‘Virtually No Arm of Government Is Addressing’ the Deterioration of Southern Humboldt, Says Letter to the Editor from Darryl Cherney

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The deterioration of Southern Humboldt County, California and the 3000 person Garberville/Redway area in particular, can be outlined as follows. Since I moved here 32 years ago, we have lost 100% of our bookstores, half of our auto mechanics, 90% of our local doctors, half of our veterinarians, most of our local nurses, half of our restaurants, 75% of our motels for tourists, 66% of our small engine repair shops, all of our evening/night access to the Redway post office boxes, our only movie theater, our Grange Hall, our entire Veterans Hall which also served as our local courthouse (next one is 62 miles north), half of our vegetable garden supply stores, half of our safety from being murdered or robbed along with about half of our sheriffs, half our thrift shops, the ability to leave one’s home and car unlocked, our ice cream parlor, much of the darkness of our night sky, the solvency of our community center which verges on bankruptcy, all of the security and peace of mind of our remote homesteads due code enforcement, and somewhere between 40 to 80% of our sales in whatever stores remain. I’m sure I’m left a whole lot out. While there is still much to recommend our area such as our beautiful mountain elementary schools, the majestic redwoods and the Pacific Ocean, I must point out that virtually no arm of government is addressing any of this except in that all arms of government are vigorously and deliberately making it worse (well maybe not the library). In other words, rather than having a government that works for the people, we have one that works against us. The tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars fees and fines leveled against people for drinking their own water, living in their own self-built homes, or driving their dirt roads amount to this: piracy, racketeering, and extortion. An elder or anyone for that matter can not pay fees and fines more than their homes are worth, let alone do the years work the county demands of them to be done in just a few short weeks. Governments engaging in piracy is an old tradition. Governments (and the bureaucrats who run them) preying on their own people is as old as history. But I say this: water and shelter are human rights. And I suspect this: whether it’s by ballot measure, voting them out, or good old fashion pitchforks and torches, the people of Humboldt County are on the verge of striking back.

Darryl Cherney



  • yeah i looked up Darryl Cherney and sir you dont look like the kind to fight for your rights but you do like to whine about your politics. also a lot of your arguments arent backed up, like you lost all the bookstores, well did you know that bookstores everywhere are going under and who to blame? i would blame the internet stores (they are shutting down lots of brick and mortar).

    i feel most of your argument is that the government needs to do MORE to help your community. the problem with that is more government and that cant fix these problems. the important thing is why are businesses leaving sohum? why have these mechanics shops closed in sohum because mechanics are doing fine elsewhere. my thought is maybe they dont like the ilk that hang around town and plague their businesses and maybe rob their places of businesses. i know i wouldnt move to a town with tons of derelicts hanging around my potential mechanics shop. so what are you doing to attract business owners to your community? you just want to blame the government for everything. who said ask not what your country can do for you? hmmm

    you sir offer no suggestions to fix any of this. why not come up with some ideas instead of just whining

    • Tax payer, You obviously didn’t do very good research at all & just judged a book by it’s cover. You gave me a great laugh this morning, thank you by the way. Why? Because Mr. Cherney is the ONLY citizen to have ever sued &won a law suit against the FBI. He and his lady friend were almost killed by a car bomb for being forest defenders. The FBI treated them as they perps vs the victims and failed to help them, while allowing the real attempted murderer to get away and is still at large. So I suggest doing some better research next time. Like search his name in Google vs just Facebook and making your own assumptions.

      • you assume what kind of search i did, then you respond as if it were truth (even though you dont know). so that makes you look like an ass. and what does his lawsuit with the FBI have to do with local government? and why do you assume i like the FBI? and in my search i watched him whine about President Trump and make unsubstantiated claims against President Trump. so maybe you use facebook but what do i care and why would that matter?

        • eff you and eff the po-lice

          You write like Ed Voice. With your own opinions shouting so loud inside your empty head, you can’t hear anything else. Cherney, not stand up for himself? Dude that’s a negatory. You can say alot of shit about Cherney, but don’t stick him in custom box made for another guy. He’s his own character. From Redwood Summer to running for office to continuing to find out who bombed Judi. Just hush.

      • Muddy Black Dodge

        Keep your eyes shut, just pay your taxes ‘tax payer.’ assume your government is doing the right thing always. Good plan for you maybe, what’s the old saying… Oh yeah, “ignorance is bliss.” This tactic of yours isn’t working for the rest of us (nor you), we need change. People like Darryl openly speaking up are/ can be the beginning of this change, inspiring others to help make a change. This letter to the editor was meant to be a catilyst.

        • what “tactic” of mine are you referring to? this guy is not doing anything he isnt running for office and he hasnt suggested anything the government should do except keep the library. he just complains about paying taxes and no government agency is doing anything to “help” him. and the closest thing to a solution he alludes to is that the government should pay for water and shelter. he should have at least copied and posted a letter that he sent to his representative about his concerns (complaints).

      • “They” don’t like real liberals… “They” want you to surrender your homestead in the name of the environment. They can kiss my A$$

    • i am not the one complaining about losing while i do nothing. why should the government be expected to do everything and how could they ever have the power to make everything happy and nice. this guy offers no solutions

      • Sorry your wrong

        Saying that daryll cherney does nothing but whine just shows how little you know. Its exactly the opposite.
        For 30 years he has been active in local efforts of many causes, thats why the fbi blew them up in the first place!!!!
        Look up redwood summer and cointelpro, its amazing to me thay daryll still has the courage and energy to stand up for his community over and over and over again. He is one of the most community minded people ive met, whether you agree with him or not. He is one of those folks who shows up for those who need him.

