Rio Dell Police Thwart Underground Market Marijuana Robbery

This is a press release from the Rio Dell Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Rio Dell PoliceOn September 30, 2018 at about 10:30 PM, two young men, aged sixteen and eighteen, arrived at a house in Rio Dell with the intended purpose of purchasing marijuana. However, the transaction did not take place and one of the young men pulled a gun, claiming, “This is the way we do it in Sacramento” and took the five pounds of marijuana that had been offered for sale. The two men fled in a silver Toyota Camry.

The Rio Dell Police Department broadcast this information to the other law enforcement agencies in Humboldt County. Shortly thereafter, two California Highway Patrol officers observed a car that matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle. It was registered out of Sacramento. They observed that the car was weaving and pulled it over on US 101 near Hooker Creek Road.

Inside of the car, they found the five pounds of marijuana; two loaded firearms, both of which had been reported stolen; and approximately $4400 in cash.

The two men were detained until they could be arrested by the Rio Dell Police Department for robbery, possession of a loaded firearm, possession of a concealed firearm, possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana. Both young men were booked into detention facilities, the sixteen‐yearold into Juvenile Hall and the eighteen‐year‐old in the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.Guns and marijuana Rio Dell Police



  • Nice! And thank you for saying “underground market”, Kym! I never liked the propaganda calling the “traditional market” a “black market”. Seems like they do that whenever they want to vilify something and garner public opinion to destroy it.

  • 🐵 see, 🐵 do

  • This is how we do it in humboldt! Nice job LE. Young punks on the right path to prison…. where they belong. Observerd them “weaving”. Lol. Wonder if it was a felony stop?

  • They even had the $$$🤣🤣🤣 idiots.

  • Did the victims get their weed back???

    • seriously? you know that it is in evidence right? plus isnt it a crime to try to sell weed under the table? or were they planning on paying their taxes afterward

  • Well let’s see if they get that back, poor kids no one to teach em better, goodness knows . Next time they will do it different. Unfortunately there is always a next time.

  • The real market!!! The traditional market!!!! Not this new 5 step process to bleed all of the profit from the poor guy working 7 days a week 12 to 14 hours a day. Same thing the Nazis did to Germany to get them to fight the world and genocide the jews. Propaganda brainwash.

    • Wtf!! Seriously? Comparing the marijuana economy/ regulations to nazi Germany. Add more tin foil to your hat!

    • Surprisingly Spotted Owl is somewhat right about Nazi Germany. The country was bled dry after bleeding out during the war. Their governments (there were a lot of unsatifactory political change overs) tried unsuccessfully to both meet the demands of the victors and sooth their constituents. They proceeded to make it so bad that demagogues found a support simply because they offered stability and concrete improvements. Not to mention a heavy dose of justification and rationalization for the country’s loss and humiliation.

      Where Spotted owl goes off the rails is thinking that the personal frustrations of a previously wealthy (or at least wannabe wealthy) minority sub class, who had themselves been a thorn in the rest of society’s side, are the same as the general population of Germany. If a more reasoned comparison, was made, it between the pre Nazi German government’s ineptitude leading to the rise of Hitler and the liberal fascism of the last decade leading to Trump’s election. Unfortunately while the leftists are eager to equate Trump with Hitler and his supporters as Nazis, they are determined to ignore that his election was a result of their arrogant disregard and abuse of a large part of the American populace. The worse they made people’s lives, the more they blamed the people they screwed up. They have no respect and thus never see the point in learning.

      Luckily Trump is not Hitler, the left is apparently easily frustrated and incompetent and the opinions on the internet only for those not busy living real life. And yes, that includes the writer.

      • So frequently I am impressed by something you say and how articulately you say it, only to be frustrated and, well, infuriated, by the lumping of all left-leaning people into one bucket. I think you would, rightfully, be infuriated if I lumped Alex Jones with John McCain, Senator Collins, George Will or Orrin Hatch.

