Sportswriter Ray Hamill Says HSU Football Fans Can Feel a Little Hope Now That President Lisa Rossbacher Is Retiring

Lisa Rossbacher HSU president staff photo

Lisa Rossbacher, HSU President

We’ve joined forces with Ray Hamill of to bring you local sports. We’ll be sharing a teaser and a link to his stories here for easy access. Click through to his site for the latest in local action but below a taste of what Hamill has to say about HSU’s Lisa Rossbacher retirement plans:

Hope. That’s what Humboldt State sports fans were handed on Monday morning.

A slight sense of hope.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The announcement that school president Lisa Rossbacher will resign at the end of the school year doesn’t change the fact that football is on the way out at Humboldt State after this season.

Nor does it suddenly erase any of the decisions that have adversely affected the program and the rest of the athletic department — not to mention the school at large and the community — over the past 18 months.

But it does offer a chance that things will begin to change for the better.

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  • I totally agree with all your statements I just hope she does no more damage in the next 9 months can’t wait to see her gone

  • I got an alum donation call a couple weeks back. I always spend the time to amuse and challenge the young idealistic student caller all the way through their script. My favorite piece of advice is to take every opportunity to get your professors shitfaced every chance you can because they will always wonder what you witnessed that they don’t remember and just give you an A. Anyway, she got to the asking for money part and I went off on how much of a POS that place has turned into and how pissed I am and there is no way I would give a single dime ever again. What surprised me is that she acted like I was number 20 of 20 calls that went the same direction. Now that is hope!

  • Football is hopeless.
    No one needs more opportunity for brain damage.

    • Fear based people need not partake. Vulnerability is the most accurate measurement of courage. Have a good day.

      • 2 or more concussions are a risk for significant continuing brain injury that can be permanent. Encouraging this and recruiting young people for their education is oxymoronic, emphasis on moronic.
        This is not fear based. It is reality based.
        With free public education through 4 years of college, it would not be necessary to use dangerous activities as college bait.

        • I’ve had more than 2 concussions and I’m sharp as a tack. The character, camaraderie and relationships built on a football field are aspects of life you will never understand and that’s fine because it’s not for you.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Then don’t play. I don’t tell you which bad habits to quit, so don’t tell us which ones to quit. Not your brain, not your problem.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🏌️‍♂️🍄

      If anyone is feeling like they’re missing out on brain damage, they can always turn on FOX “News” 🦊 📺🐘💩🔥

      • Why is that? Its the only news netework who is honest. Its certainlt not crooked hilary’s netework. Or polosie, or the clown from new york, or hariis, or frankenstein (spit twice),or the fruitcake shife,or low IQ waters(and yes she is very low IQ), or even left wing la la land man-booker. Its common sense pro america and proud of it netework.

        • Dont gives Fox too much credit, they’re not much different than the other mainstream media Outlets. With that said, they do you have more viewership then CNN and MSNBC combined.

        • Your Russian is showing bro. Real Americans know how to spell “netework” correctly. And no, we’re not giving you any hints as to its actual spelling you amoral troll.

  • School money should never be wasted on football. If people want football they can pay for the program themselves.

    • Football programs bring in more money than any other sport . And brings in more money than any other fundraising there is .

      • you might want to spend some time in Hockey country. football is the slow mans sport. Alumni donations exceed all fundraising and sporting game ticket combined. sometimes a single large donation exceeds that number.

      • Maybe for now. But in a few more years when the Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy lawsuits start rolling in, they’re going to become a massive liability to college and professional teams. Ending the football program may spare HSU having to pay out settlements in the not too distant future.

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍺😭🍺⚖️🔥

          Exactly. From a financial point of view, keeping the football program alive would have only been a future boondoggle for personal injury lawyers at HSU’s expense. If these people are so empty emotionally that their sad little pathetic lives are a mess without HSU football, then go watch some local high school football (while it’s still around), or there’s always the NFL which isn’t going away no matter what.🏈🍺

      • Then why aren’t they able to fund their own program? If football is such a big money maker they should have no problem paying for the program.

        • Ask the people that are in control of the money not the football players or coaches fault . Expenses for coaching staff uniforms ,stadium lighting and travel fees should easily be covered by ticket sales . And about the head injury’s people who sue are the problem don’t play football if your going to complain about getting hit that’s the fun of it , the full contact sport that you have to be tough to play . They want to be football stars but complain about the injury . It’s that people are a bunch of complaining sissy’s now a days so footballs not fun anymore anyways . Bunch of cry baby’s. The better the team is ran the better the team performs the better division the more noteriaty the school gets . It builds moral and gives entertainment to the students and community and unites the community on common ground .