        If you read about cointelpro and darylls trial you may gain some insight so your comments can at least be based in some knowledge of the man. The fbi at that time were planting agents amongst earth firsters who they profiled for romantic partners for certain activists, many of whim had 2-3 year relationsjips with activists, supplying money (your tax dollars) for political actions and participating in said actions, again on our tax money. Then theyd bust them. Read about peg millet. That’s just a smidgen of what the feds were up to then. They literally blew daryll up with a bomb.

        • i was only referring to this letter. this letter has some good facts and all that but it leaves out reasoning, like why bookstores shutdown, and then sounds like a lot of complaints of bad times in
          Garberville, while offering no solutions and putting all the blame on the government

    • Taxpayer…… I assume nothing but replied to your statement

      ” Yeah I looked up Darryl Cherney and sir you don’t look like the kind to fight for your rights but you do like to whine about your politics!”

      You knocked this guy on local politics, claiming this guy doesn’t know how to fight for his rights. I just pointed out Mr. Cherny was successful suing the FBI, to point out how he definitely knows, how to fight for his rights. Sorry you missed that with your non bipartisan views. [edit]

      • if you see that as “fighting” for your rights. i was referring to his torches and pitchfork comment. i dont see him being that kinda guy

        • Fighting the FBI for its lack of investigation, in an attempted murder on your life, fighting for over 20yrs and winning said law suit, hummm your right taxpayer, Mr. Cherney has no clue or commitment or idea on how to fight for ones rights.

          Seriously stop it, your killing me from laughter. I can’t take it anymore.

        • P.s. it’s called a metaphor.

        • The statement is saying that the people are getting pushed to a hard place potentially losing their properties and businesses in desperate times people might do desperate things like put a pitchfork where it might not belong

    • You missed his main point which is leave people alone. Stop fining/extorting people for the “crimes” of living in self built shelters and reasonabl use of water from the own property.

      • thats the point. he has no main point. he wants businesses and he wants free shelter but he fails to show how the two affect each other. like if you have homeless hanging out downtown and then you want businesses to stay, i would say you need to offer another option like build a homeless shelter somewhere away from the downtown businesses. now that might not be a good idea but it is an idea, he offers no ideas

    • Disabled former medical cannabis user

      The govenment does need to do more to help the community. I live on a fixed income and am disabled. I am medical cannabis user. I can no longer grow my own cannabis as the permitting process is too expensive rendering my 215 worthless. I can not afford the prices the dispensaries charge. I have had my medical cannabis stolen from me by the very people who were supposed to help me in the first place. I smell class action lawsuit. There are many more disabled cannabis users living on fixed incomes just like me. Who addresses our issues? We are the real victims here.

    • It is felt by many that Cherney worked for Red Emerson and Horowitz, to help them stop logging on state and federal land. As soon as they did that, the price of timber doubled, and the corporate logging companies made millions because of it. One Dr. he drove away said that freak should never be allowed on any board of any kind., and left because of Cheney, and told me that he is is a bad man, he should never be allowed on any board of any kind. And, hubba hubba, we have Kavanaugh now. We won. we are victorious. It is glorious.

  • I’m sure I’m left a whole lot out

    I am sure I left lots out

  • One way for our community to survive is to end the greenrush. If your neighbor blows up his grow and he has no permit, turn him in. Anyone growing more than 25 plants gets fucked. Anyone with a permit who is dumping pounds to the black market gets turned in. This would get us a better price, reduce the trimmigrant problem, improve local retail sales, and restore our rural neighborhoods which are filled with commercial not residential residents. I dont have to watch your back, i have to watch my own.

    • The reason marijuana is worth more than other crops is that the government prohibits and occasionally eradicated it. So if everybody starts narcing everyone else and the cops somehow have the man power to keep up, the prices go back up and the problems get worse again. Nothing changes except now your neighbors know you’re a narc.

  • Don’t waste your money on pitchforks and torches. They got guns and tie-wraps. Get yourself a rubber chicken and a bus ticket to the city. California is riddled with ghost towns that were abandoned when the resources ran out. Garberville is on the list. The greenrush is ovah. Stick a fork in it.

  • Darryl thank you for your input.ive lived here (so hum) my whole life and am paying close attention to the facts of what’s happening here.the government is annihilating the people here and extorting and ruining lives on a mass scale.what these sell out rich ass kissers commenting on here fail to realize is that running down to give the government a hundred grand is only buying them time.they are planning on screwing them all over too they’re being saved for dessert,theyre just to stupid and selfish to see it.ive gone to all these local meetings and my opinion is we need to vote down measure o,and RECALL Estelle fennel and rex bone to Evan begin to see some changes.im hoping to see some news soon from Shakti and Paul the locals who realize whats happening here and should be getting all of us to have there backs and to help in any way possible. Thank you Shakti and Paul and Darryl cherney for your input and support.the government hates us here because we resist there robbery and corruption. Question authority

    • You hit the nail on the head. The people who signed up and have spent hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars will lose their asses eventually.

      The people with the power will create a regulatory environment that makes their properties unpermittable and their businesses unprofitable. That’s the way the world works. The big players make the rules to put all small players out of business. The people with big egos and millions buried are relatively small in the grand scheme of things.