        • Unfortunately, what is called the “left” or the “resistance” these days are simply so-called lesser evil democrats, the side of the duopoly control that has acted as the foil for real change, moving ever rightward while calling it the center. While the voices of mysogynistic white supremacy have gotten louder under Trump, neoliberal fascism was proliferating before he entered the WH.

  • the civility of the ‘traditional marketplace’. so they called the cops to report that they were robbed of their drugs by two kids?

  • Once the corporate takeover of the marijuana industry is complete, crime will end.

    You’ll be able to buy a pound for $25 which is a fair price for marijuana.

    Glad these thugs high on dope didn’t hurt anyone.

    • Crime will end with a drug? Lmao. Riiiigghhhtttt. The biggest black market drugs are RX drugs Y k not. And they are legal. People are murdered and robbed every day over them. OxyContin’ are 25$ a peice by the way on the black market…..

    • It will move to white collar crime you mean. $25 a point is far from a fist price for cannabis flower. You must e thinking of hemp fiber. How much per pound do you think roses should cost?

      Maybe they were on dope (heroin) but it’s not mentioned in the story.

    • Crime will end? Drug crime won’t even end!

    • Your delusional to think crime will end with the corporate take over.

    • Don’t forget to add $144 taxes to each pound from the grower then 35% tax out the door.

  • This is what you get when kids are imersed in rap music, first person shooters, Avengers movies, and gang worship. In ten years they wont be employable, if they even are now.

    • Norberto Olavarria

      Interesting how you blame video games, marvel action movies, rap music, and then tie it all together with gang worship as if is somehow connected! Those darn Avenger movies are ruining a generation

      • Mass media has a HUGE influence on youth, especially the feeble-minded druggies liberalism produces. Thank the lefty parents. Vile companies like Disney (Marvel, Lucasfilm) promote “diversity” and “multiculturalism” in the name of shekels. Mammon is mammon. Entities like MTV spread rap/hip hop/gangsterism like herpes in our society. Bet those Bad Boys were wearing baggy pants and/or sports apparel, trucker hats and shoes named after basketbrawl stars.

        As for prretending there is a difference between dope “markets,” you can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. Oink.

        • My god, the horror of Disney making films about little girls from different cultures–I will probably never recover from Mulan, Jasmine, and their ilk actually taking their places alongside mermaids like Ariel and European fairytale heroines with their blond hair and blue eyes. Mammon has conquered all.

          • Disney was so on point to eliminate all that racist stereotypical nonsense and recognize any race can be equally full of large breasted, small waisted females with long, flowing hair salivating over broad shouldered, slightly stupid male heros.

            Indeed mammon has conquered some anyway. They make what sells to the masses.

        • Your train of thought is on cue. Your comment sparks the reality in every way. Stormy, it is the liberal indoctrination. Protect your kids and ALL Youth! It all started with George Soros.

          • just imagine what Trumpism via trump’s mouth at his rallies is going to do to the little ones watching it? I am sure a team of thinkers has already determined the top potential results.

    • Yes, because it’s well documented that gangsta rap and video games made Billy the Kid violent. [edit]

    • I’m pretty sure alcohol prohibition resulted in this kind of shit 90 years ago.

      • It resulted in criminal gangs attacking other criminals over territories and hijacking supplies so you’re right. It’s very much like Prohibition in that way.

        But then are these things more common now that pot is legal or were they a problem but unreported previously? That would be totally different if true.

      • But exactly no one went to jail for mere posession.

        • When was that? I always thought whether people were charged was discretionary. I am old enough to remember when mere possession of a joint could lead to arrest and, if convicted, some crazy sentences.

    • Yeah because all the bad things in the world started happening when movies, video games, and music started corrupting all the minds of our youth. I believe your line of thinking needs some thinking.

