this one where our constitutional equal protection rights are being violated by aggressive state resource agencies who chose the stick over the carrot to address issues that could easily be resolved through education and collaboration.

        • I love it when smart people make educated comments that leave the uneducated at a loss for an appropriate response.

    • Before you can begin any construction anywhere near a stream zone you must file a SWPP (storm water protection plan) with the State. We’ve all seen the silt fence and straw wattles next to the road and on construction sites and in front of culverts.

    • They should of thought of that law about 80 years ago but they wher to bussise makeing to much money on old growth redwood trees to make a law like that

  • SickofSocialists

    You are all high (literally and figuratively.) Our “addict and crime population explosion” is due to failed liberal policies, weed greed, and a general lack of moral character in recent generations. The BOS has very little to do with this.

    Plow EVERY large grow into the ground. No excuses. Get permits, do it the right way, pay income tax, or get fined and put out of business.

    • Agree 100%, nice comments.

      Of all your positions, i believe the general lack of moral character could perhaps be playing the largest role in this weed greed, and young punks that are destroying the environment around us.

      • “..Lack of moral character..”

        “..Weed greed…”

        Lack of moral character thrives because of where we are (USA).

        As if the most moral positions of this country arent littered with pedophiles and the covering up of pedophiles. (Your churches)

        As if the defense industry yelled out that our best defense would be to get the fuck out of the middle east, not invade it endlessly.

        As if former Secretary of States don’t make millions in arms sales to corrupt as F*&@ Saudi Arabia.

        As if our president isn’t a tax dodging asshole that wouldn’t hesitate to “grab (your wife’s) pussy”, when you turn away cause “she loves it.”

        We (the Young Punks) are the product of our parents success’ and failures.


        • Just how many cliches can be put into one post… actually all those remarks sound so similar to those made in the 1970s by many young people who had some real issues to worry about. Like getting drafted for war in Viet Nam, or college riots, or civil right violence, where people DIED.

          It does make a person wonder what this generation will do when something really scary happens and they have already used up a lifetime supply of hysterics over what will be, looking back, so very, very, very little.

          • What, me worry?

            Sure, it’s whining. But really I’ve become numb and unbothered by the corruption of our Govt.

            Its not that it’s not there, it’s just that I dont care anymore.

            Everyone can play whatever game they want in life to get theirs. That is the American way as I see it .

            Regarding the draft: we’ve increased poverty and decreased quality of life since the 70’s.

            The army pays more than many Americans have the ability to, or incentive to try and make.

            The wars continue. Sure, we are losing 10s of thousands of less young people per year to it, but we aren’t in good shape morally.

            Weed didn’t create any immorality in the US. That was the essence of my comment, whiny as it was.

    • “..permits, do it the right way. Pay income tax…”

      Trump. Making ignorance great again.

    • Do it the right way? Which is to ask permission to beg forgiveness. Lots of people forgetting how the govt will always win against its people and lose against the corporate world. It’s a shame that we’ve lost the high ground because government has been responsible for delivering poverty and declining prosperity for a long time.
      It’s a miserable time to think clear and deep about the prison that’s being built around us with every satellite launched.

      Wake up and stop acting like a slave to the system. ..unless you are a slave with benefits. ..

  • Just asking since I don’t know, How do they destroy the plants.

  • Ha! Looks like the Honeydew Bridge Chump finally got through to those guys. Now let’s get the rest of The Chump’s ideas going…okay, well maybe not ALL of them!

    • That’s what I thought as well!

      We haven’t heard from him because he’s driving that machine?

      If the Sheriff follows his advice unpermitted structures will be razed also.

      • I heard he got a job with the planning department. He’s in weekly staff meetings with John Ford, always full of advice.

  • Thanks hcso for helping me decide to NEVER pay for a permit and im gonna stop paying taxes to anyone besides local schools fire depts and non profits.
    You guys get to cause more destruction than what any grower can do, & if this were a mega grow in the natl forest, sure, but this???? Then you guys just leave it all, how the f*k can you think that craps not going to become an environmental hazard this winter? Are you doing bioremediation on the soil so no chems run inti waterways this winter? Cleaning up all netting so no critters get caught? Nope.