      I’m sure a few businesses will survive and a lot of people will end up with good jobs. Good luck to all the descent honest people who signed up.

  • Sounds like Scotia, what is was in the 80s and what it is now, karma is a bitch Mr. Cheney , your industry is dying too, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  • I like stars too!

    I am amused by your post, and I am really trying not to beat the same old dead horse here, but the manner in which your “community” is operated, is far more at fault for the current situation in SoHum, than the “government” in general…

    Why should “government” be expected to “save” your community?

    Example #1: SoHum Health – This is a public agency, operated by the most unfit, corrupt, self-serving, and incompetent individuals ever assembled to operate a District Hospital, in the entire history of District Hospitals. These folks have exhibited: derangement of their own mission, a sad tendency towards nepotism and conflict of interest, and, complete lack of transparency. The HR department is a joke, the CEO is clueless and incapable (and quite over-compensated), the Board appoints itself, and any attempts to demand accountability are met with excuses! This entity is ignored and unused by the taxpaying public, while it is mainly supported by payments from – The Government! Guess what folks, Medicare, and Medi-Cal, they keep your hospital stumbling forward! AND, the current plan includes USDA loans to support the “Building of a NEW Hospital”. Guess what else, folks! There will not BE a new hospital, and if the “community” does not participate, there will certainly NOT be a hospital at all! A district hospital is, by definition, the responsibility of “The District”.

    The “government” will not save SHCHD.

    The lack of Doctors and Nurses and Ancillary Health Care professionals is due to the tendency of locals to travel for healthcare. The few doctors and nurses you do have, are travelers and contractors. Also, what sane person wants to winter in Garberville? The extreme feelings of isolation, and the fear of drug addicted locals and random street-living crazies will entice most normal people to leave. The sad tendency of the administrators of your hospital to fire everyone in times of tight finances while making up shit about everyone fired, will level the rest.

    When people do move to your community, they are treated with suspicion, and hostility. The local paranoia, hysteria and xenophobia affects all newcomers to the point of flight!

    Having a drug infested and poorly educated populace is almost never a good way to attract an influx of regular folks.

    The government can’t really solve your problems, especially when everyone is calling the government “corrupt”!

    The “corruption” is in your own community, and you are left with only a choice to stay or leave. If you work with the government, it may help in the long run. If things are left to themselves, the situation in SoHum will only continue to deteriorate further.

    Work for change! Marijuana farming has bought you misery, and no amount of fussing about it will help.

    • I Like Stars Too: Don’t you think that the “tendency of locals to drive for medical care” is due to the lack of good medical care in SoHum? 🤷‍♂️

      • The next step is asking why there is a lack of good medical care.

        • I like stars too!

          Medical Facilities do not exist to give “good care”, they exist to make money!

          Since there is little money to be made dispensing care to the elderly and the poor and indigent, good care will not be found on the North Coast.

          I am not really sure, that in the current healthcare environment, there is “good care” available anywhere North of, say, Santa Rosa!

          If you can afford “good care”, I would shop for it in SF or Oakland…

          OH! See: “Unfit, Corrupt and Incompetent Administrators”

          • They just spent one million dollars on a ct scanner for which they have no permit & no operator. And there exists a scanner 25 minutes away. Waste is whaat keeps medical folks in business

            • I like stars too!

              They also raised $1.4 million/year by taxing properties in SoHum, and nearly nobody bothered to vote against it!

              Participation in operation of these facilities is important. If you want government, or if you believe government has failed you, at least register and vote!

              As for SHCHD, it is run by crooked, incompetent, ignorant clowns. The CAT scanner will likely break them for good.

  • Nobody to work the shops because they are chasing the green dragon.

    “…vegetable garden supply stores”..yeah

  • How ironic! SoHum hippies love to use the word “karma”. People made millions while speaking out against government in all forms, touting their “community commitment” and arrogantly proclaiming their self-reliance. Then when it finally got tough they closed up shop and hid their stacks of cash. Hippies and mega-growers are a perfect fit. Stupid and selfish yet arrogant and loud. You reap what you sow! It’s been at least a decade of watching this slow-motion train wreck…while any suggestions were laughed off…

    • The government ? Help? Derryl cherney is a narc.

    • Wait, didn’t So-Hummers come up with “US OUT OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY”?

    • Come on dude, every one was too busy making stacks of illegal money. no time to be concerned with the future of the community. shame is sooooo much of that cash left the county, or will leave in the near future. humboldt is a horrible location to try and compete in the new non-traditional marketplace, and the traditional market will be even more crime ridden.

      An oz of high quality LEGAL weed presently cost $90 in Mountain View, California. Thud, cheaper than street weed with all its pesticides, herbicides, and mold. Most people would rather pay taxes than put cash into the pockets of criminals. Especially if the price is lower and the quality is better.

      • A quick look at Weedmaps in MV suggests that most prices are double or triple the number you cite.

        • I checked the interwebs and discovered that Sasquatch is real, and he is an avid golfer, and he has a love child named Mickey who can poop glass beads. Its all real I saw it on the interwebs.

          Overproduction is awesome for buyers. Try actually going into a dispensary and looking at the prices. Then ask if they can do better, they will. Don’t rely on some lameass website put together by kids trying to sell advertisement hits. Prices on WM are not even close to reality. The dispensaries want to sell grams or expensive gummie bears. Ask for a whole oz of flower and tell them the price. You will get it.