  • Crime definitely won’t end. It’ll turn to the heroin,meth,cocain industry.and I fear that because of so many in this area being left with no income that robbery is going to skyrocket,theivery,substance abuse,alchoholism.suicide and spousal abuse. Weed probably kept crime minimal cuz everyone was getting a little slice of the pie

  • That’s how they do it in Sacramento?

    • The misadventures of bunjee

      Right? Because a couple idiot teenagers that barely have driver licenses have a clue about anything from Sacramento, let alone those of us that might be from there, visit there, or whatever. Nah kids, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. And $4400 really is not a haul worth bragging about.

      • $4400 in cash plus the weed is a decent haul for a days work; if you dont get caught.

        • it doesnt say they stole the money so i assume they brought the money with them

          • No wonder they kept the cash. Five free pounds of weed for making the drive up and back from sac-town. Good thing they went to jail. They would have lost money on the deal.

            • so do you think they brought the money just in case the robbery didnt go well? hehe

              and the dumbass criminal of the year award goes to…

              • My guess is that some’boss’ put up the $4400 for these aspiring entrepreneurs to buy weed from some dumbasses in Rio Dell. People this stupid don’t have $4400 to their name unless they just ripped it off. In which case they would be spending it on crappy blow and chicks with STDs, not driving to humboldt to buy cheap weed. “hey we got guns we dont need to use money” Robberies like this are VERY common, calling the po-po cause you lost your weed? Not so much.

                Next guess is that there was a middle-man who set up the deal, a deal which was most likely between strangers. Leo is not naming the adult arrested, tells me that they are not done with this guy and kept his name out of the paper so he can RAT out the boss.

                Rio Dell should have charged the people selling the weed. Sorry, not allowed to sell 5 pounds outside of the new ‘non-traditional’ marketplace.

                Nice selective enforcement. Reckon they will keep the weed and the $4400. They are going to be blazin it up at the FOP lodge this weekend. Cheap liquor and deps on the RDPD!

                • the misadventures of bunjee

                  They sold it to an underage person. Two actually since the minimum age for smoking products is 21.

  • This is how we do it in Humboldt! lol.

  • Cannabis prohibition is a ridiculous waste of police, court and taxpayer resources. Cannabis prohibition enforcement is mostly just cops looking for low-hanging fruit and soft targets while major crimes like murder, rape and assault go unsolved. Data from the Center for Disease Control proves that cannabis is safer than alcoholic beverages and tobacco products which are completely legal. Based on that fact alone cannabis should be completely legal.

    In the USA 9 states have fully legalized recreational cannabis including: Washington, Maine, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska plus Washington DC. Canada, Uruguay, Jamaica all completely legal for recreational cannabis!

    30 states and counting have legalized “medical” cannabis!

    Celebrate democracy at work with FREE states ending government corruption! Citizens demanding the return of their rights and their freedom! Cannabis prohibition wrongfully persecutes and criminalizes cannabis consumers for selecting a recreational substance that is MUCH safer than booze or cigarettes!

    The Madness is over, Legalize Recreational Cannabis Nationwide!

    • Jane gave up on Dick

      Sadly, it’s impossible to be simple enough for some to be able to comprehend what they read.

    • Zero states have fully legalized cannabis.

      • It’s legal by California’s thinking. Just not unregulated. Like driving a vehicle on public roads.

        • it is not fully legal. and the regulations are b.s. , i can buy as much alcohol as i want, say for a month long camping trip, but i can only have one ounce of weed, now that is some b.s.

          • You can’t buy alcohol if you’re under 18 (or 21 depending.) You can’t have an open container of alcohol in a vehicle you are driving. Where you can buy what percentage of alcohol is restricted in some States. Times bars can be open are regulated in many States. I’m sure many drunks find those restrictions BS too.

            That the same regulations don’t apply does not alcohol is unregulated while pot is. I’m also sure that eventually you’ll be able to buy as much pot as you want too.

    • Vermont is close.

  • 911: what is your emergency?

    pot dealers: two dudes from sacremento just robbed us!