    They prob did “confiscate” this piece of equipment&person couldnt afford to buy it back. When they took a friends excavator while busting a neighbor of his (yes they do that), he had 100 baby clones, &they said pay us 30,000 for the excavator&youll have it back with no charges pressed. So he did, & grew that year with no problems.
    This is the reality here and across our country right now, if you think otherwise you better pull your head our of the sand quik.
    Under current DOJ regs, if a local enforcement agency requests assistance from any fed agency, the rules for search&seize fall under federal rules not state, county, or city.

    Id way rather see the horribly polluting meth labs and heroin production zones get taken down, if you think those arent all over our county youre really not paying attention.
    And for that matter, who are the huge polluting human trafficking Bulgarian grows paying off to not be busted???? They have illegal folks, & lots of guns and no permits, so wtf???

    • i speak for the trees

      HSO causes more destruction than growers? and your poor friend was busted w only “100 baby clones” but had $30k and an excavator sitting around to pay off the cops? and this poor grower here WHO WAS ILLEGALLY DIVERTING WATER ALL FUCKING SUMMER is just a victim of the system too. you live in a truly delusional world.. hope the not paying any taxes works out for you like i think it will. im a grower(unpermitted)too but i love the earth more than the weed or money i get from it so i actually benefit the earth with my activities.. it helps that i am an ethical person who cares about others not just myself.. maybe because i’m a woman (giver, nurturer) and not a man (destroyer, taker, oppressor) and im not greedy

      • In my 1911 I trust

        How do you know that was a man’s grow? The person who was busted is not a victim, but the cops that are busting the grower don’t do themselves any favors by using the same methods to destroy the plants that the growers used to destroy the forest. Our law enforcement needs to be held to a higher standard than the growers, or anyone else for that matter, when it comes to enforcing those laws. We should not stand by and allow our law enforcement to sink to the same level as the growers just because they are eradicating a grow. Should law enforcement be allowed to sink to the same moral level as the criminal they are busting? I think that may be a recipe for disaster.

        • i speak for the trees

          so HSO steals/diverts water from rivers? and all the grading done on these large grows is done with a wee little machine like that? and HSO is pushing dirt over the side so it runs down into the stream? and spreading rat poison all over the place to kill any poor creature that finds it? and poisoning with chemicals? no, theyre not.. my big grower neighbor above me did all that.. poisoned my bees last yr w that eagle shit.. and now i cant drink from my spring.. glad they took their bitch ass back up to oregon so I didn’t have to give them a strong dose of mtn justice.. adios tyler .. hope youre enjoying jail. i feel pretty confident this was a man’s grow.. even though it’s not enough of a shithole to be sure.. but the odds are sooo in my favor so I would bet on it. I agree somewhat with you though that the cops need to be professional and strive to do things in the best way possible.. they do lose credibility otherwise.. like showing us benign trash that is in a pile waiting to be taken to the dump (because thats what rural peeps do.. wait til you have a load) or citing people for having an old vehicle on their property. they will never “sink to their level”..not in regards to the environment (but maybe corruption/greed). pushing around potting soil isnt grading.. digging and ripping at mother earths soil is grading! the p.soil didn’t even leave the bed.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            I wouldn’t know because I don’t partake in the industry and of my friends that do, not one of them or any of their friends have ever taken a video and then posted it on the itnerwebs of how they conduct their business.

      • not a single sexist comment. and many folks could use the same and worse terms to describe females. ever seen how low and evil a woman can get to ensure cusdoty of children and a fat support check ? sexiat comments like those do nothing to effect any sort of change. but maybe your giving nature as a female comes from nevering having to seriously work a hard day of work in your sheltered little life ?

      • That you think your gender makes a difference says everything.

        • genders have nothing to do with how water is gotten or what it is used for. but making statements thst males are destoryers and females are loving givers is complete shit .

          • Agreed, that was the basic point of my reply (which was to a comment from “I speak for the trees”, not one of yours). 🙂

      • Don’t be so boxed in by yout gender

      • *Sigh*….,you were doing pretty good there until you played the gender card.

      • Your also a bigot!!! And showing what’s wrong with the left.

  • Too much nitrogen.

  • Awesome. Hopefully they buy 5more machines. From the violation money

  • AWESOME!! fuck the grower who sucks water from the streams, creeks or rivers.. greedy earth raping bastards. from the comments id say most of you are the same as this greedy pos.. hope yours is next.