        • Not to mention that half the price is taxation

          • Not two years ago the same shit would have cost $250-300 on the street in MV from blah-blah criminal dude at the local pub. None of that cash went to taxes. Now its legal, 1/3 the price, quality tested, includes tax, and blah-blah and his criminal crew don’t get a red cent. This is the outcome that consumers and taxpayers wanted to happen with 64.

            • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍄

              Consumers love legalization. Sorry, old-school growers, but you priced yourselves out of the market. And you were outvoted. But there are plenty of other states where weed is still illegal and prices are still artificially high as a result. Considet relocation as a potential option. Americans have to move all the time for better work opportunities. That’s life.

  • Businesses close for a number of reasons. No customers, no available workers, or the desire to retire but nobody wants to buy your business and keep it going.

    In the last few years it’s been hard compete as a business owner with the tax-free wages the pot industry offered to trimmers and with technology changes it was always harvest time at someones scene. That drove a few business owners to just give up as well. We considered moving ours on several occasions for that reason.

    Hum Co does seem pretty inept in a lot of areas, I’ll grant you that, but it’s the state fish and game dept that is driving a lot of the chaos. People were sucking streams dry to water their crops. Add to that the incredible mess some of the cultivators have created which is used as justification for the whole abatement fiasco.

    Legalization has come and the community is going to have to adapt to it. Blaming the government for everything is doing nothing to make things better. Writing letters to the editor blaming others for the problem is not productive.

    Maybe you should volunteer to help in cleaning up the roadside or some toxic grow camp once in a while. Or start a business perhaps…

  • For all the problems described, there are many things in southern Humboldt that are doing well. For example, we now have a beautiful 300+ acre community park. We now have a town Square where lots of wonderful events happen like dance classes, a weekly farmers’ market and movies on Friday nights for the kids. Also, we never used to have a business park. that’s where some of the auto repair shops moved to for example. Our health center is thriving and expanding. Shelter Cove has two wonderful new restaurants. The high school has recently been extensively remodeled. over $1 million has been spent renovating the Benbow Inn, so they must be doing well. There are many examples like this and to put it all in to percentages is misleading. 50% of two is only one. That’s not to say that So Hum doesn’t have its problems. We were promised more mental health services for our needy community members, we had promises that the veterans’ Hall would be repaired or replaced and that has never happened, a church burned down and the permitting process has stalled its repair. We were promised more sheriff prescence and yet still when people call the sheriff they get no response. these are just a few examples of how the county still ignores Southern Humboldt even though one of our citizens is on the supervisory board.

    However, I do agree that we need to change as do most of the smalls towns in Northern California. And I do feel that we do need solutions presented. The way we get things done around here is to do it ourselves, and that takes commitment. It took more than a decade for the community park to get fully permitted as they had to battle with the county. A dedicated board stuck with it and finally we have permits for many different projects, concerts, a sports field, a skateboard ramp etc. the same is true with the town square. I suggest Mr. Cherney joins one of these boards or attends the supervisors’ meetings regularly. He says his plan is to put four measures on the ballot. i’m not sure if he understands what that would take, but I do think he has the best intentions.

    Anyway, I think this is a time for us all to tighten our belts, look for solutions and be enormously grateful for the people in our community who do the hard work in making this place one we truly love.

  • I like stars too!

    Example #2: The Mateel. This “non-profit” was operating at a furious clip, and a few years ago was raking in huge volumes of cash at the ROR. Currently, the board of this entity is engaged in a continuing cover-up of the simple facts that appear to be: somebody stole quantities of cash. Bills went unpaid, employee taxes went unpaid, creditors went unpaid! Like any business, when cash disappears, eventually, so does the business.

    Failing to admit that which is obvious, covering up and denying the facts, this will not save your NPO!

    Once again, unfit, corrupt, incompetent persons have subverted and destroyed something that others worked to build.

    Whine all you want, Mr Cherney, but the “government” is not responsible to maintain your community center…

  • We agree on this one with you 100%. Having worked around the logging industry for years we haven’t always seen eye to eye with you on some matters but this time it is different.You should run for supervisor against Fennel. We will support you and campaign for you !

    • Run against Estelle “Fentanyl” by all means!!! Someone NEEDS to!!1 She’s about as useful to the average citizen as the stumps that were left behind from “Clear Cut Logging”, which is little to NONE!!!

    • Count me in; I’m 50 years NoMendo, but we’re all in this together.

  • SoHum has flourished for a few decades by people who made loads of money on the cannabis black market, meaning they did not pay any taxes on all the weed sold for 30 years…and now you would like the government that you so willingly circumvented for all these times to come to help you out? why not…., but will your community pay back the massive amounts of unpaid taxes to pay for the services you request? how sir are you hoping this would work? are you really asking all of the community that paid taxes while your community lived off an illegal tax-free system to bail you out now that your system has run its course? look I get that you worry about Sohum, but the approach is wrong, it is not the government which your community blatantly disregards that should help. What you need to figure out is what all members of your community are willing to invest in the revitalization efforts? the pot cash has run out ( or rather is made by folks without community sense). So have you been able to actually define what your community truly is today? and once this is understood, how do you get it to pull together to reinvent itself? that is the only true approach…asking for the government you guys laughed at for so long to help is just going to generate the kind of comments seen above… America is filled with forgotten communities and derelict places that once were booming from legal businesses…what actually makes your more special that it deserves something the government is generally not offering? its a question you must ask yourself! I am not trying to be a jerk, just hoping that we, as in all of Humboldt County, are starting to be real in the face of changing times.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍺😭🍺

      And don’t forget the fact that a large percentage of relatively wealthy Humboldt County growers pulling down 6-figure annual untaxed incomes for decades were and still are also simultaneously fraudulently collecting monthly welfare checks from the local government, in addition to Food Stamps & free medical coverage for themselves and their families from the state’s Medi-Cal program, not to mention fraudulently collecting monthly Social Security disability and SSI checks.