    911: do you have a description of your pot?

    pot dealers: it was primo shit yo!

  • Was the seller a permitted grower or retailer, or does that matter?

  • Dude shouldve taken that kids gun and pistol whipped the shit outta him. Bet that’ll make him think about pulling one again.

    • Just a note for Jayded1; It’s fun to talk smack, but the guy played it right. If you have ever stared down the barrel of a pistol at close range you would know this. If you don’t have a gun, never bring an empty hand to a gun fight. Screwing around trying to take a gun away from one guy, is going to get you shot by the other guy because you didn’t take the time to read Kym’s article and notice that there were two guns. There’s only one thing the guy that got robbed forgot to do, or maybe he did. Piss his pants.

      • I think that sense plans didn’t come out as planned . Well sellers must been growing ass men selling drugs to. Minors really . That’s bull shit they should go after those men to for tending to sell large amounts to minors. Ppl . Kids are immature and are still with a kid mind but those adults selling to minors really . Police never mention the ppl selling only the crime that was made by the kids but not the sellers that’s a crime ass well .

    • That’s what my friend did once. Ended up sevrving over 2 years for it.

    • Pistols have a much longer range than slippers. Have fun getting killed.

  • So what about the charge for illegally selling marijuana to two minors……?

    • In my 1911 I trust

      If you would read the article you will see that the marijuana was never actually sold/purchased. It was stolen.

      • Have you ever heard of intent?

        Seriously, use your brain for JUST ONE MINUTE.

      • Victims or no victims should not be selling drugs to minors question is the sellers should get Time also for that . It wasn’t a robbery . Maybe things didn’t go the way they were so post to

      • Sorry . Do you ever think who the sellers knew those kids . And did intend to sell .

    • 1 minor. He other an adult. What a bunch of idiots. Did the victim know these people prior to this incident? Ceases to amaze me the rip offs that occur from drug deals gone bad because of people from out of the area trying to score some weed. Friend of a friend or craigslist ad for weed? Who knows. Glad I’m not in the business.

      • If you are 21 or older, you can buy and possess up to 28.5 grams (a little over an ounce) of marijuana, up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrate and up to six live plants.

        this is from the la times.

  • This is only a guest

    Fuck Sacramento it’s a shithole

  • Vote no on o. Turn off the drug task force

  • Aaaaahahahaahaaaa I love this

  • Euphemisms only temporarily obfuscate.
    In short order, a euphemism becomes the new pejorative term.
    This tendency is just as evident across the linguistic landscape as it is with cosmetics.
    Archaic meaning battles with value added projection for control of the definition and direction of language.
    Normalizing trending terms like “underground market” is a strategic political, economic & social calculation.
    The motive of euphemism is always plain.
    To redefine, to reconstruct, to clarify, to reclaim, to flatter, to glorify, to normalize trending truths for a particular population.

  • It dont matter wher your at if people do things right and first thing is know who the people are and know them for some time befor you do anything people just not useing thar head

  • Ben James, I agree.

  • “This is how we do it in Humboldt”

  • We’re they trying to sell a bow for $880? The Rio Dell Police should arrest the weed sellers for robbery. Damn dudes could have bought 14.6 bos in sacremento with $4400.

  • The countys ripping people off daily and there lining up with there permit applications.fear will get people to sign up for anything!!!!! Vote no on measure o if you vote yes you’re funding what we’ve seen happening all summer.

  • “This is how we do it in wannabe gangster land!” 🔫🤪 ….Did they not see how many people go missing here!?! Smfh!

    • Yeah the folks who were robbed are real tough. They called the fycking po-po! What did they expect to gain from calling the po-po? They lost the pot, they didn’t get the money, they basically told the cops they are dope dealers.

  • That’s crazy . But if you look at it .. it was a deal apparently something went down . Question is who they knew the saller in rio dell . The sellers should also be in big trouble .. for selling or atent to sell to minors.

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