Eyeing Our Elk…

Photographer Lynn Harrington snapped these photos of our local wildlife recently. Harrington writes:

The elk in Northern Humboldt are doing fine. Both main bulls with the largest herds from last year are still main bulls this year. One bull is massive. They’ve been relatively shy and clinging to the tree lines more often the past few days.

To see more of Harrington’s work, click here.



  • Wonderful photos.

  • Lynn, those are some beautiful pictures. I remember camping with my grandson on the ocean between Redway and Shelter Cove where not to many people knew about. He was 8 years old. He shook me awake saying nana, nana, nana we have company. I opened my eyes and a whole herd of Elk were no more than 10 – 15 feet from where we were laying. I didn’t know enough about them to assume whether they were migrating or what. I just wanted to lay there in awe of this beautiful sight . I told my grandson to be real quiet and just enjoy what was going on because very few people are blessed with this picture. Something that he will hold in his heart and tell his children and grand children for the rest of his life. There were so many I couldn’t count them. My God so beautiful. He’s 36 and still remembers.

    • Wonderful memory

    • Thank you Gypsy. What a great memory! The elk out in the lost coast have made a lot of people pretty happy. I often hear stories of them. I wanted to photograph those herds this year but spent most of the summer out of state. I don’t have 4WD and wasn’t able to get out there before the rains 🙁 I’m hoping to see them next year. They are beautiful animals.

      Our elk in Mendocino and Humboldt don’t really migrate except for occasional small groups dispersing to a new territory. Ours in general have small territories compared to the elk in the Rocky mountains. Someone I know who used to work at the visitor center at Needle Rock told me the original herd has expanded to at least 6 main herds dispersed along that section of coast.

      The lost coast herds are descendants of these northern Humboldt Roosevelt elk herds. They were reintroduced to our coast from the northern stock.

      I heard a rumor that a new herd has started in Laytonville and is hanging out closer to the town center than the old Laytonville herd. Elk seem to be doing well in our whole general area.

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • “Mmmmmmmmm elk”- Homer Simpson

  • Thanks Kym, a break from the news fake or not is refreshing. We live in a beautiful area this article reminds me that its just a day trip away to mother natures wonders

  • Wonderful photographs.

  • Careful around those elk, I was out at Needle Rock last week and had a bull take a run at me. first time a bull ever charged me, I’ve had the moms charge at me more than once. Pretty sure I had a bear drink all my beer too. :<) each one got a hole poked in them a dick with a stick or a canine tooth?

    • Bears shooting beers?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      This is the “rut” so you are more likely to get rushed by a bull in the fall. Keep your distance. Their ‘nads activate for just a few weeks a year so they have a limited window for aggressive behavior and rampant sexual activity, unlike human males who have the whole year (like Georgetown Prep).

      Great pictures!

  • Fantastic pics.. thanks….. Seen a few on the river in and around Fort Seward/Alderpoint…

  • Elk are cool. So awesome.

  • So why do we shoot these animals ?

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    • Wow, that’s awesome, thanks for the info. By Little Lake Valley do you mean Willits? I saw 3 cross the road there years ago but never saw them again. I looked… I thought they got eaten.

  • There has been a nice here at christy ranch in blue lake lately right of 299. They used to move around more, lately they seem to be there all the time. I can’t wait until there are enough around when we can hunt them again.

    • They can be hunted now outside of parks. Limited tags. Mostly on private land which requires a fee to the landowner in addition to the tag..

      Emily, is the herd near Blue Lake habituated or shy? Can you easily get within 150-200 feet on foot or 80 ft in your car?

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