      Sorry, growers, I greatly respect your craft and your professional agricultural skills and everything, but someone needs to be honest and REAL in this discussion with you. I’m no lying politician who is just going to say whatever it is that you’re most comfortable hearing. So here it is:


  • The problem with this argument is that it ignore the primary cause of degradation, but economic and environmental, and that is the massive over production of cannabis, which has dropped the price to $400 or less; often well below the cost of production. Money has been drained from our communities as the water has from our streams. One could, reasonably blame Human Nature (wonder what David Simpson and Jane Lapiner think of that?) Government seems to be a predictably blunt instrument in addressing these issues. Certainly many people trying to work with various agencies have been placed in Catch22 situations and the middle persons, as usual, Human Nature again, are squeezing the growers as well. Gross overproduction, though, has killed the goose that was laying the golden eggs. Meanwhile, Buy Local!

    • agreed. i think light dep was the begging of the end. it also helped kill off indoor in norhum.

    • Road Weary nailed it. Production, here and elsewhere, is now so high that it’s going to be tough to produce at a workable profit margin. All the other stuff, including abatement, is secondary.

  • Enjoy what is left because here in a few years, legal or not we will be left in the dust. The gravy train went for a nice long time but the conductor got off last stop and left a brick on the gas pedal.

  • This should be put on one of those road side Historical markers along side 101 at the top of Dean Creek Hill for all the Southern California real estate Barons,Silicon Valley Scions and Pers tourists to read as they go see those Redwoods that disappeared.

  • How many plants must a chipper tear down
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  • It’s not just SoHum. Natural Selections was in business for 31 years and is going out of business. She’s having to get a job for someone else. Watch the whole county fall.

  • Make Alderpoint Great Again (MAGA!)

    Sure, Garberville and Redway are dying, but they still have the DMV, 2 grocery stores and several places each to get gas & coffee. Forget about Garberville/ Redway. They’re going bye-bye like most of the other tourist traps along the redwood highway that need to adapt – like the log house dispensary – or die. Maybe instead of clinging to the past and complaining, while waiting for others to take necessary steps, Darryl can lean in to the problem and try to MSHGA (Make Southern Humboldt Great Again!)

    Have you ever been to Alderpoint? There used to be a half-dozen lumber mills there along with an equal number of drinking establishments. Why should whole logs be exported out of the region to be milled by low-paid foreign workers before being shipped back as lumber? A socialist like you should see the benefit of maintaining a production silo locally! Why don’t you fight FOR the milling interests for a change? THAT would be refreshing!

    Like lobby Caltrans to re-route the 101 up through Harris and along the Dyerville route. That could provide a big boost to the nascent canna-tourism industry, and provide easier access to way stations along the new redwood river trail.

    Use you imaginations people! Anyone go to Santa Rosa Lately, its pooping off with the legal industry.

    Yesterday in The Lost Frenchman in Redway, packed house. Night before last at Calicos, packed house. Hotels, all were No Vacancy. The day before yesterday in Shop Smart, lines, lines, lines. Im having a hard time seeing a ghost town yet. I have seen some stores shut. Stores I was never able to go to, since their hours were 10-4 or 11-5. All those packed restaraunts @6pm and not one retail shop open in sight. Hummm, I don’t know, maybe a different work ethic, when running a biz in a TOURIST town would help. Hummmm? Not a knock, just food for thought.

  • Nicely said, Darryl. SoHum has been in transition from the time I moved here almost 40 years ago, but the serious decline started with the county’s response to legalization of cannabis. And the State agencies, with the exception of the Northern District Water Quality Board, have been power hungry and hostile to cultivators. Bad science, bad government, and bad luck are doing us in. Thanks for your well-stated summary of the problems.

    • So Ed, you don’t think overproduction is a significant factor?

      • It is THE significant factor. But since it is hard to blame on the government, it isn’t popular to bring up.

      • Road Weary, I do think overproduction was a major factor. And I think most people could have weathered the market changes, were it not for the stress put upon their resources by the county. But when the county is making large financial demands at the same time as profit is being wiped out by the market, people are caught in a situation that becomes impossible to handle. Since we don’t have control of the market, the county’s role would be to support the cultivators, not make increasing demands on them. I am going to a meeting today that the county has set up to create a mandatory road association to pay to bring the Rancho Sequoia road up to class 4 standards. They have identified 27 parcels using that road and want to hold the permits hostage until an upgrade program is in place. The Rancho is about 2 hours from the county courthouse. Where do you suppose the meeting is being held? Right, not at the Alderpoint VFD, which is easy to get to for the 27 cultivators, but at the courthouse which is easy to get to for the county bureaucrats. Both the approach and the site indicate who is in charge and who must obey. The county has known of the economic shambles that their regulation is causing in the rural areas for months. Perhaps 50 people have addressed the Board of Supervisors to bring their stories to the Board and seek relief from poorly thought out policies and rules. People are still coming to the Board for help, but help is not coming. The Board is insulated from the effects of their mistakes in a way that business owners are not. If the county were a business, it would have new management and be trying to salvage what it can from the mess that the old management caused. Instead we get people in secure jobs, with pay that is secured by their ability to tax and fine, who will be the last to feel the pain from the economic failure of their policies. So, yes the market overproduction was a factor – and a factor that despite the press releases by government agencies, is not being addressed- but the regulation policies are the overwhelming cause of the current problems.