  • First make up a bunch of rules no one can follow.
    Then charge a whole lot of money no one can afford.
    Then destroy the only source of money to pay the fine for breaking the rules no one can follow
    County logic

    • i speak for the trees

      it’s not hard to keep your pumps and pipes out of the creek.. is it?? is that too complicated? ..well maybe for a lot of you

      • Yep, I agree, take water you deserve but chip his shit so he can do it somewhere else. I got a better idea why not remediate his grow and teach him how to capture water properly. All the damn money spent busting him shit just the gas cost alone could of paid for water catchers and a few tanks! Morally wrong and against our constitution these strong arm tactics!

    • Well said, Flatgirl.
      Wouldn’t it be nice if they instead used the funding for actually managing the wild? Dredge the river & add more gravel for filtering, build water cachement ponds and tanks, cut back the brush and thin the over growth, produce lumber for building, … just by tacking on a % fine of the sales by the accused. After the wilds are pristine again, the % could go towards helping to relieve other issues. The larger the grow, the higher the % taken. Sliding scale.
      Or not.
      But, clearly, we need to manage, not destroy.

  • Hope they don’t chip or burn all that plastic in the pile. It’s going to take a lot more than six hours to sort that out of the heaps. Left confused huh!

  • i speak for the trees

    how many thousands of gallons did they steal from the fish.. sucking water all summer long?? so selfish.. there are more important things than $.. and you can make $ without fucking over the earth and animals.. hope they suffer dire consequences. good job HSO and thanks for sharing.. it was enjoyable to watch

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Did you not see the direction they were pushing all that dirt? You can see they are pushing towards the edge of the property where it slopes off into the drainage. Stealing water out of creeks isn’t right. Why would anyone applaud the HCSO for pushing all the soil and plants to the edge of the slope where it will get washed into the drainage this winter, which also doesn’t bode well for the animals and earth?

      • Exactly. That grow is an abomination. The eradication compounds the problem rather than solving it.
        Angry stupid people solve problems with more destruction.

    • how many millions of fallins of water is stolen frim the same fish to feed the power plants for you to defend them on the internet suxking power ? get off of it. the rivers are dry not from local farming but from the dams and diverting water to the south for their homes and mega grows. up to 80 percent of the river. get off of the fish and trees crap here for the water around here as it is nothing but distractions from the real issuses. if you truely cared about the trees fish or planet you would ensure you never bred and do all you could to prevent others from breeding as less people equals more trees and fish .

    • Yeah how much water is PGE suck8ng from the Headwaters of the Eel River….. Greed!!

  • when they first started they were real trashy grows,but i think they ran out of them and started busting clean ones.greedy county goverment.

  • Big government democrat? Enjoy the show.

  • A simple compact track loader with a grapple bucket as seen can be purchased for around $100K and make quick work of acres of grow….
    I would suggest they purchade a masticator head for the machine and really do some damage… experienced operator can turn acres of grow into tootchpicks faster than you can say “but officer my permit is in process”!!!

  • We’re all environmental degradaders now. That’s there lie to break the Constitution there sworn to uphold,to extort so much money off one grower he looses his life & property.sure there’s a few that are trashy pigs,but most of us especially the locals raised here love this place and love our land.dont buy into propaganda or lies it’s rip off bullshit

  • Good grief, when will all this whining and moronic snarking stop ! Pay your taxes, do your work, make an honest living. Stop whining.

  • Nice “grow dozer” bro…

  • Can’t ‘pro-environment’ liberals just take a second to consider that they might be misinformed about humans relation to nature. When euro settlers came to California they did not understand that Native American populations engineered the abundance of our rivers and forests by selective burning which returned nitrogen to the soil and prevented Doug fir and underbrush from draining the rivers dry. They learned this process through shamanic insight, not the Darwinian concept of trial and error that we were taught in school. Not comparing pot growers to native Americans obviously. But maybe, just maybe, we should at some point question the liberal media agenda instead of parroting view points.

    • Most people do not want to understand how doug fir are draining the rivers. They want to blame it all on growers. There has been little to no mention of how most growers have huge water storage. For most farmers , come late summer, there is no water other than what they have stored.

