Grizzly Bear Sculpture Placed in Rio Dell

This is a press release from the City of Rio Dell:

Humboldt County artist Dan McCauley installed his fourth sculpture in the City of Rio Dell on October 4th as part of a collaborative plan to display art along Wildwood Avenue. McCauley worked with and received support from the City of Rio Dell, Chamber of Commerce and Eagle Prairie Arts District to realize his vision. Special thanks goes to Mr. Jim Brickley for his assistance. The sculpture depicts a Grizzly Bear. McCauley’s first display of a Great Horned Owl was installed in October of 2017, a Mountain Lion followed in January of 2017 and an Elk in June of this year.

“I want to thank Dan McCauley for his persistence and enthusiasm in bringing public art to Rio Dell.” Stated Rio Dell City Councilmember Debra Garnes. “These are fun and creative pieces that help lift up the community.”

The art program was made possible by generous donations from Pacific Gas & Electric, The Headwaters Fund, McLean Foundation and local Rio Dell business Root 101 Nursery. Because of this tremendous financial support, no city funds were needed to support the program. Four sculptures will be displayed over a five year period and will be replaced over time as interested buyers purchase the artwork from Mr. McCauley.

More of McCauley’s work can be seen at



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