        • Thank you Ed, for your time responses. You are greatly appreciated!

        • Ed, the 50 or so folks looking for relief from the county; are the out of state black market providers or do they sell solely in the state of California? Is the county complicit in interstate drug trafficking?

    • Add the realtors to your list; anytime people sell their land (for whatever reason) it is the realtors who profit…whether buying OR selling. The thing about land is this: They quit making it.

  • Better get into what you gotta get into
    Better get into it now, no slacking please
    United Nations ain’t really united
    And the organizations ain’t really organized

    body who read the Jungle Book knows that Riki tiki tavi’s a mongoose who kills snakes
    (Well) when I was a young man I was led to believe there were organisations to kill my snakes for me
    Ie the church ie the government ie the school
    (but when I got a little older) I learned I had to kill them myself

    People walk around they don’t know what they’re doing
    They bin lost so long they don’t know what they’ve been looking for
    Well, I know what I’m a looking for but I just can’t find it
    I guess I gotta look inside of myself some more

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Dude, go proudly pay your taxes. Be happy you have to give an ever increasing amount of money to the government while the government does less and less yet regulates more and more. Go tell everyone how smart you are for paying as many taxes as you can. I’m sure you love the gas tax and the sales tax and the this tax and the that tax. Smart people try to pay less taxes. Smart people realize that taxes make life a lot harder for them. Smart people realize that no matter how many taxes you pay, the government is made up of people who aren’t as smart as them and will never be able to fulfill the multitude of promises they make. Smart people realize that over taxation = theft. The government imposes large sales taxes on cigarettes to hopefully make people smoke less. Then government imposes large income taxes on people who are trying to work for a living. If there were smart people in government they would realize that more taxes discourage people from working or drives people into other less legitimate professions where the taxes aren’t so burdensome so that they can actually make a living. Go proudly pay your taxes and gloat about how smart and awesome you are for doing so.

      • 1911, please run for local gov positions, we need people like you.

      • thank you for assuming you know my stance on taxes. i think you missed the point of this song. the lyrics say he thought the government would look out for him (protect) but then he realized the government didnt do shit and he had to kill his snakes himself. btw it is Donovan, you know the song

      • and another thought. if they are going to increase taxes on cigarettes because cigarette smokers have more health problems and the government is going to take care of them, then why dont cigarette smokers get better free healthcare? now you might understand a little more about how i feel about taxation without representation

        • In my 1911 I trust

          Ok so let me get this straight, in your top comment about the song you posted you show that you may understand that government will do nothing for you, or at least nothing you can’t do better for your ownself. Then in your very next comment you state that because people made their own choice to damage their own health by smoking cigarettes, that just because the government increased sales tax on cigarettes to try to discourage people from smoking them, that now the government needs to provide them with free health care that is paid for out of all of our taxes? Do you realize you just posted two very opposing viewpoints within 2 minutes of each other (one conservative and one liberal)? You assume that I assumed to know your viewpoints on taxes, but I do actually read your comments. You just demonstrated for everyone, in writing, that you don’t even know your own viewpoint. Thank you. Its hard to debate someone that doesn’t know their own stance. So I will stop right after I make the following point. Healthcare is not free, no matter how you try to frame it. I have a very good friend, he lives in Canada, he is a contractor. He makes a good living too, about $80,000 a year. He pays $40,000 a year to the federal government there, that isn’t including all the local taxes he has to pay. Oh, but he supposedly has this “free healthcare” thing you speak of. Also, once healthcare is in the hands of the government, they are able to make the final decision as to how much of the tax payers’ money is to be used to fix whatever ailment you have. That can get very ugly as seen by what happened with that poor couple’s child over in Britain https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/06/29/against-his-parents-wishes-this-terminally-ill-infant-will-be-allowed-to-die/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.6ca5c2f2f415. If you break your arm and they determine its too expensive to put a rod in it and is too much a burden on the tax payer, they may just go the cheap route and lop it off. The problem with free healthcare is that its free but you may not be taken care of the way you want to be taken care of. I prefer to pay so that I have an actual say as to what happens to my body if I ever have to go under the knife.

          • California government used the ploy that they were raising cig taxes to pay for the health cost of smokers. that is what they told the masses to get them to pass the new tax.

            “Tobacco coupons are nothing more than a deadly promotional trick by the tobacco industry to keep Californians smoking, leading to illness and early death for our residents, with taxpayers footing the bill,” McCarty said in a statement.

            However, we do know where cigarette tax revenue is going. The majority of the more than $1.7 billion is spent on health care treatment, but revenue also goes toward health research and the state’s dental program:

  • Next to none of this is a result of code enforcement. This is almost entirely the rest of bigger and bigger farms, and the rise of light dep. Light dep has allowed for 3X the production and thus caused prices to plummet.

  • Yup- time to get back to rice& beans, grow your own greens,onions & garlic year round…maybe use some space in your hoop houses for veggies.