  • What about the netting? They just butt it or but it

  • Mr Humboldt Blows

    If Humboldt County were a “person”….
    The person would break down neighbors doors to violently and traumatically make their point. Mr Humboldt would point guns at elderly and children and women and scream obsenities at them. Mr Humboldt would rip apart the families house demanding in a threatening tone “where is the money and pot”. Mr Humboldt would then break furniture, break walls, ripup the floors,. Mr Humboldt would ahoot the family dog if it acted aggressively or barked, Mr Humboldt would rip crying screaming kicking kids out of their mothers arms and place them in pedophile Humboldt foster “care” homes. Then Mr Humboldt would shuffle through personal belonging making rude comments to the neighbors. Then Mr Humboldt would steal family jewels, heirloom jewelry, and of course crisp fresh stacked $100 bills would just vanish. Then Mr Humboldt would help himself to your fridge and drink your juice and snack on your food while he destroyed your house and stole your property. Mr Humboldt would then disrespect the women of the home without courtesy, class or respect. ThenHumboldt would steal your tools and equipment as well as anything else they wanted leaving only half of what they took on the search warrant receipt. Then Mr Humboldt would tell thr growers what aweful people the growers were as they drove away with the family savings and the last year of work…… How can this be considered healthy for our environment or community? Time to fire them all and take Humboldt County back from the hands of the oppressors!!
    Recall Estelle Fennel!!

    • If all that was true, not a highly colored compilation of anecdotes, it does not excuse lawlessness for decades. The other guy being bad does not make the accuser one whit better. Nor does it sanitize illegally obtained money to call it “family savings.”

      Lawlessness is a disease that spreads everywhere it touches. Complaining about being treated unlawfully by the unlawful is pretty self serving. How can anyone not notice the connection between their flipping off the law and being flipped off by it? It’s all of a piece.

  • Yeah,yeah Mr Humboldt blows this local government has run amuck on our measure o money.tricked and lied to us to use our money to rob us and extort us.weasel scumbags!!!! We need to shut down measure o next month and RECALL these corrupt turncoats.every day in our home is a violation of civil rights and these people we elected to REPRESENT us serve beer at public functions and act like there part of the community,and are here to look out for our community best interest.Makes it Evan more disgusting and more of a violation

  • You all remember the crazy lady who called [edit] on the 8 year old girl selling bottled water.

    You all sound like that crazy bitch.

  • Excuses, excuses

    From these, Matza and Sykes created the following methods by which, they believed, delinquents justified their illegitimate actions:

    Denial of responsibility. The offender will propose that they were victims of circumstance or were forced into situations beyond their control.

    Denial of injury. The offender insists that their actions did not cause any harm or damage.

    Denial of the victim. The offender believes that the victim deserved whatever action the offender committed.

    Condemnation of the condemners. The offenders maintain that those who condemn their offense are doing so purely out of spite, or are shifting the blame off of themselves unfairly.

    Appeal to higher loyalties. The offender suggests that his or her offense was for the greater good, with long term consequences that would justify their actions, such as protection of a friend

    • Then the offender’s nomination is confirmed.

      • Denial of guilt is not the same as denial of responsibility. Not too subtle a difference to cause misinterpretation. Assuming guilt because of personal preference is also not a subtle idea.

  • Sheriff Office is an extension of tax enforcement. Protects the revenue and financial interests of the Lord of the Land. Any other pretense is to distract from this…

    Vote with your dollars, words, and intent

  • Skidsteer with a brush grapple…OMG big news seriously bullshit specialized equipment my ass

  • Black Markets Matter

    Praise Jesus! Its Harvest Time!

  • Wouldn’t a $20 propane weed torch have worked just as well? No need to haul a tractor out to Blockburg.

  • Estelle resigned yesterday morning at “The County” Supes. meeting.

  • A New Galt’s Gulch?

    October 4, 2018
    By Thomas DiLorenzo

    The Bosnian town of Podgora has banned politicians! A banner is strung over the town square that reads “You’ve Been Lying to Us for Years! No Party is Welcome in Podgora!” A few politicians showed up anyway, and were promptly kicked out! (A modest suggestion: This would make a good banner for highway overpasses in America).

    The people of Podgora apparently actually believed the neocon spokesmen for the U.S. regime when they informed them that the antidote to socialism was not economic freedom, private property, and free enterprise but “democracy.” Podgorians are now “disillusioned by a political class known chiefly for corruption and dysfunction.” This of course is true of ALL “political classes” everywhere.

    What the neocons mean by “democracy,” by the way, is for countries like Bosnia to have puppet governments under the control of the U.S. regime with elections now and then so as to pretend that the people actually have something to do with it. Just like all those “Peoples’ Republics” under communism, in other words. Perhaps the elder statesmen of neo-conservatism were joking when they described themselves as “former” Trotskyites.

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