      • For all but a few school football programs cost money, they do not generate it.

    • What else are the illiterate kids going to do at school? Study?

  • I am absolutely not a fan of professional sports, I think it’s disgusting how overpaid athletes whine about how hard their life is while they’re being paid millions of dollars to play a game. With that said, I think Sports have a very important role in schools, they should be treated as a privilege and should not come before academic studies. Sports teaches kids responsibility,how to work together as a team, how to engage and lead a group of individuals. not to mention it’s good exercise which is sorely missing in today’s children and it keeps young adults busy with something besides getting into mischief. However this country has taken Sports much too seriously and devotes way too much money and attention to them. This is done on purpose to keep people busy and their mind off other things. It is starting to lose it’s effect on a lot of people, many sports League are having record low viewerships the last couple years, which is probably why politics is now becoming the new Deathmatch sports in America. Got to keep the Bread & circus going.

  • What about the nursing program? That contributed a lot to society in general, not just sports fans.

    • Can’t watch and and criticize while drinking beer. So no one cares.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🏌️‍♂️🍄

      I hear you. I remember how these brain damaged 🍺🧠🍺 idiots who were freaking out over the “loss” of HSU football 🏈🚫 had absolutely nothing to say whatsoever about the elimination of the HSU Nursing program. Forget them!

  • How much was she getting paid? I just want to see that posted again.

  • Fans of the fine radio station KHSU is now will also cross their fingers that LR does no more damage before she departs. We will hope for a new, more enlightened President, who knows the value of the community-reflective, local, national, and HSU-based hybrid station that has evolved over the last 30+ years, and the people who have volunteered, many for decades, to create it. (With rumors that the widely disliked HSU VP, Craig Wruck is also on his way out [next year?],

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP 🐘💩🔥 in November

      “Fine radio station”? Are you kidding? KHSU has been a longstanding joke in the community. Even as rough around the edges & ridiculous at times as KMUD is, it’s widely recognized that even KMUD is a better radio station than KHSU, which has sucked for a very long time. Hardly anyone under the age of 40 even listens to KHSU. I have a solution to KHSU’s endemic problems, if anyone’s paying attention?

      #1. Either change KHSU’s format to make it a REAL college radio station (which would mean turning over control of KHSU programming to the students themselves, people UNDER 40 predominantly) which would then mean KHSU would no longer be a boring, out of touch NPR/elevator music station

      #2. Or if you’re too conservative (from a programming perspective, not politically) to make a long overdue station format change (not to mention a much needed change in station management), then just go ahead and change the station’s call letters from the highly misleading “KHSU” to something else that doesn’t fool listeners into believing they’re listening to a legitimate college radio station. 📻🔥

  • Liberals are against contact sports and it’s part of their communist agenda to tear down American values.

    The issue liberals have with sports is not everyone can win and be equal.

    HSU needs a rodeo and a darn good one.

    • You sound mad that society is moving forward while peabrain right wingers want to move back to a more SIMPLE time. Remember: simple IS as simple DOES is the Conservative mantra.

    • Uh, liberals are Americans too, ergo their values are also American values. College athletes get exploited, no pay, sacrificed education, and only a fraction of a percent of them end up making a profession out of it. It hoodwinks people, mainly people of color, and steers them away from careers that actually benefit the community in the long term. And now we find out it gives brain damage too. Equality has nothing to do with it.

  • Yet another liberal snowflake screwing up a successful program more than likely because she couldnt take credit. Better to leave your own legacy whether good or bad…lol

  • The only true sports are bullfighting, auto racing, and mountaineering. The rest are just games, according to Ernest Hemingway.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍺😭🍺

      You’d have to be as drunk as Hemingway (or Bart O’Kavanaugh 🐘🍺😭🍺🐘⚖️) to take that statement seriously.

      #1. First of all, bullfighting is bullshit.💩
      #2. Secondly, auto racing just gives poor drunk rednecks an excuse to congregate.
      #3. Climbing mountains is cool, if you’re in shape. So this is the one activity on the list that could actually be a sport.⛰

      • In studying Trolls, what their motivation is and why they ignore the damage done to themselves in actively practicing trolling, this is another datum in that field. The trick is to study closely while avoiding contamination.

        The hypothesis right now, the syndrome is related to toddler temper tantrums, spreading malicious rumors, calling in fake bomb threats, etc. But while all such activities have in common trying to control the behavior of others while feeling safe, the source of the satisfaction in it seems so short lived as to need constant replenishing and escalation. This of course results in inevitable acidification of the Troll and their self destruction, making them hard to study over the long term.

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