  • Once upon a time, SoHum was a great place to live, work and play.
    Because it was so great, the local govts pleaded for outside businesses to move here, to create more jobs.
    With the big businesses moistening their lips, they demanded more regulations against the small businesses and private home builders.
    Next came the plea from the local govts for more govt housing because there weren’t enough housing.
    More govt health clinics because there were too many patients.
    More taxes because there just wasn’t enough money.
    More regulations because everyone’s gone mad from poverty.
    Wash, rinse, repeat.

    It seems to me, that the solution is to get back to square one.

  • Ed, I’m surprised at your response. You’ve lived here for 40 + years and yet don’t see the gains we’ve made? The incredible additions we have made to our community? Cannabis is part of the equation, of course. Just like the Gold Rush, a resource is extracted, its value goes down as more is produced, then there’s a crash. Though the circumstances are different it’s a similar story. The same goes for logging. You remember all the mills. As an attorney you know this cannabis legalization world better than most, but DC’s analysis is lacking, I believe.

  • D.C.s letter has inspired some of the most sane comments on this whole complicated ball of hemp twine ive ever read . Thanks. Oh ,and Alderpoint? It really is something else. I must say it. I LOVE ALDERPOINT! Some of the nicest folks ive met in the last 46 years of my life live/lived around here. The first time i ever met D.C he was hitch hiking into Alderpoint,gave him a ride, he was brand new in Humboldt, took him to the Bum Steer.[I was one of the bartenders.]He asked if he thought it would be ok to sing a few songs. From behind the bar his singing started out little shakey but he won the 3 regulars over when he sang a few old railroad songs.He found some common ground. The rest is history.

    • Yeah, he siphoned millions of dollars off the mom and pop growers and promised them a future, he gave back nothing , he is a true politician, he is a little slow but he finally found his true calling.

  • Dazeys garden supply banked off growers, millions. Guess they’ll move to greener pastures now that the demand has reduced. Electrical, gardening supplies that’s who made the big bucks out of this rush. All in all the community is devastated, sad

  • Yeah that pot scene worked well for ya huh?

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    My, that was my laugh for the day. Darryl Cherney, who spent the early part of his life as a “forest defender”, who abused any and all government officials, whose sole claim to fame is receiving taxpayer dollars in a settlement over a very sketchy damages claim, is whining that what he and his hath wrought is not what they wanted. NOW it’s the government’s fault for not intervening. Oh, really, I needed something amusing…

  • The system was designed to fail. Not improve. It’s working, and they are “happy”. It won’t be addressed.

  • Darrel Cherney is a prime example of WHY sohum can’t ever break out of its reputation of being filled with loud, lame ass drama queen hippies, or drama queen children of hippies, who don’t pay attention, who spew out misinformed ,highly emotional rhetoric and are constantly making excuses and complain and blame EVERYONE else for whatever happens in their life. (Just like all of the ugly anonymous troll commenters that hijack every single post on this blog.)

    Memo to Darrel : as of November 2016, it’s LEGAL to grow commercial pot …..you just have to get a permit first.
    And the ones that are kicking and screaming and blaming the loudest , are the ones that DONT WANT TO HAVE TO GET A PERMIT. They seem to be saying that they expect Fennel and the County , to somehow enable them to continue to grow illegally, Even though many of their neighbors have gone through the process and have permits, yeah that would be fair.
    At this point in our history, NOONE , not a Supervisor, not the county, not any other entity, can enable anyone to grow illegally . That’s just not going to happen anymore, now that it’s legal.

    Yes, it’s not easy for our community right now transitioning into this new world of legalization. This “industry “ has been running illegally along for 40 or 50 years, and now that it’s legal, a smooth transition is not going to happen over night.
    But Our community has a lot going for it and there are so many amazing people stepping up and working on positive solutions to move forward. Examples are everywhere if you care to look.
    Darrel is obviously not part of that , that’s why his nick name is “Doom n Gloom Darrel” .

  • The author makes it sound like the problems all started 32 years ago when he arrived. I guess it’s all his fault.

  • Cherney and judy bari are and were terrorists. It was there own bomb that blew up. Darryl YOU KNOW THIS!!!!

    • I have to say: Did you miss the part where the FBI had to pay him money? Here’s Wikipedia’s version:

      Cherney and the late Bari’s estate were awarded $4.4 million for violations of the First Amendment (freedom of speech) and the Fourth Amendment (the right to be free from unlawful arrest and illegal search and seizure).

      In 2012, he told KHUM radio that he does not consider himself an “extremist,” preferring the term “radical.”[citation needed] In 2012, Cherney’s documentary film Who Bombed Judi Bari? was released.[1] There is an ongoing lawsuit against the FBI to prevent it from destroying evidence that could contain the bomber’s DNA, and Cherney indicated in a Democracy Now interview that he believes the FBI was guilty of not only framing him and Judi but of a cover-up.[2] Cherney has stated elsewhere that “I believe the bomber is findable.”[1] In October 2012, Cherney announced a $50,000 reward “for information leading to the identification, arrest, prosecution and incarceration of the person or persons responsible for the attempted assassination of Judi Bari by placing a bomb under the seat of her car.”[3]”

  • Darryl WHO??????? Oh yeah…. the guy who kept his mouth shut during ALL of 0bama’s …. “escapades”.

  • Daryl may be an unlikable self-promoter who never actually did anything (or tell me what he accomplished besides being a blowhard, and enlighten me) but i highly doubt he blew himself up…

  • Once everyone loses everything , the people with the biggest bank account will sweep up our beautiful southern Humboldt and it will become the next Marin county. That’s a scary thought

  • Just a little correction… I agree with and appreciate your views Loving So Hum but a small correction…Last I knew many months ago was the Benbow Inn had spent 12 Million so far. I heard this from the owner. They did a great job.

  • When I was new in town, I once walked into the old bookstore beside the laundry in Gville. The stench of cat piss almost knocked me out. I wonder why that place didn’t flourish. I’m sure it was somehow the fault of “The Man”.

  • The writer of the letter was an adamant supporter of the sitting supervisor of his district. How’s that working out for you?

  • HERE HERE….. Enuff is enuff… The local and state government is not up to code… fine em!

  • If the marijuana growers were all gone from this county, the problems he complains of wouldn’t exist. It has been a magnet for misfits and counterculture people and it has ruined the area.

    • Yup, be as depressed and empty as every other small town across the country… not trying to be mean, but do you get out much? The Dollar General sustains most towns.

  • Don’t rely on elected leaders, at least the current ones, to solve your problems. The community needs to step up and start working on changing the most important things, one item at a time. A lot of rural communities are dealing with drugs, crimes and their negative impacts.

  • Regulations Breed Cronyism. We can do MUCH better.. OR, within 10 years 5 players will run CA Cannabis.

    Thank You Darryl. When I moved here in the 90’s to attend HSU, you and Judi were true freedom fighters to my mind. Base camp in Carlotta. One outside interest controlled the majority of our timber.
    When this 64 Legalization Legislation “Lite” mess began and folks were asking who best to represent US, you immediately came to mind.

    Thank You.

  • Yeah, people getting only $400-500 a pound may be true BUT that’s on the black market.
    People that have permits are getting $1200 a pound right now.

  • No one person can represent even 10 people. Polticing only leads to war famine and sick. When we all get this? Grow some food, buy food from farmers not stores, and live on land together with other families. You realize hippies were originally just looking at things economically, and shooting speed. Like Janis. Dc is a narc

  • Thank you Darryl for writing this. It is a time of great transition for sure. It is very very sad to see so hum deteriorate. I also feel like as a community.. I am hoping people see the silver lining. Let’s face it.. there are many in the community who care none for the community, for the environment, for each other. I personally hope some of the natural forces of the market make it less desirable for people who care none for the community to seek opportunities elsewhere, that might be more suited to thier greedy ways. The people who came here because we love it here.. I sincerely hope we can hang on through this harsh time. I truely do beilive if So hum can over come this disaster the community will be stronger then ever before.
    With that being said.. I also find it shameful that the county has taken the stance to do harm, rather then help. I strongly feel the powers that be in this county are being vengeful that the community faught Maxam. I feel they are bitter to the core from this.. and do anything to bankrupt our community. The powers that are know EXACTLY how to do this.. this is thier opportunity to strike. This is definitely nothing short of WTO style economic target. The big wigs have Bankrupted communities All around the world.. they know exactly how to do this.. and now they target So hum and surrounding areas.

    But let me tell you.. this hasn’t stopped us before.. That is what this community has been based on from the beginning. Coming together to overcome. STRIVE So hum.. You got this..
    Yes it is change.. Yes change is uncomfortable, and sometimes down right terrible.
    But look… we won! Let me tell you.. that despite the next struggle we have Leagalization is the right thing to do.. protecting the rivers and the planet.. is the right thing to do.. No doubt that now.. it is time to deal with the bigger picture..
    Big corporations having all the power and resources, inequality, and corruption of the highest order. We have come a long way.. but we still are not there yet.
    I am very sorry for Estell that she has betrayed a community that supported her for SO many years, at a time when she could have done good for the community. At a time when the community needed her. I really do feel bad for her.. she must have some serious hard feelings for her community to do what she has done…. and that is unfortunate.. for her.. to harbor SO much Ill intent.
    I DOwant to see the county have SOME tools in thier tool belt to help keep Humboldt environmental sound.. but I do not want to see them misuse and abuse thier power.
    I understand there are not any easy answers.. but I truely beilive, with the right intentions, communications, the community can prevail. This community has been thru so much, and have built from the ground up. Ain’t no stopping us now. JUST keep on moving up. You know.. when they throw so many stops in your way, you are close to success. I know the community will find a way. I know it.

  • But Estelle didn’t betray her Fortuna constituents, who make up most of the electorate. She made a choice Small Fry, and that was for a fat paycheck for herself. She did create that odd coalition: hippies down here and republicans up there. Pretty clever and will being her a million bucks over ten years.
    Recall Estelle? like every other issue around here there is lots of talk and little ORGANIZATION, not easy to organize stoned hippies, or even former stoned hippies.

    • Estelle did betray her ‘Fortuna’ constituents when she help to approve very large grows just outside the Fortuna Boundry’s. Someone who operates the way Estell does is bound to betray all of her constituents sooner or later. It is difficult to Heard cats for sure. But I feel the community is stronger than people give us credit for. There is bound to be solutions. I would like to see SoHum get its own district. I mean the population has increased, and so hum.. really does not have proper representation. It is distinctly different then Fortuna, and needs its own representation. I wonder what it would take to redraw supervisor districts?

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🐘🧠🚫

        There aren’t enough people in Southern Humboldt for its own supervisorial district, that is as long as Humboldt County only has five county supervisors. You could come up with a ballot initiative to increase the number of county supervisors to seven for instance, and then maybe you could create a supervisorial district for SoHum without including Fortuna in it. Otherwise, SoHum, you’re stuck with Fortuna.

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